Synonyms of Condition — Examples and Antonyms

Today we’ll check our dictionary and thesaurus to determine the…

Today we’ll check our dictionary and thesaurus to determine the word condition. This is a phrase that we often use in everyday conversation. To use it effectively, you must first understand its meaning and usage. We’ll also look at synonyms of conditions, antonyms, and sentence examples.

Let us just proceed with the interpretation before going on to synonyms and antonyms. Therefore, without giving too much, we might as well get started delving deeper into this word.

Definition of Condition

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Condition can describe a state of health, or simply being fit or not. It can also refer to a person’s position in his or her society. You can also define condition as a situation that restricts, limits, or modifies one’s freedom.

Other definition of condition are:

  • Circumstance indispensable to some result; prerequisite; that on which something else is contingent.
  • Standards of living.
  • Something that is required as a necessary aspect of a contract; stipulation; requirement.
  • The act of being accustomed to something.

On their own, meanings might be puzzling. Therefore, we’ve chosen to include some sample sentences in this section.

  • The doctors said he is still in a critical condition because of his illness.
  • I went to their house one day; their living conditions were abhorrent.
  • Because of my upbringing, I’ve been conditioned to think that all men are evil.
  • If the weather conditions allow it, we can start building today, by the way.
  • You can’t leave until certain conditions are met. Read the contract you have signed.
  • I am used to colder conditions. I grew up in Canada.
  • You have to be in decent condition to join the Marines!
  • I am conditioning myself for the 20K trek we will have next month.

Synonyms of Condition — Exploring Words With Similar Meanings

Synonyms of condition are state, shape, order, nick, circumstances, surroundings, environment, and situation.


Comes from the Old Germanic word skepfen. Skepfen refers to the verb form; however, when written synonymously with the condition, it is a noun.

  • You are in terrible shape, why didn’t you go to the gym as you promised?
  • He’s in shape, and he is proud of that.


Comes from the Latin phrase providere, which means seeing ahead.

  • I will accept your offer. However, I have some provisions to add to the agreement.
  • What you are doing is a breach of contract; didn’t you read the provisions?


Comes from the French expression desaise.

  • He has a rare skin disease that causes depigmentation.
  • She’s very good, and her disease has gotten a lot better.

Antonyms for Condition

There aren’t direct antonyms for this expression.

To Wrap Up

After reading this guide, we hope you understand the term and the similar terms of the word condition better. We investigated synonyms, antonyms, including, of course, the definition of the word. Please let us know if you have any additional words you’d want us to write!

Frequently asked questions

What is another word for perfect condition?


What are the 3 kinds of condition?

  • Conditions concurrent, and
  • Conditions precedent
  • Conditions subsequent

What type of word is condition?

It is possible to use a verb or a noun as conditions.

What does being conditioned mean?

Training or influencing a person or animal mentally so that they do or expect something that doesn’t bother them: a conditioned reflex.

What are synonyms for conditions?

Disorder, problem, defect, disease, illness, complaint, ailment, weakness, infirmity, malady, indisposition, malaise, sickness, affliction, infection, upset. informal bug, virus.

What is another word for poor condition?


What does great condition mean?

memphis83 · 23/08/2011 19:39. Generally, if it isn’t old or new, I would put it in a good, but used condition. I would register your disappointment with them even if you don’t want them to make this mistake again.

What is the condition of something?

1 : some essential condition that is necessary to the appearance or occurrence of something else, especially : an environmental requirement available oxygen is critical for the survival of animals. 2a : A health condition that is usually defective and a serious condition. Workouts for fitness to get fit. condition.

What does under conditions mean?

Under these circumstances: in situations such as this. idiom. An aspect, a state, e.g. the state, as physical form or embodiment, or an aspect. noun.

What is the meaning of good condition?

Good condition means suitable, quality-tested, suitable and capable of meeting agreed performance standards.

What is a antonym for conditions?

Antonyms. Wealthy unsusceptible person better recovers.

What is an example of a condition in a contract?

A condition precedent is an event that must occur before the parties are bound by a contract to perform the contract. For instance, a policy may require the insurer to rebuild the customer’s home if it is damaged by fire during the period covered by the policy. Fire is a condition precedent.

Is in good condition synonym?

hale and heartyin excellent shape
in fine featherin fine fettle
in good formin good health
in good kilterin good physical condition

What is an example of a condition?

A condition is a condition in which something or someone is in a state or condition that can also refer to an illness. A brand new sofa with no defects is an example. Work conditions with harsh conditions are examples. An example of a condition is a cold or flu. noun.

Synonyms of Condition — Examples and Antonyms

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