Synonym for Memories — Antonyms, Definitions, and Examples

The word “memory” is a general term that describes a…

The word “memory” is a general term that describes a specific mental process that involves an individual’s ability to recollect and recognize the information. Recollection is the most overused synonym for memories. The list below includes many other words that can serve as better substitutes for the word “memories.” 

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Memories Etymology and Definition

The word “memories” is a plural noun. Its root word is memory.

The word memory comes from the Old French “memorie” and ultimately from the Latin “memoria” and the related adjective “memor.” Memory can also refer to a thing or experience.

Some sample sentences:

  • I have fond memories of when we were children.
  • We should cherish our memories because they form part of our personalities.
  • Scientists claim that the average human brain can store the equivalent of
  • He used five million gigabytes in personal memories.

Synonym for Memories – Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

Some similar terms for the word “memories” are recollection, remembrance, reminiscence, and reminder. Their meanings and uses will be explored in detail.


This word refers to the ability to bring back memories of a particular time or event. It can also refer to the experience being remembered. 

For example:

  • The policeman asked the witness to share his recollection of last night’s events.
  • A witness must be capable of recognition, recollection, and expression.


This verb refers to the act of remembering something learned or experienced.

For example:

  •  Some people are able to recall information better than others.
  • The mind tends to have difficulty recalling traumatic experiences.


Remembrance is a reminder of something that has happened or is happening at the present moment. The word “Souvenir” is a synonym for remembrance.

  • I kept my old tie as a remembrance of the day I landed my first job.
  • He wept as he held the remembrance his friend had left him. 


A reminiscence is more than just a memory; it’s more of a feeling. It involves happy experiences that happened long ago.

For example:

  • Tom was a daydreamer; He had a habit of slipping into a reminiscence of his childhood.
  • reminiscence of a long-lost love is something that is painful and happy at the same time. 


A reminder is a noun that refers to a piece of information that is just briefly mentioned. It is meant to remind a person of general information related to something in the past, present, or future.

For example:

  • The app also serves as a reminder of what you ate for the day.
  • It also provides users with a reminder to set time for their workouts.

Antonyms for Memories — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

Some antonyms for memories include forgetfulness, amnesia, and ignorance. These antonyms describe the state of eliminating a memory. It can also refer to the inability of the mind to retrieve information from memories.


Forgetfulness is a noun that describes a person’s inability to retain information. Forgetfulness also describes memory loss. A person experiencing forgetfulness might experience difficulty in recognizing familiar locations, objects, and people.

For example:

  • He left important documents at the airport due to his forgetfulness.
  • The patient suffers from forgetfulness, irritability, and insomnia.


Amnesia refers to the inability of the mind to retrieve information and memories. It can hinder a person’s ability to retain short-term and long-term information. It is usually a result of a head injury, shock, or extreme fatigue.

For example:

  • Amnesia patients have difficulty retaining new memories – so they have to build their memories up regularly.
  • Amnesia patients often have a loss of self-identity. 


Refers to the active process of forgetting. A person with a traumatic experience may repress the memory as a defense mechanism.

  • The aim of Psychotherapy is to help the individual process the repressed experience and face the emotions associated with it.


The term “memories” refers to personal experiences stored in the brain. They contain details, emotions, and thoughts pertaining to the experience. “Recollection” is a common synonym for memories. Other related words include reminiscence and reminders.

Some antonyms include repression and amnesia, both of which are related to the act of discarding memories.

Don’t forget that the English language is rich and expansive. You can find more examples by consulting your dictionary and thesaurus.

Frequently asked questions

What is the synonym of memory?

  • mind,
  • recollection,
  • reminiscence
  • remembrance,

What is the antonym and synonym of remember?

Remember, remember, remind, and reminisce are common synonyms for remembering. All these words mean “to bring an image or idea from the past into the brain,” but remember implies having a keeping in memory that may be effortless or unwilled.

How do you say best memories?

  • longing
  • remorse
  • sentimentality
  • wistfulness
  • yearning
  • homesickness
  • pining
  • reminiscence

What are the 20 antonyms?


What is difference between memory and memories?

My memory is a plural form of MEMORY. It sounds like you only have ONE good memory about your family.

What is the meaning of antonyms?

Dictionary definition of ANTONYM. A word with a meaning opposite to one other word. The words “hot” and “cold” are synonyms.

What is the opposite kind?

‘Kind’ is an acronym for ‘cruel’.

What is antonyms give 10 examples?

achieve – failgiant – dwarfrandom – specific
arrive – departinnocent – guiltysimple – complicated
arrogant – humbleknowledge – ignorancesingle – married
attack – defendliquid – solidsunny – cloudy
blunt – sharpmarvelous – terribletimid – bold

How do you explain memory?

Memory refers to the location of short-term data, while storage refers primarily to the storage of long-term information. RAM is commonly referred to as the primary storage on a computer. Also, memory is used to process information. Users can access data stored for a short period of time.

What are happy memories?

In our daily lives, things are different from our everyday experiences. Enjoy our first kiss, our first job, our skydive, etc. When we experience something first, and when it is pleasant, we tend to store those experiences as happy memories.

What are 10 examples of synonyms and antonyms?

BoisterousLively, ExuberantQuire, Restrained
IneptIncompetent, UnskilledCompetant
SootheEase, RelieveAggravate
LingerStay put, RemainVanish

What is a antonym for memories?

Antonyms. Unconnected connectedness unconnectedness neglect attention forgetfulness.

Do you remember me synonyms?

6»do you know me exp.
3»you known me exp.
3»you recognise me exp.
2»remember me exp.
2»you knew me exp.

What are synonyms for the word memorable?

  • notable
  • historic
  • celebrated
  • famous
  • significant
  • noteworthy
  • remarkable
  • momentous
Synonym for Memories — Antonyms, Definitions, and Examples

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