“Ensure” Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms & Examples

A synonym is a word with the same meaning as another. Often, such words can replace a term to create variety in writing. Sometimes, the synonym for a term can only be used in specific context. “Ensure” means “to make sure that something occurs.” The term ‘establish’ is a common synonym for ensure.

In addition to the synonyms of the term ‘ensure,’ you’ll learn the antonyms of the term in this guide.

The Definition of Ensure

The term ‘ensure’ is a verb that originates from Middle English ensuren, Anglo-Norman enseurer, and Old French seur (“sure”). The dictionary defines ‘ensure’ as “to guarantee or assure someone of something.”

Sentence Examples

  • I’ll ensure you’re shortlisted for the interview.
  • The police ensured they threw the criminal behind bars.
  • Jerry’s mother ensured that he had money to cater to his needs.
  • My father ensures to pay our fees on time.
  • My grandmother ensures we never lack food to eat.
  • Please ensure to submit your essay before the deadline.
  • John ensured he followed the instruction of his mother to the latter.

Synonym for Ensure — Exploring Words With Similar Meanings

A popular synonym for ensure is the term ‘establish.’ Other synonyms for the term include secure, assure, guarantee, and insure. Words similar to ‘ensure’ include safeguard, ascertain, find out, vouch, determine, provide, check and warrant.

1. Establish

Establish came from Old French establiss- Latin stabiliō, stabilīre, and stabilis (“firm, steady, stable”). To establish means to be stable or firm; to institute or set up.

  • The house owner has some established rules in place.
  • Deborah is working on establishing a laboratory.
  • James is financially stable to establish a home.

2. Secure

The word comes from Latin securus (“of persons, free from care, easy; careless, reckless; of things, tranquil, also free from danger, safe), from se– (“without”) + cura (“care”). Secure means ‘to put beyond hazard of losing or not receiving; to make safe.

  • It’s improbable to secure a last-minute goal.
  • Jerry’s position as a Secretary is secure.

3. Assure

‘Assure’ is from Old French asseurer (Modern French assurer) and from Latin ad- + securus.

  • There’s no point in worrying- I assure you, you’ll get the job.
  • I can’t assure you that you’ll get the scholarship, but I’ll do my best.

4. Make Sure.

‘Make sure’ is two terms – “make and sure.” ‘Make’ is from Middle English maken, from Old English macian (“to make, build, work”), and from Proto-West Germanic *makōn (“to make, build, work”). Sure is from Old French seur, sur which means “safe; undoubted, dependable, trustworthy.” The phrase “make sure” means to establish that something is so; confirm.

  • Make sure you document the files accordingly.
  • Make sure you clean the rooms properly.

5. Make Certain.

‘Certain’ is from Middle English certeyn, certein. The phrase ‘make certain’ means to “take action to ensure that something happens.”

  • You have to make certain this doesn’t happen again.
  • Jerry made certain he thanked each of them for coming.

Antonyms for Ensure — Exploring Words With Opposite Meanings

1. Endanger

Endanger is from en- +‎ danger. ‘Endanger’ means to put (someone or something) in danger or risk causing harm.

  • The burning of bush could endanger the lives of innocent people.
  • They endangered their neighbor’s life by playing with a garden hose.

2. Harm

‘Harm’ came from Middle English ‘harm, herm,’ Old English hearm, Proto-West Germanic *harm, and Proto-Germanic *harmaz (“harm; shame; pain”). The term ‘harm’ means physical injury, hurt, or damage.

  • Hard work has never harmed anyone.
  • Drunkenness is harmful to the body.

3. Contradict

‘Contradict’ is borrowed from Latin contradict-the participle stem of contrādīcō (“I speak against”). To contradict is to deny the truth or validity of (a statement or statements).

  • Hannah contradicted John’s view.
  • Saying that daisies are colorful will contradict my statement.
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To Wrap Up

‘Ensure’ means “to make sure something happens,’ or ‘to be assured of something.” You can employ synonyms such as “establish, guarantee and assure” instead of repeating the term ‘ensure’ in writing. This will give your writing variety and increased strength. A thesaurus will come in handy if you need to learn other synonyms for the term.

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