Synonyms of In Addition — With Examples

We will use our dictionary and thesaurus to look up…

We will use our dictionary and thesaurus to look up the phrase. This phrase is frequently used in casual conversations. You must first understand what it means in order to use it properly. We shall look at synonyms of in addition and other related words.

Why don’t we begin by defining this phrase without wasting any more time?

Definition of In Addition

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In addition is a phrase that is synonymous with many words, such as moreover, more, and other things. Instead of focusing on the meaning of addition, we think it would be more beneficial to check out some examples. 

  • There were officers detached from the headquarters staff with each division in addition to the divisional team.
  • In addition, I had another assignment in my sociology course, something similar but superior.
  • In addition to having their offices and property damaged, the company suffered a $50,000 cash loss.
  • The business offers inexpensive Internet access. In addition to that, it allows the software to be downloaded for free.
  • She receives benefits in addition to her base wage.
  • He owns a country house in Italy and a mansion in Scotland in addition to his London apartment.

Synonyms of In Addition — Exploring Related Words

As Well

  • You have to wash the dishes as well as clean the house.
  • Alright, I am going to get eggs as well. What else do we need?


  • Furthermore, your theory has major cracks that can easily be rejected.
  • He is ancient; furthermore, he has been showing signs of cognitive decline.


  • I’m not going there; besides, I couldn’t even if I wanted to. I don’t have any time!
  • Besides increasing your risk of an accident, speeding is also terrible for fuel economy.

Antonyms of In Addition

This phrase doesn’t have direct antonyms.

Concluding Remarks

We believe that our explanation of the phrase, in addition has helped you better understand this expression. If you require any further tutorials for other words and phrases, do let us know.

Frequently asked questions

What is the synonym of in addition?

besides. Adverbining addition; as well. added to. additionally. along with.

What is the opposite of addition?

Subtraction is the opposite of addition. Multiplication is opposite to subtraction. Addition cannot be overwritten by subtraction.

What are synonyms give examples of 8 synonyms?

  • Heat is burning, fiery and boiling.
  • Quite small: tiny, tiny, mini.
  • Cold Frosty, cold
  • Simple, effortless, and straightforward.
  • Excellent, excellent
  • Strong, challenging, tough
  • Bad: horrible, terrible, horrible.
  • Big: big, huge, giant.

What are 5 examples of synonyms of addition?

  • augmentation
  • inclusion
  • annexation
  • attachment
  • enlargement
  • extension
  • adding
  • accession

Is in addition Formal?

Additionally, Smith’s Furniture delivered free furniture to our house in addition to offering a 15% discount on the furniture.

Where do we use in addition?

When you want to talk about another aspect of the subject you are currently discussing, you use addition. We offer part-time English classes. Additionally, students may take classes in other languages.

Does In addition mean including?

It is not enough to add one thing to another, either, to have or to use both. When we say “A in addition to B”, we always mean to say you already have or intend to receive B, and someone is saying that you will or should also get A.

What are synonyms and give examples?

Synonym means a word, morpheme or phrase that has exactly the same meaning as another word, or is very similar to it. A synonym for ‘happy’ is happy, happy, cheerful, and contented. When learning literacy synonyms, you’ll often find references to antonyms.

How do you write in addition in a sentence?

She did good work in addition to writing. There was also shrapnel in his brain in addition to his burns. Besides the physical obsessions, there are psychological ones as well.

Can I start a sentence with in addition?

The phrase could still be used as a conjunction at the beginning. Besides the in conjunction in daily speaking languages, it is often used in the middle of sentences.

Is more than another word for addition?


How do you use in addition furthermore?

Synonyms of In Addition — With Examples

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