Synonym for Small — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

The word “small” describes something that is small in size…

The word “small” describes something that is small in size or number. There are many other words you can use to represent something very small. Each word below can be used as a synonym for small. Check them out!

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Definition of “Small”

According to the English dictionary, small is an adjective that refers to objects and organisms of diminished magnitude or size. It can also be used as a negative modifier to describe something trivial. 

Sentence Examples:

  • There’s a small problem with the operation.
  • There was a small crack in his armor.
  • A mouse is a small rodent.

Synonyms for Small – Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

The word “small” describes the size of a thing. Any word that describes something small or little can serve as a synonym for small. Some synonyms related to “small” are:


Refers to the state of being small in physical size or amount. It can also mean to be little in importance, amount, or number of units.

For example:

  • I can spare a little money for you.
  • The King thought little of the jester.


This adjective refers to something very small in size and amount.

  • There was a tiny drop of wine in the cup.
  • There were small cars; then there were tiny cars.


This adjective refers to an extremely small shape, form, or object. Its noun form refers to something already diminished.

  • There was a diminutive man at the doorway. I almost stepped on him!
  • Billy is a diminutive of the name “William.”


This adjective describes something that is a smaller version of something bigger. 

For examples:

  • The miniature bedroom looked like the real thing.
  • Bob gifted John with a miniature Lamborghini Aventador.


This adjective describes something so minute, delicate, and thin that it is difficult or nearly impossible to distinguish its dimensions. It is used to describe mass nouns (objects that cannot be counted).

For example:

  • The grains of sand were so fine they slipped between the cloth.
  • There’s a fine difference between success and happiness. 


The word Lilliputian comes from the word “Lilliput.” It is a very small island in the book “Gulliver’s Travels.” It refers to something that comes from Lilliput (i.e., something that comes from Lilliput must be small.)

For example:

  • My toy army looked Lilliputian compared to John’s.

Antonyms for Small – Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

Any word that describes something huge in size and number can serve as an antonym for small. Some of the most commonly used examples are:


This adjective describes something large in size or quantity. It can also describe something important or intimidating.

For example:

  • The big man blocked my passage.
  • “Houston, we have a big problem,” He said.


The word “large” describes something that is physically big. It is almost exclusively used in a physical context.

For example:

  • The battle cruiser was large. It was almost as big as the planet’s moon.
  • The large bear lunged forward menacingly. 


This is an adjective that describes the state of being above average. It can refer to an amount or extent. It also refers to the importance of something or someone.

For example:

  • The Sun is just a great ball of burning gas.
  • The pilot exposed the passengers to great risk.


Remember to consult your thesaurus once in a while if you need help finding synonyms for other words. The English language is a gold mine of expressions and words you can use to express yourself. Set aside time for reading. This will expand your vocabulary and improve your writing style! 

Frequently asked questions

What are the 5 examples of antonyms?

  • hard — easy
  • young — elderly
  • warm — cool
  • fast — slow
  • fat — slim
  • early — late
  • wise — foolish
  • happy — wistful

What are the synonyms of big?

  • considerable
  • colossal
  • enormous
  • huge
  • gigantic
  • hefty
  • fat
  • full

What is the verb of small?

Verb. Small (third-person singular simple present smalls, present participle smalling, simple past and past particiPLE smalled).

What is a list of words with synonyms and antonyms?

Synonyms And Antonyms List
WordsSynonyms – Same MeaningAntonyms – Opposites
AboundFlourish, proliferateDeficient, Destitute
AbortiveVain, unproductiveProductive
AcrimonyHarshness, bitternessCourtesy, Benevolence

What type of word is small?

An adjective that describes nothing as small or not of great size. The term “small” can also refer to something as being low in number or amount. There are numerous other senses associated with Small, including adjectives, adjectives and nouns.

What is this word small?

1a : with a relatively small size or tiny dimensions. b : lowercase. 2a : minor in power, influence, or rank.

What are 5 antonyms for small?

  • great
  • important
  • huge
  • adequate
  • liberal
  • large
  • big
  • fat

What are synonyms short definition?

Synonym 1 : the sum of two or more words or expressions of the same language which are at least equally meaningful in some or all senses. 2a : a word or phrase that is held by association to represent something (such as a concept or quality), such as tyrants whose name has become synonymous with oppression.

What are 10 examples of synonyms and antonyms?

BoisterousLively, ExuberantQuire, Restrained
IneptIncompetent, UnskilledCompetant
SootheEase, RelieveAggravate
LingerStay put, RemainVanish

Is little smaller than small?

You don’t say, for example, ‘I have a very small car’. Comparative and superlative forms are less small and smallest. The apartment is smaller than the other.

What is a antonym word?

An antonym of good is bad because it is opposite to antnom of good.

What are the 5 examples of synonyms?

amazing: astounding, surprising, stunningfertile, fruitful, abundant, productive
brave: courageous, valiant, heroicinjured: damaged, wounded, harmed
cohesive: united, connected, close-knitintelligent: brilliant, clever, smart
cunning: keen, sharp, slickkindle: ignite, inflame, burn

What are synonyms examples?

Synonyms are words, morphemes, or phrases that have the exact same meaning as, or are very similar to, another word. Happy is a synonym for happiness, happy, happy and contented. You will often find references to literacy synonyms when learning literacy synonym.

What is the synonym of very small?

Miniature is often referred to as diminutive, small, miniature, minute, and small. No matter how well these words mean “noticeably below average in size,” tiny is an informal equivalent to minute.

What is the synonyms and antonyms of small?

Small is commonly referred to as diminutive, little, miniature, minute, and tiny. Small and little are often interchangeable words, but small refers to relative size determined by capacity, value, and number.

Synonym for Small — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

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