Synonyms of Standard — Examples and Antonyms

We will look up the term standard using our dictionary…

We will look up the term standard using our dictionary and thesaurus. This is a regular saying in casual conversation. To accurately incorporate it, you must first grasp what it signifies. Synonyms of standard, antonyms and phrase examples will all be studied.

Before going on to similar and opposing terms, let’s summarize the meaning. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the meaning of this phrase.

Definition of Standard

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The term standard describes anything accepted as a basis of comparison by an authority or by popular accord; an authorized model. It also refers to an object that is thought to be the standard or most frequent size or shape of its sort.

Other ways to describe the term standard are:

  • Guideline or concept that serves as a foundation for decision-making.
  • A standard or typical requirement, quality, amount, level, or grade that serves as a foundation for weight, measurement, value, comparison, or judgment
  • A fact of acknowledged quality or established authority.
  • Something that is common to see, the usual.

Fundamentals may be tough to comprehend on their own. We have a few examples of using the word standard in this post.

  • Lead pipes have been the standard in the US, unfortunately. Now they are a health hazard.
  • Although many countries use the metric system, measuring altitude in feet is the standard in aviation.
  • The FDA hasn’t approved the drug because it doesn’t fit their strict standards.
  • The International Standard Organization helps us to standardize products across countries.
  • Well, I am sorry I am not good enough for your standards!
  • The standard flags of countries are rectangular. However, Nepal’s flag doesn’t conform to the rule!
  • In principle, making things standard doesn’t seem challenging. However, in reality, it is almost impossible!

Synonyms of Standard — Exploring Related Words


From Latin barra.

  • When the bar is set that low, I am not surprised he was able to pass the test.
  • The new student raised the bar for all of the class.


Comes from Greek kriterion.

  • Many manufacturers find the new criterion for emissions in Europe difficult to comply with.
  • What is the criterion to enter the country? No one knows, to be honest.


This expression came to English from Latin, where it was originally normalis.

  • It’s not normal for this kid to be this tall at this age!
  • Who decides what is normal and what isn’t anyway!

To Wrap Up

We hope you now have a better idea of the term standard after reading this article. We looked for synonyms, antonyms, and, naturally, the word’s meaning. If you have any more words you’d like us to write, please let us know!

Frequently asked questions

What are antonyms for standard?

  • unorthodox
  • uncommon
  • unusual
  • abnormal
  • irregular
  • rare
  • unconventional
  • atypical

What is two examples of standards?

The International Prototype Kilogram (IPK), which is the mass standard for the International System of Units (SI), and the Volt, which represents the voltage of electrical potential and is defined with the output of a.

What is the adjective of standard?

standard. adjective. 1a is the definition of standard (Entry 2 of 2): conforming to a standard especially that established by law or custom weight. b : sound and usable but not high quality standard beef.

What are the 20 antonyms?


What is another word for high standard?


What is a non standard synonym?

The adjective is not normal; it changes from the usual. abnormal. atypical. bizarre. deviant.

What is standard in your own words?

A standard is a repeatable, harmonised, agreed method of doing something with documented repercussions. Standards can include technical specifications or other specific criteria that can be used consistently as a rule, guideline, or definition.

What is example standard?

Standard definitions are established as rules, examples, or bases of comparison. A standard is a guideline governing what students must learn in 7th grade. An example of a standard song is one that continues to be played throughout the years. noun.

What are 10 examples of synonyms and antonyms?

BoisterousLively, ExuberantQuire, Restrained
IneptIncompetent, UnskilledCompetant
SootheEase, RelieveAggravate
LingerStay put, RemainVanish

What are some synonyms of standard?

Among standard synonyms are criteria, gauge, touchstone, and yardstick. Despite the use of these words to determine what something should be, standard also applies to any definite rule, principle, or measure established by authority.

Whats another word for up to standard?

up to the markacceptable
good enoughpassable
up to parup to scratch

What are 5 examples of standards?

  • Learning/Growth. Read at least 30 books each year.
  • Social. Let’s keep a zero-dramatic policy.
  • Play
  • Wealth. Spend six years to fund a child’s college.
  • Relationship. Spend at least an hour a day with people you love.
  • Health. Organize your cheat meals around once every week.

What are the 4 types of standards?

  • Proprietary standards
  • Formal standards
  • Informal standards

What are the 10 examples of antonyms?

  • happy — wistful
  • fast — slow
  • fat — slim
  • young — elderly
  • wise — foolish
  • early — late
  • warm — cool
  • hard — easy
Synonyms of Standard — Examples and Antonyms

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