Job Synonym Guide — Definition and Examples

‘Job’ is a specified position someone occupies in a business…

‘Job’ is a specified position someone occupies in a business or enterprise, usually from which an individual earns an income. A synonym is a word similar in meaning to a given word but distinct enough to give a different nuance, making your piece unique. A synonym for job is ‘profession.’

This article covers the word ‘job,’ including synonyms, antonyms, and examples to help you understand its usage.

The Definition of Job

The word ‘job’originates from the phrase jobbe of work (“piece of work”), of uncertain origin. A job is a role or assignment given to someone. It is also an economic role for which a person is paid.

  • A job is a series of tasks, a schedule of activities, or a set of responsibilities. i.e., Are you done with the printing job?
  • A job is a work position held by a person. It is also the focused action of a person in a particular location, event, or activity. What’s your job? I’m an engineer.

Sentence Examples

  • Jerry has been out of a job for three months now.
  • Nathan got a job as security personnel at the bank.
  • The job is for someone with an experience in the business.
  • I am happy you finally have a job.
  • Juliette was dismissed from his job over months ago.
  • I was shocked to hear that Martha quit her job.
  • Do you love your job as a banker?
  • The job is highly competitive.
  • What do you think about the job?
  • Elaine got a proposal for a job in Washington D.C.

Synonym for Job — Exploring words with Similar Meanings

Similar terms for job include profession, position, occupation, business, vocation, role, trade, and activity. Let’s explore some of these synonyms.

1. Position

‘Position’ is from Middle English posicioun, Old French posicion, Latin positio (“a putting, position”), ponere, past participle positus (“to put, place”). A position is a post of employment.

  • Thompson holds a managerial position in his company.
  • The bank offered me a better position than my former employer.

2. Activity

Activity is derived from Middle French activité, and Latin activitas. Equivalent to active +‎ -ity. An activity is something done as an action or a movement.

  • David’s lack of sleep and overactivity finally caught up with him.
  • The Director’s activity in Japan was successful and resulted in the company’s growth.

3. Vocation

Vocation is a synonym for job. The word originates from Middle English vocacioun, Old French vocation, and Latin vocātiō. A vocation is a task for which a person is suited, trained, or qualified.

  • Martha turned her passion for teaching into her vocation.
  • Mr. Nathan considered his vocation the best among others.

4. Profession

The word is from Middle English professioun, Anglo-Norman professioun, Old French profession (“religious vows, occupation”), and Latin professiō. A profession is a trade, craft, activity, or occupation in which one has expertise in a particular area.

  • My sister is a Medical Doctor by profession.
  • The convention included individuals from all professions.

5. Occupation

Occupation originates from Middle English occupacioun, borrowed from Middle French ‘occupation’ and Latin occupātio. An occupation is a profession or a job.

  • You’re required to fill in your name and occupation in the form.
  • My brother’s occupation is fishing.

Antonyms for Job — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

1. Unemployment

Unemployment is from un- +‎ employment. Un- is a prefix of negation. ‘Employment’ is from Middle English emploien “an errand or commission.” Unemployment is the state of having no job; joblessness.

  • The rate of unemployment in society has increased the crime rate.
  • Unemployment has rendered Williams poor.

2. Idleness

Idleness originates from Middle English ydelnesse, Old English īdelnes, Proto-West Germanic *īdalnassī, equivalent to idle +‎ -ness. Idleness is the state of being inoperative or lazy.

  • My mother is an ardent hater of idleness.
  • Johnny’s idleness resulted in his involvement in the theft.

3. Inactivity

In- is a word-forming element that means “opposite of.” Activity is from Old French activité, Medieval Latin activitatem, and Latin activus. Activity isa“state of being active, briskness, liveliness.”

  • The government’s inactivity has brought about a collapse in society’s economy.
  • Sarah’s boss relieved her of her duties because of her inactivity and negligence.
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To Wrap Up

A job is a position or occupation from which an individual earns a salary or wage. It is also described as duties that are needed for a company or organization to run correctly.

A synonym for job is ‘profession.’ Other words with similar meanings are occasion, vocation, activity, and position. You can use a thesaurus to learn more synonyms of the term.

Frequently asked questions

What is the opposite of job?

To the contrary of employment status. avocation. unemployment. idleness. joblessness.

What do guides do?

Girl guides provide them with fun, adventure, and the space to discover their potential. They get their first sleepover, canoe on rivers, learn how to maintain body confidence, and run their own camp. Sometimes they simply have fun and try out new things with friends. If girls grow up, they take what they do.

Is there such a word as Guider?

A guide or director.

What is known as job?

You are expected to perform a regular and official task, and you’ll receive money (a salary) for your job. In addition to becoming a profession, it is an occupation.

How do you say guide me?

  • help me
  • guiding me
  • assist me
  • be my eyes
  • brief me
  • brings me
  • control me
  • direct me

What is an example of a guide?

Guides are people or things that instruct or show others the way. A guide is someone who leads you on a hike. It’s usually a book that teaches you how to use a new computer software program.

What is synonym of looking for job?

job huntingemployment searching
job searchingseeking employment

What does job stand for?

JOBJust Over Broke
JOBJob Object
JOBJava Objects for Business
JOBJob Opportunity Bulletin

How do you use synonyms?

If you are using the word “beautiful” repeatedly in your text, you may use synonyms such as “gorgeous,” “stunning”, or “ravishing” to enhance the picture of your description. Repeating just one word will keep your audience at bay simply due to boredom!

What is a job example?

An employee’s job is a job they do to earn money. At a gas station, for example, is an example. Job definition is where you earn money and work. The office and staff that you work with are just some examples of your job.

What is job in simple words?

The definition of the job (Entry 1 of 4) 1a : a regular employment position, followed by a part-time job as a waiter, she resigned from her job. Your heart’s job is to circulate blood. c(1) : a task is assigned the task of delivering bad news.

How do you use guide in a sentence?

  • I don’t know how to navigate a boat well.
  • She will be guided when I am gone.
  • An Austrian guide and a Russian general exchanged altercations at the front.
  • Hers was guided by his body.
  • Xander jogged into the fog with his senses.

What are guide synonyms?

  • pilot
  • counselor
  • mentor
  • chaperon
  • superintendent
  • teacher
  • model
  • docent

What is the full meaning of guide?

A guide to : direct us. A lawyer will guide you through legal procedures. 2a : to direct, supervise, or influence a decision. b : to supervise the training or instruction of a respected educator. intransitive verb.

Job Synonym Guide — Definition and Examples

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