A Showcase Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

‘Showcase’ is the word when we refer to showing something…

‘Showcase’ is the word when we refer to showing something new or attractive to the public for information or amusement. Repetitions will make writing dull and monotonous without conveying the meaning in the perfect sense. However, some common synonyms can replace the term ‘showcase’ and add variety to your writing. This showcase synonym guide provides a list of similar and opposite terms to help enrich your vocabulary and writing skills.

The Definition of Showcase

Based on the English dictionary, the term ‘showcase’ is used both as a verb and a noun. It refers to showing something of great value or quality for general attention, especially in an attractive way. ‘Showcase’ also defines a glass box or cabinet showing items in a shop or museum.

As a Verb

  • This portfolio showcases his professional skills.
  • The program will showcase the newly launched products.
  • The museum will showcase the most antique pieces.

As a Noun

  • The music managers and musicians will meet at the showcase festival.
  • A different showcase section will be provided for the young artists.
  • We have a showcase for trophies in the conference hall.
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Showcase Synonym — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings


It comes from the Old French word despleier and Latin displicare, meaning “scatter, disperse.” It refers to showing a collection of things in an orderly arrangement, intended for decoration, entertainment, advertisement, or information. The term could also mean putting something in a prominent place or location where it can be easily seen.

  • The display of toys in the shop caught the child’s attention.
  • It was a beautiful evening with a fine display of fireworks and dancing.


‘Demonstrate’ originates from Latin demonstrat-, meaning “pointed out,” which comes from the verb demonstrare. It refers to showing evidence or examples in order to prove something. Demonstrate also means giving a practical explanation of or showing how something works.

  • The instructor will demonstrate how the experiment works.
  • The new hires must demonstrate competence and a positive attitude.


The word comes from the Latin verb exhibere, where ex- “out” and habere “hold.” It essentially means something which is “held out.” The term refers to a public presentation of art, item, painting, or sculpture in a gallery or museum for the audience to see.

  • All our winning trophies are exhibited in the auditorium.
  • Her paintings and portraits will be exhibited in the gallery.

‘Advertise’ originates from the Latin verb advertere, meaning “to turn one’s attention to something.” It means drawing the public attention to a service, product, or event to increase sales or attendance.

  • Why don’t you advertise your products online?
  • You cannot advertise products on the college campus.


‘Disclose’ comes from Old French desclos- which stemmed from the Latin word claudere, meaning “to close.” It refers to revealing information or making something known to the public which was previously hidden or kept a secret.

  • He didn’t want to disclose the source of the data.
  • The press should not disclose the names of the victims.

Showcase Antonyms — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings


‘Conceal’ is the act of preventing the recognition or disclosure of something from people. When you want to keep something from being seen or known, you conceal it.

  • She was trying to conceal the bruises with makeup.
  • He concealed his identity and managed to escape the country.


The word “hide” is frequently used in English to refer to placing anything in a location where it cannot be seen or found. You hide something to keep it out of sight.

  • We should hide the gift in the cabinet.
  • You cannot hide the truth for long.


‘Cover’ refers to placing something on top of or over something else to hide, protect, close, or conceal it.

  • Make sure to cover the child with proper winter clothes.
  • Cover the furniture with a protective cloth before leaving.


‘Mask’ refers to concealing something from sight or covering part or all of the face to disguise, entertain, or frighten others.

  • Everyone would have to wear a mask to the dance party.
  • The doctors are required to wear surgical masks in the operating room.


‘Obscure’ means keeping something from being seen, known, or discovered by most people. It also refers to something being in front of another to hide it from sight.

  • The white clouds obscured the mountain tops.
  • The massive crowd of people obscured his view.

To Wrap Up

We hope you find this showcase synonym guide helpful in enhancing your vocabulary and writing skills. This post highlights the most commonly used synonyms and antonyms of the term ‘showcase’ with examples to learn their usage in the proper context. However, you can always check out a Thesaurus if you need to know more words or look for a specific one.

Frequently asked questions

What is a showcase example?

1. Displays are defined as case cases for displaying products. Fall fashion shows are one example of a showcase. What is a showcase? A glass case that houses jewelry for sale. noun.

What is a showcase in soccer?

In general, college showcases are designed to allow soccer players the chance to play in front of college coaches from around the country in an effort to be recruited.

What is a showcase for sports?

Showcases are often invitation-only events that allow you to showcase your skills to multiple college coaches, recruiters, or sports media analysts simultaneously. Typically, these events combine sport-specific drills with actual competitions.

What is the meaning of product showcase?

Showcase your most popular products for extra promotion. In the perspective of an offline store, the product showcase should be analogous to an offline shop. Your best-selling items should attract buyers’ attention.

What is a antonym for showcase?

Antonyms & Nearantonyms for the museum. camouflage, disguise, mask.

What is the synonym of presents?

Present is commonly referred to as afford, bestow, confer, donate, or donate. While all these words indicate “to convey to another as a possession,” present carries a note of formality and ceremony. present an award.

Is there a word showcasing?

(used with a given object), show-cased, showcased. Exhibit or display. Young jazz pianists are included in or around an entertainment showcase: The bar showcases young jazz pianist. The part maximizes her acting ability and displays her singing.

What is a synonym for showcase?

parade. proclaim. Let it all hang out. make clear. make plain.

What is a showcase in acting?

The acting showcase offers a chance for the group actors to showcase their acting ability to the public. The series usually consists of sketches or scenes from longer pieces with each actor getting a chance to be the lead actor and demonstrate some of their skills.

What is a showcase in cheerleading?

Teams in various Divisions send a video up to 2.5 minutes that highlights anything the team wants to show!

How do you use showcase in a sentence?

  • A young actress can showcase what she can do in this role again.
  • The Anime Music Video showcase is an opportunity for convention attendees to showcase their recent work.
  • An idea was to showcase the purgative properties of the vegetable.

What is the synonym of explain?

  • construe,
  • expound,
  • clarify,
  • elucidate,
  • demonstrate,
  • clear (up),
  • demystify,
  • explicate,

What is a showcase Meaning?

An exhibition or display usually depicting an ideal or representative model of something. The club is a place where comics can be displayed on a trial basis: There are comics in a club. SEE MORE. Used in objects (verbal), show-cased, show-casing. Exhibit or display.

A Showcase Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

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