Offer: Effective Synonym Guide — Definition & Examples.

Synonyms are words with the same or similar meaning as a given word. They are words that are used similarly to the given word. A synonym for offer is proffer.

This article will explore other synonyms and antonyms of the term. We’ll also look at some sentence examples using the term for better understanding.

The Definition of Offer

‘Offer’ functions grammatically as a noun and a verb depending on the context. The term originates from Middle English offer, Old English offrian (“offer or make a sacrifice”) and Latin offerō (“to present, bring before”).

Offer as a Noun

Offers represent proposals made. The term is common in business and refers to “a proposal or bid to buy or sell something.” It also means something given for consideration, i.e., a bid for sale or the purchase or lease of property.

  • What is the organization’s offer?
  • Maxwell declined the offer to contract.
  • Rachael turned down the offer to run the company.
  • The company’s offer was at the price of $5.50 per share.
  • The offer I received was so tempting.
  • After considering several job offers, Thompson accepted a position with a local bank.

Offer as a Verb

To offer means “to propose or express one’s willingness to do something.” i.e., offer a helping hand. It also means to proffer, make a proposal of, or suggest, i.e., I asked John to offer an opinion.

The dictionary’s definition of offer is “to present something to be either accepted or rejected; to place at someone’s disposal,” i.e., Mr. David decided to offer us his car to use for the week. Offer takes the following forms: simple present – offers, present participle – offering, simple past, and past participle – offered.

  • My mum wants to offer you a piece of advice.
  • A woman stopped to offer us help.
  • They made an offer of salad and chicken to us.
  • Dave’s firm offered him the available opportunity to participate in a symposium.

Synonym for Offer — Exploring words with similar meanings.

What’s a synonym for offer? The term functions grammatically as a noun and a verb. The noun ‘offer’ has the following synonyms: proposal, suggestion, submission, approach, and proffer. Words with similar meanings to the verb ‘offer’ include provide, put forward, give, proffer, extend, recommend, recommend and propose.

Let’s take an in-depth look at some of these terms.

1. Propose

Propose is from Middle English proposen, Anglo-Norman and Middle French proposer (verb), propos (noun), and Latin prōpōnō, prōpōnēre. Propose means to suggest a plan or course of action. Proposal is the noun of ‘propose.’

  • Maxwell proposed buying a new house.
  • Can you propose a good restaurant?

2. Proffer

‘Proffer’ is derived from Late Middle English prouffer, prouffre, Middle English profren, proffere (“to offer, to deliver) and Old French proferir, profrir. The noun ‘proffer’ is an offer made; something proposed for acceptance by another; a tender. The verb ‘proffer’ means offering for acceptance or making a tender.

  • May I proffer you my congratulations?
  • I did not think it’s appropriate to proffer an opinion.
  • Can you proffer some business advice to me?
  • I made a proffer of $40,000 to the Director, but he declined.

3. Suggestion

Suggestion is derived from Middle English suggestion, Anglo-Norman suggestioun, sugestiun, Latin suggestiō, from suggerō – sub- (“from below, up”) + gerō (“to bring”). A suggestion is an information, belief, or speculation about a subject. To suggest is to put forward information or idea for consideration.

  • They failed to accept our suggestion of an early lunch.
  • In hindsight, I should have made a suggestion.
  • Michelle suggested that we go to sleep by nine o’clock.

4. Recommend

‘Recommend’ is a synonym for offer. It is from Middle English recommenden, Old French recommender; from Latin re- + commendāre. Recommend means to endorse something/someone, to propose, or suggest favorably.

  • I recommend you visit Japan.
  • Davies recommended a restaurant; I want to try it out.
  • I recommend that you hire a cleaner each month

Antonyms for Offer — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

1. Withdraw

Withdraw is from Middle English withdrawen (“to draw back”), from with- (“away, back”) + drawen (“to draw”). To withdraw means “to pull something back, aside, or away.”

  • The organization has decided to withdraw the contract for reasons best known to them.
  • You can use my credit card to withdraw some money.
  • Caren had to withdraw from the race due to a knee injury.

2. Refuse

‘Refuse’ is borrowed from Middle French refusé, the past participle of refuser (“to refuse”). To refuse is ‘to decline a demand or demand, to withhold permission.’

  • Johnson refused to take part in the competition
  • I refuse to be part of this blackmail.
  • I refuse to answer any more of your questions.

3. Withhold

‘Withhold’ is from Middle English withholden. Equivalent to with– +‎ hold. To withhold means to keep something (object or information) to oneself rather than giving back to its owner or revealing it (i.e., information).

  • No one has the right to withhold evidence.
  • The child was told not to withhold part of his payment.
  • We didn’t want to withhold any information.
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To Wrap Up

A synonym is a substitute or alternative term for another. Using synonyms in your writing is essential instead of using one word repeatedly. Knowing the perfect alternative to use for a term is vital.

A synonym for offer is proffer. This guide has provided other synonyms for the term; choose the one that best suits your context. You can use a thesaurus to learn other synonyms for the word ‘offer.’

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