A Journey Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

We all love writing about a jaunt or adventure and…

We all love writing about a jaunt or adventure and being as detailed as possible. Instead of using the word “journey,” what other synonyms can be used to describe the experience? Here’s a journey synonym guide to nourish your inner wordsmith and enrich your writing skills with similar and opposite words

The Definition of Journey

Based on the English Dictionary, the term “journey” functions as a noun. It refers to travel from one place to another, usually a prolonged trip in a vehicle that takes a significant amount of time. The term can occasionally be used as a verb in the sense of traveling somewhere.

Example Sentences:

  • It was a tiring journey, but at least I got back safe. 
  • We met accidentally during a journey to New York City. 
  • It really was a journey of a lifetime. 
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Journey Synonyms — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings


It comes from the Middle Dutch word trippen, meaning “to skip, hop.” It refers to a journey or excursion where you travel somewhere, usually for a short time, for pleasure. 

  • Andy went on a school trip yesterday. 
  • It’s been ages since we last took a trip. 


It originates from the South African Dutch word trekken meaning “pull, travel.” It refers to a journey or trip taken with lots of difficulties, usually having to walk or hike long distances on foot. 

  • We had to trek all the way to the station. 
  • We really enjoyed our thrilling trek to the summit. 


It is derived from the Ancient Greek word tornos, meaning “lathe.” The term refers to a journey or trip where you roam around and visit several places. It can be for learning, pleasure, business, or education. 

  • The tour to Europe was truly memorable.
  • I will never forget all the things we learned on tour. 


‘Expedition’ comes from the Latin term expedire, meaning ‘‘extricate.’’ It refers to a journey, trip, or excursion taken by someone or a group of people. It is usually for a particular purpose, especially for research or exploration.

  • The expedition was costly, but there was nothing I could do. 
  • They went on a scientific expedition to South Africa. 


It is derived from the Late Latin word viaticum meaning “a journey.” It refers to a long journey to distant places, usually taken by water (or space). 

  • I was very excited to set out on my first voyage.
  • We had an arduous voyage that lasted 11 months. 

Journey Antonyms — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings


‘Stay’ comes from the Latin word stare, meaning “to stand, support.” It refers to being in the same state, position, or place, or to continue doing something, instead of moving forward or being elsewhere.

  • Are you sure you don’t want to stay? 
  • You can stay at the hotel for tonight.


‘Wait’ comes from the Old Northern French waitier, meaning “to observe carefully, be watchful.” The term ‘wait’ means to allow time to pass by while staying in the same place in expectation of someone or something. 

  • We had to wait a long time to get a ticket. 
  • I cannot wait for her any longer.


‘Settle’ is derived from the Old English setl, meaning “to be established.” It refers to the act of fixing something in place so that it says or becomes established, calm, or quiet. 

  • I found a way to settle the issue once and for all. 
  • She moved to London to settle with her family. 


‘Immobility’ originates from the Latin root word immobilis, which refers to both “immovable” and “hard-hearted.” Immobility refers to the state of incapability where someone or something is not mobile or is not able to move. 

  • After hearing the news, I was in a state of immobility. 
  • The certainty of immobility followed soon after he’d taken his last breath.


‘Break’ originates from the Old French cognate word breche, meaning “breach, opening, gap.” It refers to a pause or interruption of the continuation of something, such as a pause in the middle of work or other activity. 

  • I needed a break from all that stress. 
  • I’ll tell you all about it during our break period. 

To Wrap Up

Hope this short and simple journey synonym guide helped you learn the definition, synonyms, and antonyms of the word “Journey.”

From now on, you’ll never have to struggle to find a similar or opposite word that fits the context. And in turn, you’ll end up with a lively, unique, and crisp piece of English writing that readers can’t turn away from.

However, if you want to add more words to your knowledge, there’s always a Thesaurus with a vast ocean of terminologies.

Frequently asked questions

How was your journey answer?

  • Where did you find your favorite part of the trip?
  • What did you learn during this trip?
  • What are your future plans based on what you learned from this trip?
  • What was the most surprising aspect of your trip?
  • Tell them about the best meal or drink you had while you were traveling.

What words describe a journey?

  • non-stop adjective
  • bumpy. adjective. Weather or bad roads can make a bumpy ride, flight, or journey uncomfortable.
  • door-to-door adjective
  • circuitous adjective
  • From door to door. phrase.
  • overland adverb
  • As a result. phrase.
  • outward adjective

What is a synonym and antonym for journey?

Taking a trip from one place to another. Antonyms. Rides ascend ride ride stay in place preceding rise.

What is the synonym of started a journey?

depart. verb. It is formal to leave and begin a journey.

What a journey it has been meaning?

At the end of a journey, it indicates a long and/or tiring ride.

How can I use journey in a sentence?

  • It would be a long and dangerous journey.
  • On each journey he felt like a schoolboy on holiday.
  • In a sleigh he takes on a journey across the globe with a strong and rapid horse called Rudolph.
  • The journey she had taken to reach this point had not been easy for her.

What noun is the word journey?

A journey is a noun and a verb from the Old French day, meaning a “day’s work or travel.”. Noun means a travel; the verb is the act of taking it.

What is a life journey?

Being a human is a journey and it’s about growing and changing, coming to terms with who you are, and loving who you really are. ” — Kelly McGillis, actor. “The benefits of the accomplished journey cannot be weighed on perfect moments, but rather on how it affects and changes our character.” –.

What type of word is journey?

As a verb or a noun, Journey is a word type.

How would you describe a journey?

miledriving a mile
outwardthat is going out or leaving
painfulexceptionally bad or displeasing
perilousA perilous voyage across the Atlantic in a small boat

What is a synonyms for journey?

Travel, peregrination, trek, trip, etc.

What is the antonym of journey?

stopstay put

What is journey and example?

It is defined as traveling. This can be represented by a trip through the Sahara desert. verb. 1. Traveling from one place to another, especially when it involves a considerable distance, is a trip.

What is a non example of a journey?

Frequently Traveling between places, usually taking quite a long time.

A Journey Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

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