Enhance Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms & Examples

You’ve probably realized that finding the perfect synonym for a word is easier said than done. The best way to go about it is to use a resourceful guide. Enhance means to increase the attributes of an entity. A synonym for enhance is ‘boost.’

This guide highlights other synonyms for the term, including its most popular antonyms.

Enhance – Etymology and Definition

The term is borrowed from Middle English enhauncen, Anglo-Norman enhauncer, Old French enhaucier (“make greater”), and Late Latin inaltare (“exalt”). The verb takes these forms: simple present – enhances, present participle – enhancing, simple past and past participle – enhanced.

Enhance is the act of making something or someone better, more significant, or bigger by adding its qualities.

Sentence Examples

  • Health centers offer quality care to enhance patients’ health.
  • The outcome of Jason’s discoveries was used to enhance living conditions in rural areas.
  • To enhance economic growth and development, the president declared that the exportation index should be greater than that of importation.
  • The articles published by Maxwell’s team enhance communication qualities in teenagers.
  • A well-developed skill will enhance your chances of getting a well-paying job.
  • The government drilled more boreholes to enhance the level of water supply.
  • The employees were given a raise to enhance their working morale.

Synonym for Enhance — Exploring words with Similar Meanings

Synonyms for the word ‘enhance’ include boost, upgrade, augment, increase, intensify, strengthen, enrich, ameliorate, heighten and amplify. Other terms related to enhance are: accentuate, add to, and elevate.

1. Improve

The term originates from Anglo-Norman emprouwer, Old French en- + prou (“profit”), and Vulgar Latin prode (“advantageous, profitable”). It means to increase in value or quality.

  • The organization is trying to improve consumer patronage.

2. Boost

‘Boost’ is from Middle English boosten, bosten (“to threaten”). Boost implies increasing or improving the features of an item.

  • The doctor advised the participants at the conference to take fruits to boost the body’s immunity.
  • The government is taking various measures to boost the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

3. Upgrade

‘Upgrade’ – “to raise to a higher standard” – is derived from up + grade. Upgrade means to issue something new, more sophisticated, or more durable than the original item.

  • The lessons he took after school led to an upgrade in his academics.
  • There is a plan to upgrade small-scale businesses and finance new ones.

4. Augment

‘Augment’ originates from Middle French augmenter, Old French augmenter, Late Latin augmentare (“to increase”), and Latin augmentum (“an increase, growth”). Augment means “to make something more relevant.”

  • While searching for a way to augment her income, Nancy decided to start selling snacks.
  • The homemade cream contains natural ingredients that augment the appearance of the skin.
  • My latest certification will augment my resume.

5. Increase

‘Increase’ originates from Anglo-Norman encreistre, and Latin increscere (“increase”). ‘Increase’ connotes becoming larger or more significant.

  • I need an increase in my salary because I have been working harder lately.
  • There has been a sudden increase in the crime rate in the state.

Antonyms for Enhance — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

1. Diminish

The word ‘diminish’ originates from Old French diminuer and Latin dīminuo. Diminish is the act of making smaller.

  • Low funding made the company’s products diminish in quality.
  • The team tried as much as possible to diminish the cost of production.

2. Worsen

Worsen is from worse + -en. It means “a state of becoming more deteriorated.”

  • Further disputes would worsen the ongoing crisis between the two communities.
  • These policies will worsen the economy and lead to debt.
  • Your health issues will worsen if you don’t take your treatments seriously.

3. Decrease

‘Decrease’ was first attested in Old French descreistre and Latin decrescere. It means to reduce in quantity or quality.

  • The spread of diseases led to a population decrease across the globe.
  • We noticed a slight decrease in the food supply in the West.
  • There has been a steady decrease in the intensity of sunlight.
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To Wrap Up

Enhance means “to boost the nature of an entity.” A synonym for enhance is ‘upgrade.’ Other words with similar meanings include boost, upgrade, augment, increase and accentuate.

The antonyms for the term include “diminish,” “worsen,” and “decrease.” Use a thesaurus or a dictionary to learn more synonyms and antonyms for the term.

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