A Reject Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

‘Reject’ is an overused word both in verbal and written…

‘Reject’ is an overused word both in verbal and written communication. The repetitive use of the term in your writing frustrates the readers and makes them move on to a more engaging post.

To hold onto your audience’s attention, employ different synonyms of a word to express your thought betters in a given context. This reject synonym guide provides a list of similar and opposite terms with example sentences.

The Definition of Reject

The word ‘reject’ comes from the Latin reject-, meaning “thrown back,” which stems from the verb reicere, where re- “back” + jacere “to throw.”

Reject is when you dismiss or cast away someone or something as unacceptable, inadequate, or faulty. This is also the act of refusing to believe or consider something. Based on the dictionary, the term ‘reject’ is a verb.

Example Sentences

  • She will undoubtedly reject your gifts.
  • You should not reject the offer.
  • The teacher will not reject your project idea.
  • My application got rejected by multiple colleges.
  • The company needs to reject multiple candidates.
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Reject Synonym — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings


It comes from the Old French refuser and Latin recusare “to refuse,” which relates to the term refutare, meaning “refute.”

The word refers to someone’s reluctance to do something. It also denotes the act of not receiving something as a gift or offer.

  • I can never refuse your request.
  • I am still confused if I should refuse the proposal.


‘Decline’ originates from Old French decliner and Latin declinare, meaning “bend down, turn aside,” where de- means “down” and clinare means “to bend.”

The term is used to deny something politely. It could also mean something good decreasing in size, amount, or value.

  • Laura declined the company offers.
  • Her health has been declining every day despite the medications.


It is a shortened version of the Old French term escarn, meaning“mockery, derision, contempt.”

The term refers to a harsh expression of contempt or disapproval for someone or something. It also means to repel from something because you don’t consider it worthy of respect.

  • She looked at me with scorn in her eyes.
  • All your work will only earn scorn from the boss.


It stems from the Old French term renoncer. It is also derived fromLatin renuntiare, meaning “protest against,” where re- “expresses reversal” + nuntiare means “announce.”

The term refers to a way of formally rejecting to follow or obey something any longer. In general terms, it is a formal declaration of abandonment.

  • Almost half of his fans renounced him after the scandal.
  • She decided to renounce worldly luxuries.


It comes from the Old French noun desdeign and verb desdeignier. It also has roots in Latin dedignari, where de- “expresses reversal” + dignari “consider worthy.”

The word refers to a feeling of intense dislike or disapproval of someone or something.

  • He has always looked at political affairs with disdain.
  • She was upset that she disdained to answer any of his questions.

Reject Antonyms — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings


It refers to giving consent to receive something that has been offered. It also means to consider something as valid or allow something to happen.

  • Katherine will never accept my invitation to the party.
  • I request you to accept my gift as a token of appreciation.


It means to allow something offered or requested by another person. It also refers to sharing the same viewpoint as someone else.

  • I agree it’s better to leave this project for now.
  • I completely agree with your views.


The word ‘Allow’ means to let someone do or have something. Allow also means to give someone the opportunity, time, or permission for something. You may also write ‘allow’ to regard a thing as acceptable.

  • We don’t allow smoking in this area.
  • My parents don’t allow me to go out after 8 pm.


‘Approve’ means to officially consider something as good enough or acceptable. You approve something when it is of the required quality or standard.

  • I believe the professor will approve this project proposal.
  • I can’t approve of his attitude and actions.


‘Admit’ can have slightly different meanings based on context. It primarily refers to the unwilling confession of something to be true. It also refers to allowing someone to enter or enroll in a particular place or institution.

  • If you’re at fault, you should admit it.
  • He will never admit that he is guilty.

To Wrap Up

‘Reject’ doesn’t have to be the only word to dismiss or refuse something. You can employ many different terms based on the formality required in a piece of writing.

While this reject synonym guide outlines the common terms related to ‘reject,’ there are a lot more synonyms you can find in a Thesaurus. It’s time to improve your writing skills and express your language proficiency through your words.

Frequently asked questions

What is the synonym and antonym of reject?

Reject is often referred to as decline, refuse, repudiate, and spurn. In all of these words, “to turn away by refusing to accept, receive, or consider” signifies a peremptory refusal by snubbling away or discarding.

What type of verb is reject?

present tense
past participlerejected

What is the noun of reject?

rejection. Resisting. I am rejected.

What is the definition of to reject?

transitive verb. I reject the proposal and I refuse to accept, consider, submit, take for some purpose, or use it rejected. To refuse to hear, receive, or admit a child, to repel or reject parents who reject their children. To refuse as lover or spouse. To cast off, 2 obsolete.

Has been rejected meaning?

A refusal to accept, use, or believe something or someone was rejected by the court.

Where does the word reject come from?

reiectus, past participle of reecere “wrap away, cast away, vomit,” frequentative of reaicere “to throw back,” from re- “back” (.

What is a sentence for reject?

Her curiosity couldn’t help her and she knew she should reject him. She worried he would reject her once and for all, regardless of how she felt.

What is the difference between reject and refuse?

Reject: The term refers to a refusal to accept, believe, submit to, or use something. If something is unacceptable, incorrect, or inadequate, then it could also mean dismissing it. Fought to accept, or to do something, or willingness to accept.

Is the opposite of reject?

letagree to

What is the best synonym for reject?

  • scrap
  • refuse
  • dismiss
  • rebuff
  • spurn
  • deny
  • repudiate
  • renounce

What is the opposite best?

Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

How do you say reject?

Whats is another word for?

especially formeant for
in order to achieveas a means to
with the aim offor the purpose of
toso as to
in order tothat it would be possible to

What is the opposite of feeling rejected?

Opposite of dismissing or refusing a proposal or request. acceptance. approval. allowance. grant.

A Reject Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

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