Synonym for Characteristics — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

Sometimes, an adjective is not enough to describe something or…

Sometimes, an adjective is not enough to describe something or someone. Characteristics are important because they allow us to highlight a specific point about something. The word “attributes” is a common synonym for characteristics

Characteristics delve deeper into different aspects related to an object or person. Let’s try to do the same for the word.

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Definition of Characteristics

The word “characteristics” is the plural form of the noun “characteristic.”

According to the English dictionary, characteristic refers to the essential property or quality of something. Its verb form is “characterize,” which means to highlight the essential aspects of something.

For example:

  • Malleability is an important characteristic of metals.
  • Two important food characteristics are texture and taste.

Synonyms for Characteristics – Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

It’s much easier to look for a related term by focusing on the meaning behind the word. A characteristic is a trait highlighted against a group of other traits. Here are some examples of synonyms we lifted from a thesaurus.


This noun refers to a distinctive quality present within a particular object, person, or environment. It refers to something physical that distinguishes something from others of its kind. As a verb, it refers to the act of highlighting something, often in a public setting.

For example:

  • His facial features suggest he lived a challenging life.
  • Water and dust resistance is one of the features I look for in a smartphone.


This noun refers to something that is unusual. It relates to an important detail relevant to the thing or person being described. It can also describe a facet of a person’s character.

For example:

  • His habitual nose-picking is a disgusting peculiarity.
  • The peculiarity of the stone suggested it was imbued with magical powers.


This noun refers to a distinguishing quality present in an object. This word is often used in a scientific context.

  • Conductivity is a property that describes the rate at which heat and electricity pass through a material.

Antonyms for Characteristics – Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

The main idea behind a characteristic is that it is a trait that is highlighted from a set of other traits. It is usually perceived in a positive manner. Words that describe the absence of a significant characteristic can serve as antonyms.


An abnormality refers to an anomaly that shouldn’t manifest in an object or person. It is usually used in a medical context.

For example:

  • The violet hue of the patient’s eyes was an abnormality we’ve never encountered.
  • There was an abnormality in his gait. It’s difficult to describe it.


This adjective refers to the state of being insignificant or expendable. An unimportant thing or person is often unnoticed or ignored.

For example:

  • The bruise on his arm was unimportant compared to a torn ligament.
  • Please don’t bother me with unimportant details. 


A characteristic is a trait that is highlighted. It’s important to highlight a word’s meaning to understand how to use it properly. Feel free to check out our other synonym guides. They are all created to help you expand your vocabulary and improve your fluency in English.

Frequently asked questions

What is a synonym and antonym for characteristic?

Scattered character (K*r*kt*st*k). Antonyms. Curability compatible directness safeness compatibility indirectness incurability curableness dangerousness incurableness. Save grace durability streak earmark unsafeness compatibility.

What are 100 characteristics?


What are basic characteristics?

Noun. A characteristic, character, or quality that is fundamental to something. nature. character. essence.

What is the correct definition of character?

1 : a character, sign, or symbol used in writing or printing (as a letter or figure). A town has a special character. Three : a feature that distinguishes a bushy plant.

What are antonyms for character?


What is the synonym for characteristics?

In general, characteristic is represented by distinct, individual, and peculiar features. These words mean “indicating a particular quality or identity,” while characteristic means something that distinguishes or identifies a person, thing, or class. Her characteristic manner responded.

What is a synonym for main character?

Character; protagonist; leading actor; principal character; principal figure; principal actor.

What is example of characteristics?

Characteristics are the qualities of something that differentiate it. You might like to think of characteristics as those qualities that differentiate someone from others. A chameleon, for instance, exhibits a camouflage ability.

Is property a synonym of characteristic?

Property can be referred to as attributes, character, and quality. The expression property implies a characteristic that belongs to a thing’s essential nature, given its application to describing a certain type or species.

What are the 4 characteristics of matter?

  • A matter is made up of very small particles.
  • Matter always has a state of motion.
  • Substances are composed of particles.
  • Temperature increases the motion of particles.
  • There is an inter-particle space between matter.

How do you use characteristic in a sentence?

  • The only characteristic he acquired from his father was his dark eyes.
  • The neighborhood has a two-car garage, which is another characteristic.
  • Immigrant workers possess a strong work ethic.

What are the characteristics of a good definition?

A good definition is characterized by classification of a term (what you describe), differentiation (what differentiates it from everything else), and testing (have you looked for a counterexample?).

What are the 3 characteristics?

THREE UNIVERSAL CHARACTERISTICS. In this article, we will describe in detail three characteristics common to all things, namely impermanence, unsatisfactoriness (suffering) and non-self-hood.

What are the 4 types of characters?

When writing a story, you can classify characters by looking at how they change (or don’t change) over time. As a result, character types such as the dynamic character, the round character, and the static character, as well as the stock character, are combined into the symbolic character. 1.

Synonym for Characteristics — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

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