“Feeling” Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms & Examples

The word ‘feeling’ refers to a mental or emotional state and a subjective experience, an idea or sensation experienced by someone. A synonym for feelingis the word ‘emotion’. What are other synonyms for the term – This article is your definitive guide.

The Definition of Feeling

The word ‘feeling’ originates from Middle English felynge, equivalent to feel +‎ -ing “(to touch or have a sensation of; perceive, sense something).” The word ‘feeling’ functions grammatically as a verb and noun in different contexts. As an adjective, the term describes a state of being emotionally sensitive.

Functioning as a noun, ‘feeling’ is defined as a sensation, mainly one felt through the skin. A feeling is also an emotion or impression, an emotional state of well-being.

‘Feeling’ as an Adjective

  • Long working hours come with a tired feeling.
  • I woke up this morning feeling better than yesterday.
  • Your feelings towards Mike shouldn’t stop you from doing your job effectively.

‘Feeling’ as a Noun

  • The dress gave my skin a strange feeling.
  • The words my brother said to me hurt my feelings.
  • I’m not too fond of the hospital; I get a weird feeling each time I visit.

Synonym for Feeling — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

Common synonyms (words with similar meanings) for the word ‘feeling’ are emotion, impression, sentiment, and sensation. Others are perception, standpoint, passion, and intense.

1. Emotion

The word ‘emotion is originally from Middle French ‘emotion’ (modern French émotion), and the Latin word ‘ēmōtus’ (excite). Emotion is the experience of physical and mental desires and aversions caused by sensory stimuli.

  • Emotions were rising earlier due to the discomfort between both parties.
  • They’ve come to such a good understanding that they can comment on each other’s emotions.
  • Paul didn’t realize he was capable of such strong emotions till he started crying.

2. Impression

The word originates from old French’ impression’ andLatin’ impressio.’ An impression is a perception pictured in mind.

  • Darren left a lasting impression on the mind of the students with her calmness.
  • Quavo seems to be under the impression that Dorathy loves him.

3. Sentiment

‘Sentiment’ is from old French sentement and Latin sentimentum. Sentiment is a general thought or sense.

  • Despite his sentiments, John remained loyal to his friend.
  • The religious sentiment was enormous in the 17th century.

4. Sensation

The word ‘sensation’ originates from Medieval Latin’ sensatio’ and Latin’ sensus.’ Sensation defines the physical feeling or perception of something that comes into contact with the body.

  • There is a strange sensation I feel each time he comes around.
  • Neurologists use this sensation to determine how much damage a stroke has caused.
  • Chilli pepper gives an abnormal burning sensation.

5. Passion

‘Passion’ originates from Middle English’ passioun’,‘passion,’ from Old French’ passion’ (and partly from Old English passion). Also, from Latin’ passio’ (“suffering”) and from Proto-Indo-European *peh₁- (“to hurt”). Passion defines a great sensation or powerful emotion experienced.

  • Abel’s passion for music stems from his ability to arrange chords perfectly.
  • I owe my passion for football to my late grandfather.

Antonyms for Feeling — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

1. Apathy

The word ‘apathy’ is from French’ apathie’ and from Latin’ apathīa.’ Apathy may mean a lack of motivation, interest or enthusiasm, or disinterest in something.

  • You can’t blame apathy on society; it comes from an unconscious process of lousy leadership.
  • The road to apathy doesn’t lead to peace; it leads to ennui.
  • The movement of the early church was marked by great apathy.

2. Insensibility

‘Insensibility’ is from Old French’ insensibilité’ and Late Latin’ insensibilitas’ (“that cannot be felt”). Insensibility describes a person that is unaware of an external fantasy, external sensation, or event.

  • As elsewhere, he revealed his insensibility to human ethics.
  • Insensibility to the most sophisticated and ingenious tortures confounded the Roman governor.
  • On the one hand, we can feel offended by his insensibility that he can’t get back.

3. Numbness

The word ‘numbness’ originates from Old English’ niman’ “to take, catch, grasp.” Numbness defines the absence or reduction of sensitivity to emotions or inability to experience a feeling.

  • Martha felt a surge of heat, and then a tingling numbness suffused her body.
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To Wrap Up

Exploring synonyms and similar words for the term‘feeling’ will help bolster your creativity and create a unique writing experience. A common synonym for feeling is ‘emotion.’ Others include impression, sentiment, sensation, and passion.

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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