A Have Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

Words that are intricately woven into spoken and written communication are frequently difficult for us to replace. We almost always employ the word “have” in our work because we can’t even come up with a suitable interchangeable term.

However, to precisely use a term and better explain the idea, it’s crucial to master the close synonyms and their nuances. This havesynonym guide will help you learn not only similar terms but also the opposite one with proper usage in example sentences.

The Definition of Have

Based on the dictionary, ‘Have’ is a transitive verb that can be used in many different contexts. It means to hold or keep something as a possession or privilege. It could also refer to going through a situation or experiencing something.

You may also use ‘have’ to emphasize that something must be done to complete a task. It also implies a relationship between people.

Example Sentence:

  • Do you have a hair straightener?
  • You can have my book for today’s class.
  • I have two more assignments to complete.
  • We have nothing on the fridge to eat now.
  • I have two younger siblings.
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Have Synonym — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings


‘Possess’ comes from Old French possesser and Latin possess- meaning “occupied, held.” This term is one of the closest synonyms of ‘have.’ It is used to denote something that belongs to someone. It can also refer to possessing or displaying a specific talent, prowess, or trait.

  • She possesses all the skills needed for excellent customer management.
  • My grandparents possessed great wealth.


The word ‘own’ comes from English āgen, meaning “owned, possessed.” It is used to say that someone or something belongs to or is connected to the person or thing stated, and no other. The term ‘own’ is always used with a possessive.

  • They own a nearby restaurant.
  • I know how to deal with my own problems.


‘Hold’ comes from the Old English haldanhealdan, which has a Germanic origin. The term also relates to Old Norse hald, meaning “hold, support, custody.” It refers to possessing something or detaining someone. It could also mean keeping something in the hands.

  • I don’t hold any shares in the stock market.
  • Could you hold the grocery bag box for me?


‘Retain’ has roots in Anglo-Norman French and Old French retenir, which came from Latin retinere, where re- “back” + tenere “hold.” It refers to keeping something in possession continuously.

  • You should retain possession of what is legally yours.
  • The landlord will retain a partial amount of the deposit if you leave the place before 30 days.


‘Undergo’ comes from the Old English undergān, meaningundermine.” It refers to experiencing or enduring something unpleasant.

  • All the employees need to undergo extensive training.
  • She had to undergo some challenging situations.

Have Antonyms — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings


The word ‘Send’ means to cause or enable something or someone to go to a particular place either physically or electronically. It also refers to sending, conveying, or transmitting something, especially a message or letter by mail.

  • Please send me the parcel as soon as you can.
  • Is there a way you can send my money back by tomorrow?


‘Give’ refers to causing or allowing someone to receive something as a gift. It also denotes a free transfer of ownership of something to someone.

  • When can you give my laptop back?
  • You should give her a present for her anniversary.


‘Lack’ refers to a state where something is short of or missing something. This is a state where something doesn’t have enough of what it requires.

  • The essay lacks sensory details.
  • There is a lack of space in the house for so many guests.


‘Abstain’ is a term for deliberately restraining oneself from doing or enjoying something, usually through an effort of self-denial and practice.

  • He needs to abstain from eating and drinking before the blood test.
  • You should abstain from drinking and smoking for your health.


‘Deny’ refers is the act of refusing to give something requested or valuable to someone. It could also mean declaring something as untrue.

  • It’s high time you should speak up and deny the charges.
  • You cannot deny your responsibilities to the children.

To Wrap Up

You can get tons of words related to ‘have’ in the Thesaurus, but this have synonym outlines the most common ones in use. Practicing these terms will let you add variety to your writing and make it sound more confident. You will also learn the slight differences in these synonyms that make one better suitable than the other in a given context.

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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