Synonym for Gentle — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

Being gentle implies that someone is not rough or abrasive…

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Being gentle implies that someone is not rough or abrasive in the way they treat others (i.e., having a calm demeanor). It also relates to the manner in which an action is performed. The most common synonym for gentle is “kind.”

Before we explore the alternatives to the word “gentle,” we need to understand what it means. Let’s begin.

Definition of Gentle

According to the English dictionary, “gentle” refers to the state of being mild and tactful in actions and speech. It can be used to describe a polite person or a careful action. The word “gentle” usually has a good connotation.

Sentence Examples

  • A mother’s gentle touch is something we all need once in a while.
  • The gentle breeze provided respite from the searing summer heat.
  • Please be gentle with my arm. It hasn’t fully healed.
  • gentle person is one know can moderate his words and actions.
  • Please take it easy on Tom. It’s been a while since he’s had. 

Synonyms for Gentle – Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

People who are gentle are caring and meek. These are some words we discovered while looking through a thesaurus.


The adjective soft describes something delicate. It serves as a synonym for gentle when it describes a person’s demeanor or the manner in which an action is performed. 

For example:

  • She whispered softly in her baby’s ear. Even when the baby didn’t understand a word, he understood the love that her voice carried.
  • Marie gave her baby a soft kiss on the forehead before she left.


This is an adjective that describes an object that is delicate and weak. It also refers to someone that shows kindness and sympathy.

For example:

  • The meat was tender. It felt like it was melting in my mouth.
  • Men can be tender and caring. It doesn’t diminish their masculinity. Rather, it enhances it.


This synonym for gentle describes a lack of sound or a state of calmness. While it also describes actions, it is limited to its aural aspect.

For example:

  • Sabrina is a quiet person. She is caring and loving. I don’t know what I’d do without her.
  • The quiet night mirrored the calmness of the sea.

Antonyms for Gentle – Exploring Words with Opposite Meaning

The word “gentle” describes the careful manner of action and the general behavior of a person. Words that describe an aggressive and ruthless action or person can function as an antonym for “gentle.” Some examples are: 


To be rough means to be harsh toward people. This can be in a physical and emotional sense. It also describes an unrefined surface. The expression “rough around the edges” can literally mean that the edges are rough. It can also connote that someone has a tough and uncaring demeanor. 

For example:

  • Boys like to play rough. Abrasions and bruises are a common by-product of their games.
  • He’s having a rough time at school and at home. We need to help him.


The adjective “callous” describes a person who is cruel, insensitive, and unfeeling. It also refers to the manner in which an action is performed. In a medical setting, it refers to the bony healing tissue that forms around a broken bone.

For example:

  • Gerard was a callous man. People were naturally afraid of him.
  • We can’t disregard the callous attack on my son. I want to file a lawsuit.


A cruel person is someone who willfully causes pain and injury without remorse. Unlike the other examples, a cruel person knowingly and intentionally inflicts pain. On the other hand, a rough or callous person may not mean anyone harm.

For example:

  • There isn’t a single reason to warrant cruelty.
  • She was a cruel person. She’d hurt strangers just for fun.


The English language is rich and deep. There are various synonyms that can describe someone gentle, and some of them can only be used in certain contexts. You may also want to check our other synonym guides if you want to become more proficient in speaking and writing in English.

Frequently asked questions

How do you use the word gentle in a sentence?

  • This was a pleasant, calm, gentle appearance for her face.
  • Her gentle hand went down Lisa’s shoulder.
  • In his gentle voice, he instructed her.
  • Rains of single slender amounts make grass color green.

What are the antonyms for gentle?

  • agitated
  • excited
  • hateful
  • hard
  • harsh
  • cruel
  • disagreeable
  • callous

What is the sentence of gently?

Gently sentence example. Alex patted her on the back gently. At first, he moved his arm away and stepped back. In the forks of the tree, he lifted the nest gently to let it be safe.

What is the Synonym and antonym of hard?

HEALTH RESISTANT TO AWESOME CHARGE. Antonyms. Softness unquestionable frail unfurled smooth manageable. Unyielding solids with hardened horns.

What are the synonyms and antonyms of gentle?

  • benign,
  • bland,
  • light,
  • nonabrasive,
  • mild,
  • balmy,
  • delicate,
  • mellow,

What’s the definition for gentle?

A gentle but large man, he displayed a kind and quiet nature : not harsh, stern, or violent. 2: not heavy or forceful. Gentle wind. 3 : not very strong nor harsh in quality or effect, gentle soap.

What type of word is gentle?

With the adjective gentle, you can describe something that is soothing or kind, such as a person with a tender nature or the sound of light rain.

Is harsh opposite of gentle?


What is the antonym of the word accept ‘? *?

Antonyms for accept. (on or off) Disapprove (of), discountenance, disfavor, frown.

Is Gently is Synonym of softly?

You will find 17 synonyms, antonyms, and related words for softly, like: sweetly, tender, lightly, gently, quietly, forte, loudly, mournfully, dreamily, soothingly, and cares.

What is an example of gentle?

Gentle refers to someone who is calm, soothing, and tender in his or her manner. One example of gentleness is a mother bathing her newborn baby. (archaic) Noble; chivalrous.

What is Synonym of gently?

It means softly, weakly. Synonyms and Near Synonym for gentle words. feebly, softly, weakly.

Synonym for Gentle — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

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