A Sustainable Synonym Guide: Definition and Examples

There are various ways to express the same idea in…

There are various ways to express the same idea in a different context, and these terms are often synonyms and antonyms. They’re a great way to get people’s attention and draw them into your writing.

Here is a list of frequently used sustainable synonyms, together with root words and sample sentences, to help you learn quickly.

What Does Sustainable Mean?

The word ‘sustainable means an action or process that can continue for a long time. Sustainable could mean a life that is less dependent on natural resources such as air, land, water, and energy.

Examples of sentences using sustainable

  • Sustainable agriculture is something we should promote. 
  • The current level of production is sustainable.
  • A sustainable economic flow will move us out of the trenches. 
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Sustainable Synonym: Words with Similar Meanings

There are many ways to use “sustainable” in writing and speech. The words that come to mind when substituting “sustainable” are “viable,” “feasible,” and “continual.” Let’s see their root words, some sentence examples, and how they can replace “sustainable.”


Viable is often used interchangeably with feasible. It means that something is performing as intended or that one is succeeding at a course. 

To be viable implies the ability to sustain life, grow and develop normally. Viable is a French word that first appeared in 1828 to mean “capable of life.”

Examples of sentences with viable

  • It is a viable project, according to experts. 
  • We are still searching for viable alternatives related to our course. 
  • Viable seeds can be gotten from the local stores.


Feasible is often used to describe a project’s likelihood of success. You might say a project is “feasible” if it can be done within the allotted budget.

In simple terms, feasibility refers to the likelihood that an idea, strategy, or procedure will succeed.

It first appeared in mid-15c. It was from Anglo-French faisible and Old French faisable. It means “possible, that may be done; easy, convenient.” 

Examples of sentences with feasible

  • It is not feasible to make projections without proper documentation. 
  • Who knows the most feasible way to plan the concert?
  • It is not feasible to collect taxes every day. 


The word ‘continual’ means lasting continuously without interruption in time. Continual sometimes implies that something is recurring in a manner that is typically bothersome or inconvenient. 

Continual involves creating a sequence in which the same action or occurrence occurs repeatedly. It was first recorded in 1300–50 and stemmed from Medieval Latin continuālis, which meant “uninterrupted.” 

Examples of sentences with continual

  • Have you ever witnessed the continual hunger pangs that follow restricted dieting? 
  • The country has been in a continual state of turmoil since the last election.
  • The continual interruptions with adverts were irritating.

To Wrap Up

When you use synonyms in your English writing, you’re just selecting the word or words that best express what you’re trying to communicate. Make use of dictionaries and thesaurus when in doubt. 

Frequently asked questions

What are the 4 types of sustainability?

Sustainability refers to programs, initiatives and actions that aim to preserve a resource. However, sustainability is actually a system that involves four distinct aspects: human, social, economic, and environmental.

What are the 3 types of sustainability?

Sustainability is often depicted in diagrammatic terms. A figure at the top of this page shows the importance of sustainability for economic viability, environmental protection, and social equity.

What is a guide called?

Guides guide travelers, sportsmen, or tourists through unfamiliar or unfamiliar places. People who lead others to more abstract goals such as knowledge or wisdom may also use the term in its place.

What you mean by guide?

1a : one who leads or directs another’s way could use a guide for the safari. A person who exhibits and explains points of interest. c : guiding someone as they search for their way back to the original position. d : signpost sense 1.

What does fully sustainable mean?

In order to be fully sustainable, an individual or society must have a neutral (or positive) impact on the environment. The planet must not accept more from them than what it gives back; if you cut down one tree, you must replant at least another.

Is conserve synonym of sustainable?

The act of conserving, guarding, or protecting something is called conservation; the safekeeping of something or conservation, while sustainability is simply the ability to sustain something.

What are some examples of sustainability concerns?

  • #4: Water Pollution
  • #6: Overfishing
  • #2: Natural Resource Use
  • #3: Waste Production
  • #7: Ocean Acidification
  • #1: Climate Change
  • #5: Deforestation
  • #8: Air Pollution

What is sustainable example?

Energy Consumption Minimized – Using as many recycled materials as possible. Material manufactured from recycled products and from local sources are examples of environmentally sustainable products. Taking steps to conserve water – Using dual-flush toilets and low-flow faucets are examples.

What are the five example of sustainable development?

Gardens, parks, wetlands, lakes, forests, and other eco-systems are essential to sustainably developed urban areas. This area is essential for cooling cities while trees produce oxygen and filter air pollution.

What is a synonym sustainable?

Stability, supportability, resilience, vitality, attainability, stability, reliability, acceptability, practicality, autonomy, profitability, cost-effectiveness, effectiveness, equilibrium, stabilisation, perseverance, tenacity.

What is a sentence for sustainability?

Sustainability sentence example. Sustainability was its goal. Sustainability does not represent a political issue. Sustainability includes environmental impact, as well as economic and social impacts.

How do you use synonyms?

If you use the word “beautiful” several times in your text, you might use synonyms such as “gorgeous,” “stinning,” or “ravishing” to better convey your description. Repeating just one word will cause your audience to lose their attention in no time!

What are guide synonyms?

  • teacher
  • superintendent
  • counselor
  • chaperon
  • docent
  • pilot
  • model
  • mentor

What is a simple definition of sustainable?

Sustainability consists of our own needs, but without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Social and economic resources are critical, as well as natural resources.

What is a real life example of sustainability?

Using dishcloths or rags instead of paper towels or wipes to clean up messes. Rather than taking plastic bags home, bring reusable grocery bags to the store. Water bottle refilling instead of purchase single-use.

A Sustainable Synonym Guide: Definition and Examples

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