According to: A Synonym Guide, Definition, and Examples

Synonyms are words that have similar meanings. The English phrase ‘according to’ describes something that conforms to or is in accordance with another. What’s a synonym for according to? This article will explore the phrase’s synonyms, antonyms, and examples.

The Definition of ‘According to’

According is from ‘accord’ + ‘ing.’ Accord is an English term derived from Old French acorder ‘to agree, reconcile, be of one mind.’ It also takes its origin from Vulgar Latin accordare “to agree,” and Latin ad- ‘to’ + cor, cord- ‘heart.’ Accord means “be in harmony.” Agree is a synonym for accord.

The English phrase ‘according to’ means“ means “in a way that corresponds to, or agrees with.” It also means “referring to, in a manner agreeing with” and as stated by.” It is often applied to persons, when referring to their opinions, views or statements.

Sentence Examples

  • Johnson indicated that everything had to go according to plan.
  • I’m not supposed to be here according to the rules.
  • If we had worked according to my plan, we would’ve arrived hours ago.
  • According to the designer, a curvy dress would fit perfectly.
  • For perfect navigation, please drive according to the map preference.
  • According to the woman’s story, the boys were at fault.
  • According to the news report, the fire disrupted business.

Synonym for According To — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

A synonym for according to is ‘on the basis of.’ Other synonyms for the term are ‘in relation to’ and ‘in compliance with.’ Related phrases are ‘depending on, commensurate with, proportional to,’ and in the light of.’ Let’s look at some of the synonyms for the term.

In-Line With

The phrase means “to align oneself with or be in agreement with a particular point.”

  • The low-cost housing location is in line with the company’s needs.
  • The current school system is in line with the needs of the students.

On the basis of

‘On the basis of’ refers to something that is based on or on the grounds of something else.

  • Students are assessed on the basis of their grades.
  • These statistics were gathered on the basis of samples of 100 respondents.

In Compliance With

The English phrase ‘in compliance with’ originates from the Latin’ in congruentia cum’, which means ‘in harmony with something.’ The Latin verb ‘congruentia’ means ‘keeping in tune with something experienced or received.’

  • He was charged to court in compliance with the civil laws.
  • Jake wrote his book in compliance with the Bible.
  • The building was demolished because it was not in compliance with the building code.

In Relation To

‘In relation to’ originates from the Latin root term: ‘relatio,’ which was then altered to ‘relatiuus.’ It refers to situations where two things or people are related or connected.

  • Students in relation to teachers, should have a voice in the classroom.
  • In relation to the body, the brain is a small part.
  • He made the amendments in relation to recent security challenges.

Antonyms for ‘According To’ — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

Different From

The phrase ‘different from’ is from Old French ‘different,’ and Latin differentem “differing, different,” present participle of differre “to set apart.” Different from means “not the same, unlike, dissimilar in nature.” The phrase is a direct contradiction to the word ‘according to.’

  • Crime definition is different from state to state.
  • Tapeworms are different from fluke worms due to their physiological characteristics.

2. Disagreeing With

‘Disagreeing with’ is from Latin dis- ‘apart’ and agere ‘be active.’ It means to ‘act apart’ or ‘act in opposition to’ a given idea. ‘Disagreeing with’ relates to being contrary to or making assertions that don’t align with the original concept or idea.

  • He doesn’t like people disagreeing with him in public.
  • There would be no point in disagreeing with the Director at a board meeting.

3. Conflicting With

The phrase ‘conflicting with’ originates from the Latin term ‘contra,’ whichtranslates to ‘against’ or ‘opposed to.’ The phrase means ‘not being in conformity with, not acting according to initial plans.’

  • His ideas were conflicting with the management regulations.
  • We must ensure price increases are not conflicting with our primary objectives.
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To Wrap Up

In English, it is common to find multiple words with similar meanings. A synonym for according to is “in compliance with.” There are many other related words for the term, including “on the basis of.”

There are also words that are thought of as opposites, such as “different from.” This article has listed some antonyms and synonyms for ‘according to.’

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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