Synonyms of Complex — Examples and Antonyms

Using our dictionary and thesaurus, we will investigate the word…

Using our dictionary and thesaurus, we will investigate the word complex. This phrase is frequently used in normal conversation. You must first understand what it means before you can utilize it properly. We’ll look at synonyms of complex and example sentences using this word, as well as other associated terms.

Without any further delays, how about we begin with the definition of this expression?

Definition of Complex

a complex array of silver and gold sprockets, probably for a watch.
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Complex can either be a noun or an adjective. It can be a verb under very specific applications, like chemistry, but we aren’t going to focus on that form for now. Here are the common meanings we associate with this phrase.

  • Compound or composite means made up of several related parts.
  • Characterized by a highly sophisticated or intricate arrangement of components or subsystems.
  • So complicated or sophisticated as to be challenging to comprehend or deal with.
  • Something multifaceted or intricate arrangement of related objects, components, parts, etc.
  • A collection of linked, emotionally charged thoughts, feelings, memories, and impulses that, when suppressed, can result in abnormal or pathological behavior.
  • A steadfast belief; an obsessional notion.

Now that we know its basic definition, we can look at some sentences that include complex.

  • They were given a complex task to complete, and every advantage in terms of culture and previous experience was necessary.
  • However, the fact that they exist suggests that Mars’ chemical history may be more complex and dynamic.
  • How could Congress solve things as complex as police misconduct if it has trouble keeping the lights on?
  • Even the most complex societal and global problems can be divided into manageable tech problems.
  • We are a vast, complex, and diverse nation that still provides freedom, opportunity, and hope.
  • Don’t get yourself involved in complex issues.

Synonyms of Complex — Exploring Related Words


  • Although occasionally unpleasant, keeping the virus under control is not complicated.
  • The entire project will be complicated legally and economically.


  • Typically, it is difficult for a political group to transition when the incumbent president has lost.
  • When viewed from a different angle, choosing between liberty and fear is not difficult.

Antonyms of Complex


From Latin, simplus. 

  • With all the tools available, learning English is simpler than ever.
  • Cleaning your carburetors every couple of thousand miles is a simple thing to do!

Concluding Remarks

We hope our analysis of the word complex has helped you cement your understanding of this phrase and similar terms related to it. If you have any more of these guides that you want us to do, let us know!

Frequently asked questions

What is the best antonym for complicated?

  • plain
  • simple
  • facile
  • easy
  • nice
  • straightforward
  • uncomplicated

Is simple and complex related?

Simple and complex are called antonyms by definition. Complex is complicated, simple is not complicated-literally opposites to both. As the old saying goes, opposites attract, and the list of subject areas that combine simple and complex subjects is quite impressive.

What is complex synonyms or antonyms?

adjective. Complicated in structure and composed of interconnected parts. Antonyms. The simplicity of moderating smooth rough decreases. Complexity is becoming more and more difficult when interlinking compounds.

What is complex word?

A complex word is a word made up of two or more morphemes in English grammar and morphology. Contrast monomorphism to monomorphic numbers. Complex words can consist of (1) a base (or root) and one or more affixes (for example, a quicker word), or (2) more than one root in a compound (for instance, blackbird).

What does the word antonym?

An antonym is a word that is opposite of the word “good.”.

What is the antonym for complex?


Who is a complex person?

People who are complex are curious, intelligent, and imaginative. They usually think outside the box. Jung defined personality complexes as fixated around ideas. Hence, a complex personality is a one that includes many aspects or levels.

What are some synonyms of complex?

  • conglomerate
  • manifold
  • complicated
  • compound
  • convoluted
  • mosaic
  • motley
  • composite

What are 10 examples of complex sentences?

  • Even though we were rich, we drove antique cars.
  • When Adam leaves the classroom, I’ll start reading loudly.
  • You must give him his best, he cannot come with you.
  • Although Ali wants to attend this meeting, her family issues restrained him.
  • Although ill, he did not want to go to the dentist.

What are 5 examples of complex sentences?

  • Resulting in him being late again, he would lose a day’s pay.
  • When it comes to passion for basketball, I prefer football.
  • When it rains, I like to wear my blue coat.
  • Although considered smart, she failed all of her exams.

What does very complex mean?

1 : difficult to understand or explain : not simple complex instructions. Making complicated parts that go together in complex ways is complex invention. complex. adjective.

What is the sentence of complex?

Often, complex sentences consist of an independent clause and one or more dependent clauses. While an independent clause can stand alone as a sentence, a dependent clause cannot stand alone, even if it has a subject and a verb.

What is an example of the word complex?

The regenerating of Docklands was a complex task, with its varied areas vast. According to traditional legend, the Gospels and their respective texts have a complex relationship. She is no more mysterious and complicated than anyone else. The changes, however, were too numerous and complex to be addressed here.

What are antonyms examples?

An antonym can be a word with the opposite meaning to another word. For example, small means only a limited size, while large means large size. It’s an antonym for sad, a feeling of sorrow, or gladness. Verbs, adjectives, and adverbs all possess antonyms, but not all do.

Synonyms of Complex — Examples and Antonyms

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