Determined Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms & Examples

The term ‘determined’ describes the quality of possessing much determination.…

The term ‘determined’ describes the quality of possessing much determination. Synonyms are words that we can use in place of another. A synonym for determined is the word ‘resolute.’ Other synonyms for the term will be explored in this article.

Determined — Etymology and Definition of the Word

The word ‘determined’ functions as a verb and adjective depending on the context. It is the simple past tense and past participle of determine. Determine originates from the Latin term ‘determinare’ which means “to decide, settle, or determine.”

Determined as an adjective

‘Determined’ describes the quality of being resolute at getting something done. It also means “making a solid decision and being resolved not to alter it.”

  • The president is determined to fight corruption.
  • Sarah is a determined young woman.
  • The president’s speech was marked by determined advocacy for change.
  • He was determined to redraw the map despite the terrain.
  • The audience was silent and determined not to answer the speakers’ questions.
  • The young man I saw on my way here looked determined.

Determined as a verb

The verb ‘determined’ means “to stay true to one’s purpose lacking distractions.”

  • I determined to complete the project before leaving the office.
  • The representatives determined to maintain the current level of sanctions.
  • The judge determined that the evidence was sufficient.

Synonym for Determined — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

Synonyms for ‘determined’ include resolute, adamant, persistent, resolved, drive, decided, and purposeful. Other terms related to determined are unfaltering, unwavering, bound, unrelenting, and stubborn.

1. Resolute

The term is originally from Latin’ resolutus’ (“released”), the past participle of ‘resolvō’ (“I release, I unbind”). Resolute means “firm, unwavering and unyielding.” Someone who is resolute follows a decision to accomplishment.

  • A resolute enemy cannot be easily overcome or dominated.
  • They voted for him because they believed he’ll be a resolute leader.
  • The resolute willingness of the soldiers to fight again means that we are close to victory.

2. Adamant

Adamant is from Middle English ‘adamant,’ ‘adamaunt,’ Latin ‘adamantem,’ (“hard as steel”). Adamant describes the quality of being firm, unshakable, and not yielding to distractions or a second opinion.

  • He concluded that Jake doesn’t sound very adamant about his opinion.
  • Trump was adamant about building the Mexico wall.

3. Persistent

‘Persistent’ is from Latin’ persistēns,’ present participle of ‘persistō’ (“to continue steadfastly”). Also, persist +‎ -ent—persistent means to be determined, refusing to quit despite obstacles.

  • I did not see any need to be persistent on the issue.
  • Cynthia had to deal with the persistent cough alone.

4. Tenacious

The word ‘tenacious’ originates from Latin tenāx (“holding fast, clinging”), from tenēre (“to hold”), +‎ -ious. Tenacious describes the unwillingness to yield or give up despite obstacles.

  • Olivia is tenacious in her defense of human rights.
  • The president has kept his tenacious hold on power for almost two decades.
  • It would be best if you were tenacious about getting the needed resources.

5. Purposeful

‘Purposeful’ is from purpose +‎ -ful. Purposeful describes the quality of having a purpose or goal in mind and being intentional about it.

  • His purposeful stare showed he wouldn’t take no for an answer.
  • Their purposeful plan came with difficulties.
  • To live a purposeful life, you need to have faith.

Antonyms for Determined — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

1. Doubtful

The word ‘doubtful’ is from Middle English doutfull, douteful, equivalent to doubt +‎ -ful. If something is doubtful, it means it has an uncertain outcome.

  • Although the weather was doubtful, we didn’t want to take chances.
  • My mother was doubtful about my ability to fix the broken door.

2. Skeptical

‘Skeptical‘ is from skeptic + -al. Skeptical means “having or expressing doubt or uncertainty.”

  • The idea of a skeptical approach to a particular subject is becoming more popular.
  • The students were all skeptical about the idea of a new principal.

3. Uncertain

‘Uncertain’ originates from Middle English uncerteyn; equivalent to un- +‎ certain. Uncertain means “unsure, not known for certain, undecided.”

  • Michelle was uncertain about taking her dog along with her.
  • The new couple is uncertain about what life holds for them.
  • Dave’s usage of the map didn’t stop him from being uncertain of the location.
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To Wrap Up

Synonyms help make our vocabulary stronger. A synonym for determined is ‘resolute.’ Other similar terms include adamant, persistent, and purposeful. Words opposite in meaning to ‘determined’ include “doubtful” and “skeptical.”

A thesaurus and dictionary are great tools for learning other synonyms for the term and enriching your vocabulary.

Frequently asked questions

Can could synonym?

The following lists 16 synonyms, antonyms, and idiomatic expressions for might, like: would, might, do, should, may, can, shall, want-to, cannot, will, and must.

Where do you find synonyms?

  • Collins Dictionary
  • Synonymscom
  • Synonymcom
  • Synonym Finder
  • Merriam-Webster Thesaurus
  • The Free Thesaurus
  • Thesauruscom
  • Big Huge Thesaurus

What is the synonym determined?

Decide, resolve, rule, and settle are typical synonyms for determine.

What is determined with example?

A person with a mind made up of something has the definition of determined. The voter who enters a voting booth knowing who they will be voting for is one example of determined. The determination to succeed, determination to persist, determination. To get a good grade in my exam, I’m determined to get it.

How do you use determine in a sentence?

  • It was impossible for her to determine if she had won or not.
  • If she had enough success, she would determine which case had the best chance of success.
  • Computers can determine when and even what to plant seed.
  • In my opinion, I can determine this.
  • Lana looked up at the bridge, trying to determine which direction it ran to shore.

What is the adjective of determine?

Around 1500, the first records of the word were determined as adjectives. Noun determine comes from the past tense form of the verb. Sometimes, when something has been decided, that means it has been re-decided or settled in some permanent way.

What is a synonym and antonym for determine?

(Dt*mn, dtm*n) Make, or consider a decision about something. Antonyms. Disorientation deregulate zeallessness indecisiveness. Decide rule, choose your pick.

What is the opposite of self determination?


What is the antonym of determined?

adjective. (dtmnd) It is learned, discovered, or determined especially by investigation. Antonyms. Easy unoccupied unenterprising and undetermined. observed ascertained.

What is a meaning of determined?

Defining determined 1 : having reached a decision : resolved, determined, determined not to let it happen again. The importance of determination and determination. b : characterized by determination.. deter all but the most determined thief. — Security World.

Determined Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms & Examples

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