A Positive Synonym Guide: Definition and Examples

Synonyms replace words like “positive” with another word or phrase…

Synonyms replace words like “positive” with another word or phrase that means the same thing but is more specific. It can be hard to find synonyms for “positive” because so many words can be used instead.

A synonym should replace the critical term without changing the meaning of the rest of the text. Let’s dive into the article to properly understand the root words and synonyms of words like “Positive” using good examples.

What Does Positive Mean?

Positive means an affirmation, agreement, or consent expressed. Positive implies good, looking on the bright side, and demonstrating certainty. In another vein, positive indicates the presence of an ailment or drug; and greater than zero.

Sentence examples of positive

  • I’m positive her English results will be good.
  • No matter the outcome, maintain a positive disposition.
  • We are positive people.

Positive Synonym: Words with Similar Meanings

Some positive synonym examples include constructive, practical, pragmatic, productive, helpful, and worthwhile. Other similar words include beneficial, efficacious, optimistic, hopeful and confident.


Incontestable means that something is undeniably true and difficult to dispute. Where it is impossible to argue about something true, we say it is incontestable.

The term “incontestable” is thought to have come from the French incontestable or was based on it. It first appeared in the 1670s to mean “not admitting of dispute or debate, too clear to be controverted.”

Examples of sentences with incontestable

  • We had incontestable proof of his involvement in the murder case.
  • His argument is valid and incontestable.
  • It is now incontestable that the shootings were from the north side of the country.


When you can’t argue about something, you are saying it is indisputable. Indisputable means emphasizing that something is true and can’t be shown to be false.

It was first adopted in the 1550s from the Late Latin phrase indisputabilis, which means “not, opposite of, without.” Disputabilis is from the Latin term disputare, which means “to weigh, examine, discuss, argue, explain.” 

Examples of sentences with indisputable

  • His works in the field of science are indisputable.
  • We have indisputable proof that he stole the money. 
  • The benefits of learning a skill have become indisputable.


A statement of agreement or consent to something that has been said or asked. Affirmative is a phrase that shows agreement, support, or interest in what is being said.

It denoted “answering ‘yes,'” in the mid-15th century. It first appeared in the 13c., Latin affirmativus, which meant “to make steady; strengthen; confirm.” 

As a noun from early 15c., affirmative was denoted as “that which affirms or asserts.” In American English, “affirmative action” has been around since 1935, when it was used to talk about labor unions. Affirmative action means “positive or corrective action by employers to prevent discrimination in hiring or promotion.” 

Examples of sentences with affirmative

  • At her mum’s affirmative nod, she gave the beggar the cookies she had.
  • The replies were not negative; they were overwhelming affirmative.
  • Why are you so affirmative that he didn’t do it?

To Wrap Up

We hope you know what “positive” means now and how to substitute its synonyms in sentences. Many different words can be applied in place of others to make writing more interesting, compelling, and attractive. Ensure to utilize a thesaurus when in doubt.

Frequently asked questions

What is a synonym for positive attitude?

On this page you can find 11 synonyms, antonyms, and idiomatic expressions related to positive thinking, such as: bright outlook, optimism, pollyannaism, bullishness, positive attitude, ros.

What are the 10 example of synonym?

  • Simple, easy, straightforward
  • It is cold, freezing, and frosty.
  • Hard is hard, challenging, hard.
  • Minimal: tiny, little
  • Excellent
  • Big: large, big, big.
  • Bad, terrible, horrible
  • Burning, fiery, boiling

What are the 5 examples of synonyms for?

amazing: astounding, surprising, stunningfertile, fruitful, abundant, productive
cunning: keen, sharp, slickkindle: ignite, inflame, burn
destitute: poor, bankrupt, impoverishedloyal: faithful, ardent, devoted
deterioration: pollution, defilement, adulterationold: elderly, aged, senior

What is a positive example?

Positive thinking can be an example of something positive. Motivational speakers are examples of positive speakers. Someone who believes that Oakland Athletics won the World Series is an example of someone positive. HIV-positive individuals are examples of people with HIV.

What you mean by guide?

1a: a guide that leads or directs another’s way is needed for the safari. Guide to the museum was helpful. A guide to discovering their way back from the stars is something that provides valuable information. d : signpost sense 1.

How do you say guide me?

  • help me
  • guiding me
  • assist me
  • be my eyes
  • brief me
  • brings me
  • control me
  • direct me

What is synonyms give 50 examples?

HelpI couldn’t help but do it.Assist
SayI won’t say anything to anyone.Tell
RichWe all dream of becoming rich.Wealthy
NaughtyHe is a naughty boy.Mischievous

What is the positive synonym?

Positive, favourable, approving, for the affirmative, good, constructive, enthusiastic, supportive, reassuring, encouraging, corroborated. negative. ‘The blood test results are positive, affirmative’, showing an immediate reaction.

What are 30 synonyms?

  • gift – present
  • afraid – scared
  • difficult – hard
  • cold – chilly
  • child – kid
  • garbage – trash
  • angry – mad
  • happy – glad

What are guide synonyms?

  • superintendent
  • counselor
  • mentor
  • chaperon
  • pilot
  • docent
  • model
  • teacher

What is a person who guides?

leader. A person or thing who leads; leading, commanding, or guiding, as part of a group or activity. 10. 2.

What are the 50 examples of antonyms examples?

  • good and bad
  • happy and sad
  • antonym and synonym
  • truth and lie
  • monarchy and democracy
  • hi and bye
  • enemy and friend
  • love and hate

How do you use for example in a sentence?

  • Baking a cake, for example, is relatively simple.
  • In real life, the problem is the unpredictability of human behavior. If pedestrians or cyclists conduct something unexpected, for example.
  • If you are allergic to something, say, you can tell the medical team.

What is a synonym and examples?

Synonyms are words, morphemes, or phrases that have the same meaning as, or a very similar meaning, to, another word. A synonym of happy is ‘joyful’, ‘cheeky’, and ‘contented’.

A Positive Synonym Guide: Definition and Examples

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