Synonym for Manage — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

Manage is an English word that means to organize skillfully, to be in charge of or supervise an affair. What is the synonym for manage? A synonym is a word with the same or similar meanings as another word, typically with subtle variations.

Some synonyms can conveniently replace a word in a sentence. Others can be utilized to provide better clarity when used in a particular context. This article includes a list of synonyms for ‘manage.’

Manage – Etymology and Definition of the Word

The word ‘manage’ originates from the Modern English word ‘manage, menage.’ Also, from the Old French word ‘manege’ (“the handling or training of a horse, horsemanship, riding, maneuvers, proceedings”).

Manage is a verb with the following forms: simple present tense- manages, present participle – managing, simple past and past participle – managed. The word manage has the following definitions:

1. to direct, supervise, oversee or be in charge of something (a job, a business).

  • Mary manages her family’s bakery.
  • When Mr. Dave was managing the company, we always received weekly bonuses.
  • Michelle managed her parents’ business when they traveled.

2. to handle or keep something (a situation) under control.

  • Davies couldn’t manage his emotions at the event.
  • With proper dieting, you can manage diabetes.

3. to cope with or come to terms with something.

  • When my husband lost his job, we had to manage on just my salary.
  • Mariam’s father earns so little; I wonder how they manage.
  • I don’t plan on getting Christmas presents for my children this year; they’ll have to manage.

4. to achieve a goal or succeed at an attempt

  • I only managed to get to work this morning; I’m slightly unwell.
  • Jerry managed to pass his exams.
  • I’ll be unavailable next week; can you manage a meeting?

Synonym for Manage — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

1. Cope

The word ‘Cope’ originates from the Middle English word ‘coupen,’ and from the Old French word ‘couper’ (“to strike, to cut”). It means to deal effectively with something, especially a difficult or tragic situation.

  • Mike couldn’t cope with losing his best friend; he cried for months.
  • My sister couldn’t cope with working full-time and caring for her child, so she hired a nanny.

3. Supervise

The word ‘supervise’ originates from the Medieval Latin word ‘supervisus,’ the past participle of supervidere from Latin super- + vidēre. To supervise means to oversee or direct a task or organization.

  • Williams supervises the interns.
  • I need someone to supervise these kids while they complete their homework.

4. Handle

Borrowed from the Middle English word ‘handlen,’ from Old English ‘handlian’ (“to feel, deal with, discuss”) and equivalent to hand +‎ -le. To handle is to control, direct or manage something.

  • I handled Maria’s case confidentially.
  • Monica handled the company’s negotiations in Brazil.
  • The diplomacy with which Johnson handled the situation is commendable.

5. Control

The word ‘control’ originates from the Middle English word ‘controllen,’ and Old French word ‘contrerole.’ To control is to exercise influence over; to suggest, or dictate the behavior of.

  • A way to control this illness is to take the recommended daily dose of the drug.
  • Maxwell was able to control the toy car he made with a remote.

6. Oversee

The word is from the Middle English word ‘overseen, ouverseen,’ from Old English ‘ofersēon’ (“to observe, to overlook, neglect”), equivalent to over– + see. To oversee is to guide, supervise, and direct the actions of a person or group.

  • I oversee my family’s business.
  • The committee’s duty is to oversee the disbursement of funds.

Other words related to ‘manage’ are:

Administer, operate, superintend, be in charge of, run, command, direct, govern, deal with, make do, carry on, organize, bring off, and succeed.

Antonyms for Manage — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

1. Mismanage

The verb ‘mismanage‘ is from two English words: mis + manage. Mismanage is a direct antonym for the word ‘manage.’ It means to conduct carelessly or improperly.

  • The company’s finance was mismanaged in the last quarter.
  • The former Director mismanaged the restaurant’s funds so much that it was shut down.

2. Neglect

Neglect is an English word borrowed from the Latin word ‘neglēctus,’ (“make light of, disregard). It means ‘to fail to care for or attend to something.’

  • Gideon neglected his family business, only to become a drug addict.
  • Mr. David neglected his duty as a father and forced his wife into becoming the family’s breadwinner.

3. Ignore

From the French word ‘ignorer,’ from the Latin word ‘ignōrō’ (“to not know, mistake, take no notice of) and from ignārus (“not knowing”). It means to deliberately not listen or pay attention to something.

  • James ignored the task I gave to him.
  • You ignored Paul when he called to tell you something important.
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To Wrap Up

Synonyms provide personality and style to vivid writing; they can also boost our word usage and vocabulary. Wondering what a synonym for manage is? This article has provided a list of examples to help students learn how to use the words correctly!

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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