Option Synonym: Effective Guide — Definition & Examples

‘Option‘ means “one of a set of choices that somebody…

Option‘ means “one of a set of choices that somebody can make; and alternative to something.” Synonyms are alternative words for another. An optionsynonym is the word ‘choice.’ Other synonyms for the word will be explored in this article.

Definition of Option

The word originates from Latin ‘optiō’ (“choice; the act of choosing”). The dictionary defines an option as “an alternative or a choice someone can make in a scenario.” He chose to walk away when he had the option of making his opinion heard.

Sentence Examples

  • Jude left me no option but to report to the Vice-Chancellor.
  • I can’t help but ask, what are the options for survival?
  • The best option is to call the police.
  • I would take that if I had the option of not reading that book.
  • There is a range of different options for reaching the top.
  • I am pleased to have the option of vocalizing my objection finally.

Option Synonym — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

A popular synonym of the word option is the term ‘choice.’ Others include preference, alternative, possibility, and discretion. Words related to the term ‘option’ include right, privilege, inclination, and selection.


Originally from Middle English ‘chois’ andOld French ‘chois’ (“choice”), a choice describes a decision; it refers to the opportunity to select something.

  • It got to the point where I had no choice but to trust James.
  • There is no choice here–it’s either a split- or a full-length seat.
  • These creatures seemed to have no natural choice in their actions.


The word ‘preference’ originates from Old English ‘preferian’ ‘to choose one thing for another’. Preference means choosing or selecting one or another among several things, individuals, or events.

  • My preference is to wear all black clothes.
  • The latest advancements in technology are a significant preference in the eyes of some consumers.
  • My preference is coffee with cream, but my partner prefers it black.


‘Alternative’ gets its origin from Middle French ‘alternatif,’ from Medieval Latin ‘alternātīvus’ (“alternating”), from the participle stem of Latin alternō (“interchange, alternate”). The word alternative is a choice between two or more events or possibilities.

  • I’m starting to wonder if there is an alternative.
  • The alternative to winning the game is giving up.


The word ‘possibility‘ originates from Middle French possibilité, from Old French possibilite, Late Latin possibilitās (“possibility”), Latin possibilis (“possible”). Possibility defines the probability of an occurrence, also a choice, usually used in context with future events.

  • It was only a possibility for them to find John alive.
  • What was more of a possibility: the weather being better or worse?


‘Discretion’ originates from Latin discretio, which means ‘to divide,’ or ‘to separate.’ Discretion defines the ability to make choices or decisions.

  • The free textbooks are given out at the discretion of local authorities.
  • The decision for him to continue studying is at the discretion of the faculty.

Antonyms for Option — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings


The word ‘essential’ is from Middle English ‘essentiale,’ which comes from the Latin adjective ‘essentialis’, an adjective formed from ‘esse’, meaning ‘to exist.’ Essential connotes high importance and necessity.

  • It’s essential that you learn how to respect people.
  • The textbook is essential for my course, I need to get it.


The word ‘necessity’ is from Middle English necessite, Old French necessite, and Latin necessitās (“unavoidableness, compulsion, exigency, necessity”). Necessity is the quality or state of being necessary, unavoidable, or absolutely necessary.

  • A telephone is a necessity, not a convenience.
  • Water is a daily life necessity.


‘Requirement’ is from ‘require’ +‎ -ment’. Require is from Old French requerre, requerir “seek, procure; beg, ask, petition; demand.” ‘Ment’ is a suffix of Latin added to verb stems to produce noun words representing the result or product of the action. Requirement means a necessity or prerequisite; something required or obligatory.

  • One of the basic requirements for graduation is to carry out research.
  • You didn’t meet the requirement for the scholarship.
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To Wrap Up

Option means “having, making, or providing the choice of something”. Synonyms (words that share similar meaning) are choice, preference, alternative, and possibility.

Synonyms improve your writing through the use of more unique words. It makes writing varied, rich, and powerful. Utilize this option synonym guide to create a more powerful piece. You can use a thesaurus to find other synonyms for the word.

Frequently asked questions

What is the full meaning of option?

Option Definition (1 of 2) 1 Selecting an option from other options involves hard. 2a : the right or power to choose : freedom of choice. b : demands fulfillment of a contract on any given day within a specified timeframe.

What word means efficient and effective?

Effective, effective, and efficacious are some common synonyms of efficient.

What is the synonym and antonym of option?

A right to buy or sell a property for a fixed price; it is purchased and if it is not exercised by a stated date, the money is forfeited. Antonyms. Indecision indecisiveness sink source stabilisation call option. Stock option options are considered incentive instruments.

What is the root word of option?

Opt is the French verb for choosing, also known as optare, or desire, and is related to option. Definitions of opt. verb. Take the option of alternative as an alternative.

What are the types of options?

Calls and puts are two types of options available to you.

What does highly effective mean?

adjective. Effective ideas have proven to produce the outcomes they were intended. [..].

What is an example of an option?

In this example, you own 100 shares of General Electric (GE). As you get a 34 call for $1.00, you sell one 35 call for $12. As long as the stock is still under 34 at expiration, the option is worthless and you earned a 3% return in a flat market.

What does next best option mean?

Often used to describe people or things that are not as good as the best but are superior to all others. The shortstop is the best player on the team, and the catcher is the next best player. When we aren’t at each other’s homes, calling each other via the phone is the next best thing.

Whats the opposite of option?

Opposite of a choice or solution that may be considered or done from a variety of options. Hobson’s choice. lack of choice. no alternative. no choice.

What is the difference between option and choice?

Choices are the things that matter and choices are our choices. Options can’t be changed, and they’re fixed. That’s why option is a noun for a something, and choice is compared to your decision. Both can be used as verbs, “to choose” and “to opt”, but to say “I opt” is often reserved.

What is the meaning of most effective?

The use of superlatives to describe someone who is highly useful or skilled in the following field.

How do you use option in a sentence?

  • Gabriel’s choice might be best.
  • Right now, regrouping is the only option we have.
  • You may contact me or not.
  • Judges liked that option more than jailing a single mom.
  • The government had an option to purchase the plant of the company under the 1884 licenses, but did not exercise that option.

What is another synonym for option?

Alternative, choice, election, preference, and selection are commonly used synonyms for option.

What type of word is option?

As described above, the verb ‘option’ can be a noun or verb. Having selected the novel from the film studio, the film company probably won’t make a movie from it.

What is a good synonym for effective?

  • impressive
  • adequate
  • active
  • compelling
  • forceful
  • efficient
  • competent
  • direct
Option Synonym: Effective Guide — Definition & Examples

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