Requirement: Effective Synonym Guide — Definition & Examples

The word ‘requirement’ refers to something demanded; i.e., a condition…

The word ‘requirement’ refers to something demanded; i.e., a condition for something. A perfect synonym for requirement is ‘necessity.’ Writing can be boring when you use a word repeatedly, hence the need for synonyms. This article explores other synonyms for ‘requirement.’

The Definition of Requirement

The word ‘requirement’ originates from the Latin word ‘requirere,’ which originally means ‘to run behind’ and then comes to mean ‘to seek.’

Requirement defines something necessary or obligatory. It refers to something that is obligatory or demanded.

Sentence Examples

  • Juan met the minimum requirement for the entrance examination.
  • The firms’ immediate requirement is to get competent applicants.
  • With the amended constitution, the requirement to get a loan is easy.
  • The primary requirement for a residency permit is proof of funding.
  • Although Helen met the requirement, she wasn’t selected for the screening.

Synonym for Requirement — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

Similar terms for the wordrequirement’ include necessity, specification, obligation, prerequisite, demand, and condition. Others are concern, qualification, precondition, provision, claim, and essential.

1. Necessity

The word ‘necessity’ is from Middle English necessite, Old French necessite, and Latin necessitās (“compulsion, exigency, necessity”). The dictionary defines necessity as the quality or state of being necessary, unavoidable, or requisite.

  • A government is a necessity to maintain the integrity of law and order.
  • Achievement or success is a necessity to avoid low self-worth.
  • Juanita emphasized the necessity of making good decisions.

2. Specification

‘Specification’ originates from Latin’ specificationem,’ which means something drawn or fixed. ‘Specification’ describes the requirements for something.

  • The complex was built to a high specification.
  • Regardless of the technical specification, the design is world-class.
  • The specification of the jet did not meet industry standards.

3. Obligation

‘Obligation’ is from the French word ‘obliger,’ which means “to compel, to obligate.” It indicates anything necessary for an event to occur.

  • Bryan made Julienne understand she was no longer under obligation to him.
  • Every employer has an obligation to pay their employees.

4. Prerequisite

The word ‘prerequisite’ originates from the Latin verb ‘precedere,’ which means “to lead before.” Prerequisite is the word for something required before something else can happen.

  • Getting high test scores is a prerequisite for the scholarship.
  • The prerequisite for seeing the doctor is to get a patient card.
  • Getting comfortable with life is a prerequisite for happiness.

5. Demand

‘Demand’ originates from late Middle English’ demaunden,’ Old French’ demander,’ and Latin’ dēmandō.’ ‘Demand’ connotes requirements for a specific purpose.

  • There is a current demand for health workers in the United Kingdom.
  • The video game demands a considerable storage space.

Antonyms for Requirement — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

1. Nonessential

Non-essential is from non + essential. Non- is a prefix in English that means “lack of.” Essential is from Latin’ essentialis,’ from essentia “being, essence.” If something is ‘nonessential,” it is unnecessary and has no real value. It’s used when the purpose or the nature of something is not needed or when it’s not given enough importance.

  • While living on a low budget, it is essential to forgo nonessential items.
  • It was nonessential asking her for her spouse since she was never married.
  • They were laid off because they were nonessential to the firm’s growth.

2. Nonnecessity

‘Nonnecessity’ is from the Latin noun ‘nonescio.’ The word means that something is “not necessary, not obligatory, not mandatory, or fundamentally not required.”

  • Jake raised issues that were of nonnecessity to the theme of discussion.
  • His request for the loan was ruled off because his shipments were full of nonnecessities.

3. Indifference

The word ‘indifference’ originates from “indiferentia,” which means “without concern, not caring.” Indifference implies you do not feel compelled to do something.

  • Parker was annoyed at Mary’s indifference.
  • Despite their relationship, he treated her request with indifference.
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To Wrap Up

Synonyms allow you to avoid memorizing obscure terms and keep up with changing language requirements. A synonym for requirement is ‘necessity.’ Others include specification, obligation, prerequisite, demand, and condition. The term ‘requirement’ has several opposites, such as “nonessential,” “nonnecessity,” and “indifference.”

A thesaurus, combined with the sample sentences provided in this article, will aid a better understanding of the synonyms for requirement.

Frequently asked questions

How do you use requirement in a sentence?

The basic requirements for graduation have been met by him. This course has been completed in accordance with her general requirements.

What is the synonym and antonym of requirement?

Not something to do in advance. Antonyms. Wealth and dispensable unnecessary unnecessary despair. A requirement for academics requires responsibility.

What are types of requirements?

  • Functional Requirements
  • Non Functional Requirements
  • Business Requirements
  • Stakeholder Requirements
  • Transition Requirements

What are synonyms for requirement?

  • precondition
  • obligation
  • need
  • demand
  • concern
  • prerequisite
  • provision
  • condition

What are the basic requirements?

Criteria users need to address the topic “basic requirements” when responding to the most central concept of an item. The basic requirements are the core theme of that Item (e.g., your strategy development approach for Item 2.1).

How do you define functional requirements?

Details of the operations conducted in each screen should be included in the Functional Requirements of a system. The system should provide data handling logic. Reports or other outputs should be included. Information about the workflows of the system.

What are synonyms?

anything thatwhatnot
all thatall the things

How do you write requirements?

  • Know the user requirements.
  • The requirements should not be ambiguous.
  • It should be simple, specific, concise, and comprehensive.
  • Testable requirements should be required.
  • Design and implementation should separate requirements.
  • Achieving requirements should be achievable.

Whats the opposite of requirements?


What is requirement process?

The system assembles and defines service providers. The requirements engineering process is composed of the following activities: Requirements gathering. Requirements specification. Validity and verification are required.

When something is a requirement?

1. A requirement or requirement refers to what is necessary. The requirements required of a person according to certain fixed regulations: admission to college.

Requirement: Effective Synonym Guide — Definition & Examples

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