Synonyms of Learn — Examples and Antonyms

We’ll take a gander at the phrase learn today in…

We’ll take a gander at the phrase learn today in the dictionary and thesaurus section. This is an expression that is scarcely used in everyday conversation. To use it properly, you must fully understand its meaning and applications. We’ll also look at synonyms of learn, antonyms, and examples of sentences.

We’ll begin with its definition before moving on to synonyms and antonyms. So, without giving too much away, let us start a detailed examination of this word.

Definition of Learn

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Learn is a verb that comes from the Old High German word lernen. Its noun form is learning. Learn has the following meanings:

  • Study, instruction, or experience are used to obtain knowledge, insight, or expertise in something.
  • Being able to do something.
  • Realizing or hearing about something previously unknown.
  • To acquire information, expertise, or a behavioral inclination.

Definitions, by themselves, can confuse learners. That’s why we decided to follow this up with some example sentences below.

  • He is learning to play the guitar.
  • We just learned that he was terminally ill.
  • As a student, you should read a lot to learn new words every day.
  • I hope you learned your lesson after this.

Synonyms of Learn — Exploring Words With Similar Meanings


Originates from Latin, magister. It meant large in Latin, and while this meaning is still applicable (for example — master bedroom), it isn’t suitable as a synonym of the word learn.

  • Through sheer hard work and commitment, he mastered the English language.
  • She mastered playing the violin when she was only 16.
  • If you haven’t mastered this before graduating, your diploma is worthless.

Pick Up

This phrase can mean many things, such as the act of lifting something off the ground, i.e., picking up. However, its application as a synonym for learn is relatively new.

  • He picked up many things by living on the streets, like pickpocketing.
  • There are so many tourists here; I picked up English just by listening to them.
  • My father picked up driving stick from my grandfather.


Comes from the old French expression descoverir.

  • I just discovered a massive conspiracy within the company.
  • He discovered that ruling a group of people wasn’t that easy.
  • He thought he had landed in India, but he discovered an entirely new continent.

Antonyms of Learn

Learn doesn’t have any antonyms.


We hope that after reading this piece, you have a clearer understanding of the term learn. We searched up similar terms, antonyms, and, of course, the definition of the word. Please let us know if you have any additional words you’d want us to write!

Frequently asked questions

What grade do you learn synonyms and antonyms?

First graders can expand their vocabulary by learning about synonyms and antonyms. 1st grade grammar lessons introduce unfamiliar vocabulary words or teach how to find the opposite of words.

Is there another word for learn?

Learn is commonly defined as ascertain, determine, discover, and unearth. This may mean finding out what one did not previously know. Learn may represent acquiring knowledge with little effort or conscious intention (as by simply being told) or it may mean studying and practice.

How do you say learn?

What are synonyms?

anything thatwhatnot
all thatall the things

What is a synonym for learning experience?

life lessonlesson
knowledge gainedlesson drawn
aha momentlearning moment
valuable experiencevaluable lesson
lesson learnedUSenlightenment

What is the opposite of rate learning?

Repeating repeated material makes the recall process faster. Alternatives to rote learning include meaningful learning, associative learning, spaced repetition and active learning.

How do you learn synonyms and antonyms for competitive exams?

  • It’s Not a Cram, but Read & Understand.
  • Analyze the previous year’s papers.
  • Keep reviewing difficult words.
  • Synonyms/antonyms can be used in sentences.
  • Let yourself guess in the exam.
  • Method of elimination:

What is the past form of learn?

We use learned and learned as participles and past tenses of the verb to learn. That is the most common way of spelling it in the United States and Canada, but the rest of the world has preferred learning now.

What’s a word for learning new things?

swottingacademic work
acquiring new skillsdeveloping new skills
mastering new skillsacquiring new information
acquiring new knowledgelearning new facts

What is the antonyms of learn?

Antonyms. Disapproval of praise and refrain penalty weaken.

What is a synonym to learn?

Acquire knowledge of, gain an understanding of, acquire skill in, become competent in, becoming proficient in, grasp, master, take in, absorb, assimilate, pick up, digest, familiarize oneself with. You become expert in, know inside out, know backwards, understand.

What is the best synonym for learned?

  • cultivated
  • studied
  • scientific
  • scholarly
  • cultured
  • well-educated
  • educated
  • accomplished

What’s another word for always learning?

A scholar (/f*l*m*/) is a lover of learning and studying.

Why do we learn synonyms?

Because synonyms can enhance the quality of your writing, they can provide your readers with a crisp and unique outlook on your text. Additionally, it may also improve your oral capacity and your writing skills, as discussed in the following section.

What is learning and example?

Learning is a process or experience of learning knowledge or skill. Learning requires the understanding and recalling of what a student has been taught.

Synonyms of Learn — Examples and Antonyms

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