Responsibility: Effective Synonym Guide — Definition & Examples

‘Responsibility’ describes a state of being accountable or answerable. A…

‘Responsibility’ describes a state of being accountable or answerable. A synonym for responsibility is ‘accountability.’ In this article, we’ll explore how to use the term in sentences, its antonyms, and varying synonyms.

Definition of Responsibility

‘Responsibility’ is from responsible +‎ -ity. Responsibility is a ‘duty, or liability for which someone is held accountable.’ It is also “the state of being liable, culpable, or responsible for something in particular.” The dictionary defines the term as “the duty to carry forward an assigned task to a successful conclusion.”

Sentence Examples

  • The President has a responsibility to protect the citizens.
  • They made it their responsibility to cater to the crowd on time.
  • Planting a tree should be everyone’s responsibility for a greener environment.
  • Their responsibility is not as overwhelming as they make it seem.
  • Juan made up her mind to take full responsibility for her actions.
  • As a father, I take responsibility for my wife and children seriously.
  • They have accepted ultimate responsibility for international law by signing this treaty.
  • Agatha did not want the responsibility of a baby.

Synonym for Responsibility — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

Words similar in meaning to ‘responsibility’ are accountability, commitment, and answerability. Other related terms include charge, constraint, pledge, and trust.

1. Accountability

“Accountability” stems from late Latin accomptare (to account), a prefixed form of computare (to calculate), which in turn derived from putare (to reckon). Accountability defines the state of being liable or answerable for something.

  • The new constitution weakens the accountability of leaders to the people.
  • As a charted fellow, your core character should be accountability.
  • Lack of accountability makes it harder for companies to make progress.

2. Commitment

Commitment is from commit +‎ -ment. The term was borrowed from Latin committō (“to bring together, join, give in charge”), from com- (“together”) + mittō (“to send”). A commitment is a promise or pledge—a clear indication of one’s intentions.

  • We all have a commitment to help someone in need.
  • His commitment was to do his best as a father and husband.
  • The President’s commitment to making the tourism sector viable is achievable.

3. Obligation

The term is from Middle English obligacioun, Old French obligacion, and Latin obligatio. It means ‘to bind.’ It is binding oneself to a cause, law, or action.

  • Your obligation is to do your best as the new Chancellor.
  • As the new Chief Judge, Juan had the obligation not to lie.

4. Duty

The term originates from Middle English duete. Akin to due + -ty. It means ‘to owe.’ It is defined as a moral or legal task assigned to someone.

  • A man’s first duty is to the members of his family.
  • Cynthia was dismissed for her inattention to her duty.
  • As citizens, we have a duty to keep the environment clean.

5. Answerability

‘Answerability’ is from answer +‎ -ability. ‘Answer’ is from Old English answarian “make a statement in reply,” from “against” + swerian “to swear.” Answerability means “ability to answer” and “ability to be responsible.”

  • Workers on the field are answerable to the civic code of conduct.
  • You must be answerable to the boss.
  • Children are answerable to their parents.

Antonyms for Responsibility — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

Antonyms are words whose meanings are opposite to another. Some antonyms of ‘responsibility’ include irresponsibility, unreliability immunity, blame, and fault.

1. Unreliability

The word ‘unreliability’ is from un- +‎ reliability. It describes the quality of being unreliable; i.e., unpredictable, uncertain, or wavering. Unreliability connotes that a person, word, statement, or fact cannot be trusted and whose validity requires questioning.

  • The unreliability of the contractors made them lose the government’s favor.
  • The recent unreliability of supply is due to changes in labor laws.

2. Immunity

‘Immunity’ is from the Latin word ‘immunitas,’ which means “the state of being saved from the risk of an attack or hurt.” It defines the state of being insusceptible to an outcome.

  • His powers have granted him immunity from the punishment.
  • Arkansas state is said to enjoy traffic laws immunity.
  • A producer has no immunity when creating a movie.

3. Irresponsibility

The word ‘irresponsibility’ is from ir- +‎ responsibility meaning “without taking any care for the result.” It defines freedom from responsibility.

  • It is an act of gross irresponsibility for a soldier to beat up a civilian.
  • The irresponsibility of the current government is alarming.
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To Wrap Up

Responsibility means “accountability for something.” It is a task you owe to something. A synonym for responsibility is ‘accountability.’ Other related terms include commitment and duty.

Additionally, the antonym for responsibility includes unreliability, immunity, and irresponsibility. A thesaurus provides word synonyms; you could use it to learn other synonyms for responsibility.

Frequently asked questions

How do you describe responsibility?

Having responsibility, responsibility, or accountability for something that is within one’s power, control, or management. Responsibility is an instance of being responsible: the responsibility for this mess lies with you!

What is the value of responsibility?

It is your responsibility to accept the task and carry out the task to the best of your ability. Integrity is the key to carrying out duties. When one is responsible, it is content to contribute. As someone who is responsible, I have something worth offering – and so do others.

What is the base word of effective?

There is evidence that effective is derived from the Latin word efficere, meaning “work out, accomplish.” This meaning continues today.

What are the types of responsibility?

  • Philanthropic Responsibility
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Economic Responsibility
  • Ethical Responsibility

What are 3 examples of responsibility?

By working on time, taking care of children properly, paying rent or mortgage, and paying taxes are some examples of responsibilities.

What responsibility means essay?

The duty is to do the right thing. Doing the right thing means living a life where every decision or action you make is your own and you do things that will not harm others.

What word best defines a responsible person?

The term responsible, accountable, accountable means accountable, amenable, liable.

What are 5 examples of responsibility?

  • Agency. You are able to influence what happens to you by acting through agency.
  • Contractual Obligations
  • Social Role
  • Norms
  • Personal Responsibility. Being a positive force, your abilities, talents, and resources.
  • Moral Responsibility
  • Legal Obligation
  • Profession

What is the simple definition of responsible?

adjective. Taking action (usually followed by to or for): He is responsible to the president for his decisions. Involving accountability or responsibility, such as having control or management power; promoted to a responsibilities role.

What is an example of effective?

Effective is defined as something that is able to achieve a desired outcome or end result. If you make a good argument that allows others to understand your point, you can indicate what is effective.

What’s another synonym for effective?

Effective is commonly referred to as effective, efficacious, and efficient. Effective stresses the actual production of or power to produce an effect. They are all a way of describing the actual process of production or the power to make a result.

Why is responsibility important?

We all step up towards being responsible and productive and our relationships with friends, family, and coworkers improve ten-fold as a result of each step we take to be responsible and effective. Being responsible is positive – we don’t have as much stress and chaos in our lives and we gain respect from others.

What is good responsibility?

Being responsible means being reliable, keeping promises, and respecting commitments. Accepting what we say and do is an appropriate response. We need to develop our potential as well. People who are responsible take no account of their actions or blame others when things get wrong.

What type of word is effective?

Having the ability to produce an effect. Creating a decided or decisive effect.

Responsibility: Effective Synonym Guide — Definition & Examples

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