A Group Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

English words usually have many synonyms and antonyms to help you express your ideas better. Repeating a word throughout a piece can be distracting for the readers. While ‘group’ is a common word, we may often stumble on finding an appropriate group synonym as we write. Here is an effective group synonym guide to improving your vocabulary knowledge and writing style.

The Definition of Group

‘Group’ means several individuals or things that come together to form a complete unit or achieve a common objective.

It also refers to a number of people in an association who share the same quality, interest, or activity. According to the dictionary, ‘group’ can be used both as a noun and a verb.

As a Noun:

  • It would be safe to go there as a group.
  • I saw a group of men waiting outside the mall.
  • Our country is culturally diverse with many ethnic groups.

As a Verb

  • She grouped the pieces of jewelry based on the metal type.
  • The players were grouped by age.
  • The children were grouped around the table for gifts.
A group of people placing hands together as a sign of agreement.
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Group Synonym — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

Some similar terms for the wordgroup‘ include assemblage, category, class, collection, and gather.


The term is borrowed from the Middle French word assemblafe, meaning “assembly or gathering.” It refers to the grouping of people and things. This is the act of putting or getting things together in place.

  • There was an assemblage of tools on the table.
  • The assemblage of diverse groups made the festival more enjoyable.


The term originates from the French word catégorie and late Latin categoria. It could also be traced back to Greek katēgoria, meaning “statement, accusation,” and katēgoros, meaning “accuser.” It means a class of people or things with similar qualities or shared characteristics.

  • The research falls under the category of environmental science.
  • We created a separate category for students needing financial assistance.


‘Class’ is derived from the French term classe and Latin classis, meaning “assembly of people; a group or division of people.” The term refers to a set of things that share similar property or attributes and are divided by their kind or type.

  • The higher social class of people is always dominating society.
  • Are you experienced working with this class of instruments?


The word is borrowed from Old French and derived from Latin collectio(n-) and colligere, meaning “gather together.” It is the process or action of bringing things together from different places.

  • We are still not done with the collection of data for the project.
  • I have a huge collection of contemporary artwork.


The word originated from the Old English gaderian of Germanic origin. It also relates to the Dutch word gaderen and English term together to give us “gather.” It refers to the action of bringing or accumulating something together.

  • We were asked to gather some bricks for the campfire.
  • We were planning to gather and arrange the party together.

Group Antonyms — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

Antonyms for “group” include disarrange, divide, individual, disperse, and whole.


Disarrange refers to the act of making something messy or untidy. When you disturb the order of something, it is termed disarrangement.

  • The children disarranged all the documents on the table.
  • If you leave at the last moment, it will disarrange all my plans.


‘Divide’ is the action of separating or splitting something into parts or pieces. It could also mean a disagreement or difference between groups.

  • The teacher divided the pie into equal parts for all the students.
  • There was a cultural divide between the two groups.


‘Individual’ refers to a particular person considered distinct from the rest of the group. It can also mean something that exists as a separate member of a broader group.

  • The teacher asked everyone to meet him for the individual projects.
  • He is a highly qualified individual.


‘Disperse’ refers to the act of moving in different directions. It also refers to something being distributed or spread over a larger area.

  • The bees disperse seeds for pollination.
  • The crowd was instructed to disperse immediately.


‘Whole’ refers to something which is complete and doesn’t lack any parts or pieces. It also implies that something is unbroken and complete in itself.

  • I have been trying the whole week to sort out the issues.
  • The whole organization lacked discipline and proper management.

To Wrap Up

Now that you have expanded your vocabulary knowledge, finding a suitable group synonym in writing should not be challenging.

This guide provides the closest synonym and antonyms of the term ‘group’ along with their definitions and some example sentences. Also, you can find a lot more words in the thesaurus.

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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