Compare Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms & Examples

Compare means “examining two or more entities to note their similarities.” A synonym for compare is the ‘liken.’ Other words that can be substituted for compare will be explored in this article.

Compare — Etymology, and Definition

‘Compare’ is a verb borrowed from Middle English comparen, Old French comparer, andLatin comparare (“to prepare, procure”). The word takes these forms: simple present – compares, present participle – comparing, simple past and past participle – compared.

Compare means:

  • To weigh the similarities between two or more things. Compare the jaguar’s speed with that of the leopard.
  • To declare two things to be similar in some respect. You can compare the size of a closed fist to that of your heart.

Sentence Examples

  • An exercise was undertaken to compare the knowledge of the three professors.
  • Compare the original to the copy, and you’ll see glaring similarities.
  • Do not compare me with that drunkard, please.
  • It is challenging to compare the figures from the two years because of unforeseen statistical anomalies.
  • The ability to compare the data and conclude is a vital skill in any field.
  • One must be capable of being able to compare and contrast all things.
  • Compare the perimeter of the square to that of the rectangle.
  • Alcohol and cigarette compare to an extent by their effect on the human body.
  • I would compare you with someone who has never known what love was.

Synonym for Compare — Exploring words with Similar Meanings

Synonyms for the word ‘compare’ include liken, equate, correlate, analogize, weigh, relate, analyze, match, measure, and resemble. Other terms related to ‘compare’ include parallel, examine and approximate.

1. Liken

Liken originates from Middle English liknen (“to compare; to be comparable, be equal; to form; to be appropriate”), equivalent to like +‎ -en. Liken means “to compare; to state that something is like something else.”

  • You can liken the human heart to a pump.
  • I would liken Hillary to a towering tree.

2. Equate

Equate is a synonym for compare. It originates from Middle English equaten, Latin aequātus, past participle of aequō. Equate means to consider equal or equivalent.

  • Intelligence doesn’t equate respect.
  • You can’t equate wealth to success.

3. Correlate

Correlate – “to bring into relation things with common attributes” – takes its origin from co- + relate.

  • We can most times correlate age with the frequencies of ailments.
  • Insufficiency and lowly housing correlate with short life expectancy.
  • The figures in the two tables don’t seem to correlate.

4. Analogize

The word ‘analogize’ is attested from analogy + ize. Analogy derives its origin from Latin analogia, and Ancient Greek analogía, aná + lógos (speech, reckoning). Analogize signifies an equivalence between two situations, people or objects, primarily when used for explanation.

  • The buyer decided to analogize the oranges from the two sellers before making his choice.
  • Organizations usually analogize different marketing strategies before choosing the one suitable for promoting a particular product.

5. Weigh

Weigh originates from Middle English weghen, Old English wegan, and Proto-Germanic *weganą (“to move, carry, weigh”). Weigh means determining an item’s merit over another; to create a comparison.

  • Judges must weigh evidences constructively and logically.
  • You should weigh the importance against the cost.
  • You must weigh your words to avoid being misunderstood.

Antonyms for Compare — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

1. Differentiate

‘Differentiate’ is from New Latin differentiātus, past participle of differentiō, and Latin differentia (“difference”). Differentiate means to show the distinction between two things.

  • It is not possible to differentiate the twins.
  • She was unable to differentiate between the square and triangle.

2. Discern

‘Discern’ originates from Middle English discernen, Old French discerner, Latin discernere (“to separate”), and dis- (“apart”) + cernere (“to separate”). Discern means to distinguish one thing from another.

  • Jerry’s gift is to discern between truth and lies.
  • Some people find it hard to discern pink from red.
  • It would be best if you had excessive analysis to discern those data.

3. Distinguish

‘Distinguish’ was first attested in Middle English distingwen, Old French distinguer, and Latin distinguere (“to separate, divide, distinguish, set off, adorn, literally mark off”). Distinguish means to differentiate, to set aside.

  • I can’t distinguish between Thompson and his brother.
  • A detective often finds himself in a situation of having to distinguish between the truth and a lie.
  • The victim couldn’t distinguish between the guilty and the innocent man.

4. Contrast

The term is derived from French contraster, Italian contrastare (“to resist,” “to withstand”), Vulgar Latin *contrāstāre, and Latin contrā (“against”) + stō, stāre (“to stand”). Contrast means to differentiate two entities (objects, ideas, people).

  • He is industrious and creative, in marked contrast to his brother.
  • It is necessary to contrast the two teachers.
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To Wrap Up

A synonym for compare is ‘liken.’ Other words with similar meanings to the term are: correlate, analogize, weigh and measure.

The antonyms for the word ‘compare’ include “differentiate,” “discern,” and “distinguish.” Using a dictionary, you could look up other synonyms and antonyms for the term.

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