Synonym for Plan — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

A plan is a series of systematic actions or methods…

A plan is a series of systematic actions or methods that achieve a goal. The main idea behind a plan is it should be structured and actionable. It also refers to the act of formulating a strategy. We’ve included reliable information to help you find a synonym for plan that suits your idea.

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Definition and Etymology of Plan

According to the English dictionary, the word “plan” comes from the French word “plan, “which means “plane surface.”

The act of drawing out or spreading a map over a flat surface is the primary notion behind the idea. It is related to the desire to understand where you want to go. 

When used as a noun, a plan refers to a strategy formulated. 

When used as a verb, to plan refers to the act of devising a strategy.

For example:

  • Please help me with my business plan.
  • I plan to leave the country by midnight.

Synonyms for Plan – Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

The following words are similar terms for the noun “plan.” 


This noun refers to an undertaking designed to achieve a specific objective. We usually use this word in an organizational context. 

For example:

  • The school’s science project attracted many scholars.


An arrangement is an agreement that outlines the next steps that two or more parties must take.

For example:

  • A contract is an arrangement between parties that specifies the rights and obligations of each party.
  • The knight and priest had an arrangement related to the Holy Grail.


A program is a structured plan with defined steps and timetables. It is usually in the context of an event.

For example:

  • The feeding program will happen from 9 am to 12 pm Friday.


A scheme refers to an elaborate plan that is more complex than a plan. It involves a course of action that ordinary people may not do. 

For example:

  • The police uncovered the scheme to defraud investors.


An aim refers to a goal a person sets for themselves or toward which they strive. It is usually in an informal context. 

  • I aim to understand the word better.


An intention is an action that we intend to do soon. It also refers to a result that we expect to achieve.

For example:

  • It was not my intention to offend you.


A design is a long-term plan formulated by thinking of the end product. It is usually in the context of building or creating something.

  • The architect presented the building designs to the couple.

Antonyms for Plan – Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

It’s easier to determine which words qualify as antonyms by focusing on the main thought behind a word. Some words that describe the absence of a plan are:


It means to act on impulse and a whim without forethought.

For example:

  • I’m not too fond of spontaneous meetings. They disrupt the plans I have.


To be random means to happen spontaneously and without a plan or structure.

For example:

  •  It’s challenging to find a connection between random events. 


Keep in mind that these are only a few examples of antonyms and synonyms for the word “plan.” You can find more examples by consulting a thesaurus. As long as you understand the primary meaning behind a word, you gain a better understanding of its uses and alternatives.

Frequently asked questions

What is plan and example?

Plan is defined as the development of a scheme or program for getting something done. Here is a teacher coming up with a curriculum for her class. verb.

What is the noun of plan?

Plan (verb) planning (noun) family planning (non).

What’s plan a definition?

Plan A. noun [ S ] us. Plan A for the supermarket’s new eco-strategy is to reduce it by 33% in three years in order to achieve something that is preferred over other methods.

What is the synonym of the word plan?

Plan is commonly used with design, plot, project, or scheme. All these words convey “a method devised to accomplish an objective,” but plan always implies mental formulation and graphic representation. A house is planned.

How do you make a plan?

  • You should write down your goal.
  • Divide your goal into chunks to create a plan.
  • Be sure to review your plan every day.
  • Stay on target

How do you use plan in a sentence?

How to use Plan within a sentence. Hopefully, it will happen. She decided to approach the building from the back parking lot.

What is the opposite word of plan?


What is another word for plan of action?

n. Strategy, tactics, travel planned, itinerary, battle plan, manoeuvre, system, scheme, tactic, policy, maneuver.

What is an antonym for strategy?

Opposite a strategy or a well-thought out consideration. mistake. aberration. oversight. bungle.

What are the types of plan?

  • Operational Planning. Mack Story told LinkedIn that operational plans are about how things should work.
  • Strategic Planning. A strategic plan is about what must happen, according to Story.
  • Contingency Planning
  • Tactical Planning

What is a Excogitate definition?

Definition of excogite transitive verb. Think big : devise.

What is a synonym for well planned?

Symbols for well-planned diplomatic actions. calculated. clever. cunning. deliberate.

What is a synonym and antonym for plan?

A series of actions to be taken or goals to be accomplished. Antonyms. Disable disaggregate dissociate start, disappear. Schematic of the master plan based on schedule.

Synonym for Plan — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

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