Interest Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

A word can have multiple synonyms and antonyms. But based…

A word can have multiple synonyms and antonyms. But based on semantics, you might not be able to use the synonyms of a word in every situation. So, you might need to delve further into your understanding of each term. To help you with that, we have curated an interest synonym guide along with antonyms, definitions, and examples.

The Definition of Interest

According to the English dictionary, the word interest can be used interchangeably as a verb and a noun. As a noun, it could mean interest that you receive as compensation when collecting a debt or concern. Alternatively, it could be used to mean gaining the attention of somebody as a group or individual.

As a Verb

  • Could I interest you in a cup of coffee?
  • It might be of interest to you that the trip has been delayed.
  • The seller was trying to interest me in the more expensive goods.

As a Noun

  • I have a lot of interest in art.
  • My bank offers an annual interest rate of 6%.
  • His field of interest is not related to the topic he is explaining.
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Interest Synonym — Exploring Words With Similar Meanings

Some synonyms for the word interest are attentiveness, absorption, undivided attention, engrossment, heed, and scrutiny. Other words with similar meaning include dividends, profit, and returns.


‘Attentiveness’ originated from Middle English attencioun. It refers to heeding or attending to something. The term attentiveness relates directly to the act of paying immense attention.

  • His attentiveness towards his studies is astonishing.
  • You need to have more attentiveness towards your surroundings.


‘Return’ in a transitive sense means to give back as compensation. It also means the profit gained from an investment. In relation to interest, both the words return and interest are considered financial terms.

  • My returns on this investment were very lucrative.
  • The bank required a return payment for the loan we took out.


‘Engross’ originates from the Medieval Latin word in grosso, meaning “wholesale.” Currently, ‘engross’ refers to being preoccupied or absorbed within someone or something with one’s undivided attention.

  • I was totally engrossed in the book you gave me last week.
  • The customers were engrossed in the food at the new restaurant.


‘Appeal’ originates from the Latin ad, meaning “to” and pellere, meaning “to drive.” The word appealing refers to something very attractive or pleasing.

  • Do the fruits appeal to your palate?
  • The dress is appealing enough for me.


‘Concern’ originates from the Late Latin con and cernere, which means “sift” or “discern.” The term concern can be used in relation to something or someone. It can also be used to express worry or anxiousness.

  • I’m concerned about changing career paths at this time.
  • This concerns my family and me.

Interest Antonyms — Exploring Words With Opposite Meanings

Some antonyms for interest are disinterest, boredom, indifference, disregard, and ignorance.


‘Disinterest’ is an English word first used in the early 17th century, meaning “rid of interest or concern.” The term refers to a lack of interest in something. It also means having no desire to explore something.

  • Your disinterest in me is concerning.
  • I am disinterested in receiving any unwanted emails.


The term refers to a state of being bored. ‘Boredom’ is the state in a person’s mind where they feel as though they are tired or feeling weary.

  • The state of boredom during the pandemic was unbearable.
  • Standing in that line for hours was utter boredom.


‘Indifference’ is similar to disinterest in that it refers to a lack of interest or concern about something. It has to do with someone’s emotions or attitude towards something.

  • I was shocked by the indifference of the people in the court.
  • He showed complete indifference to my words.


To disregard is to avoid paying any attention to something because it is considered unimportant. It is the action of actively avoiding or ignoring something.

  • You are blatantly disregarding the instruction.
  • I have disregarded the previous conversation.


Ignorance‘ refers to a lack of information. Lacking knowledge or experience about something would make a person ignorant.

  • His religious disbelief was due to ignorance.
  • She made a lot of wrong decisions out of ignorance.

To Wrap Up

The purpose of this interest synonym guide is to give you some insight into the usage of the term ‘interest.’ It also discusses the nuances of the similar and opposite words for interest.

Practicing these will help take your writing to the next level. And to learn more and enrich your vocabulary knowledge, there’s always a thesaurus!

Frequently asked questions

How do you say interested in?

What is a synonym for interested?

  • absorbed
  • attentive
  • engrossed
  • excited
  • implicated
  • involved
  • keen
  • obsessed

Is of great interest synonym?


What are the types of interest?

Three types of interest are simple (regular) interest, accrued interest, and compounding interest.

What are the antonyms of interest?

  • dislike
  • hate
  • insignificance
  • disregard
  • heedlessness
  • boredom
  • hatred
  • indifference

What type of word is interest?

Interest (verb) interest (adjective) interest group (noun).

What is the opposite of interesting in English?

InterestingDull, Uninteresting, Boring
Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the meaning of not interested?

Uninterested : not interested in having the mind or feeling engaged.

How do you use interest in a sentence?

  • One round of Monopoly was not popular with any fans.
  • I fell out of interest with it.
  • We understand that you can, in theory, save and save and then live off your savings.

What is interest for kids?

The interest rate is the reward for saving – along with the cost of borrowing. A savings account gives you extra money, known as ‘interest’, when you put money in it. The bank pays interest for allowing you to use your cash because you pay interest. The interest paid is based on the percentage in your bank account.

Do you have any interest meaning?

The feeling of wanting to give your attention to something or to be involved with something and to discover more about something: I’ve always been fascinated with astronomy. His children seem to never interest him.

What is the best definition of interest?

1a : the feeling that brings attention to something or someone : concern. A person or something that attracts attention. The quality in something or person that arouses interest.

Are synonyms and antonyms?

Synonyms are words that have the same meaning as another word, or very similar meanings. Synonyms are words that have the opposite meaning of another word. Choosing the right synonym enlightens your writing.

What is the synonyms and antonyms of interest?

Be of interest to, appeal to, attract, be attractive to, intrigue, fascinate, intrest,. Capture, engross, grip, hold, and captivate. amuse, divert, entertain. Attain one’s curiosity, whet one”s appetite, hold one’s attention, engage one’emotion.

How do you say more interest?

  • absorbed
  • engrossed
  • implicated
  • involved
  • keen
  • obsessed
  • responsive
  • sympathetic
Interest Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

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