Used Synonym Guide: Definition and Examples

Synonyms and antonyms are words that explain the same thing…

Synonyms and antonyms are words that explain the same thing in a different English term and are frequently used for clarity. They are an excellent technique to attract attention to your text.

Here is an interesting used synonym guide, together with root words and sentence samples, for quick learning. 

What Does Used Mean?

A thing is said to be used if it has been previously owned or worn by another individual. When describing an event that no longer exists, we use the phrase “used to” + infinitive. The word ‘used’ indicates that a previously repeated activity or state has transformed.

Sentence examples of used

  • There was a time we used to dance in the rain. 
  • He used to start the day with meditations. 
  • We used to work fifteen hours a day to make ends meet.
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Used Synonym: Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

Some used synonym examples are utilize, apply, operate, wield, ply, apply, and manoeuvre. Other words with similar meaning are manipulate, exert, practise, implement, and draw on.


Recycled means placing used items through a process to create a new thing. It is the practice of gathering and processing waste materials to repurpose them to create new products.

Recycled emerged in 1922 and meant “to reuse material,” originally of industrial processes. By 1960, the word was used for waste materials reclaimed or converted into usable form.

Sentences using recycled

  • I love seeing how plastics are recycled; the process is always intriguing.
  • More people are buying recycled materials that are suitable for our environment.
  • This house was made from recycled and recyclable materials. 


An item that has been previously owned or has had at least one past owner is referred to as “preowned.” Pre-owned is an adjective that first appeared in 1964 in American English. 


When something is worn out, it has seen a lot of use and is therefore damaged or thin. Worn implies decreased worth or utility due to use, abuse, or other manipulation. 

A worn-out person or object has been altered or damaged due to excessive worry or use.

Worn originated in 1500, from past participle wear. It is coined from Old English geworen, which meant “made ineffective by overuse.” 

Sentences using worn

  • They are both related and worn out
  • We were so worn out after climbing the hill. 
  • Most of her clothes are worn out.

 To Wrap Up

This article defines the word ‘used,’ provides examples of its use in sentences and a list of its synonyms.

Synonyms are an excellent way to expanding your vocabulary and enhancing your writing skills. When in doubt, be sure to consult a dictionary or thesaurus for your word choice.

Frequently asked questions

What are the types of guide?

  • Adventure guide
  • Freelance guide
  • Park guide
  • Nature guide
  • Museum guide
  • Historical guide. For tourists to see historical sights and points of interest, such as ruins, temples, battlefields and other sites of historical significance, there is a historical guide.
  • City guide

Who should use the guide?

Guide is intended for communities in developing countries interested in developing a strategy for participating in the Networked World. A town, province, city, or village are examples of a “community”. As a result, each community will experience unique results.

Is any guide meaning?

: a method of directing one’s actions, thoughts, etc. To find their way back, they used the stars as a guide. If past experience is any guide, we are facing a long and difficult project.

What is a guide used for?

Guides lead travelers, sportsmen, or tourists through unfamiliar or unfamiliar places. You can also use this term to refer to someone who leads others to abstract goals.

How do you say guide me?

  • help me
  • guiding me
  • assist me
  • be my eyes
  • brief me
  • brings me
  • control me
  • direct me

What is a guide in writing?

It is a document that sets standard writing, grammar, and punctuation conventions for a given organization in order to maintain a consistent tone and style regardless of how many contributors are present.

What type of word is guide?

Guides can be adjectives or verbs – Word Type.

How do you use synonyms?

To better convey your description, you might use synonyms such as “gorgeous,” “stunning,” or “ravishing” instead of the word “beautiful” several times in your text. Try not to miss even one word repeatedly, as boredom will make you lose attention of your audience!

Is also used synonym?

More, additional. Also, search for another word. Also, there are 46 synonyms, antonyms, and idiomatic expressions for: additionally, as-well, in-addition, along-with, plus, moreover, further, similarly, further and more.

How do you use guide in a sentence?

  • That’s fine, I’m not a strong captain.
  • When I’m away, he’ll guide her.
  • One Austrian guide and a Russian general faced an altercation at the front.
  • His body guided her.
  • Xander jogged into the fog using his senses.

Were used in a sentence?

In the past, as appropriate, all plural forms of second person were used. It also used to indicate the hypothetical or fantastical subjunctive mood in both singular and plural forms, as in “If they brought back popcorn, I would eat it.”.

What are guide synonyms?

  • counselor
  • docent
  • mentor
  • superintendent
  • model
  • pilot
  • teacher
  • chaperon

What is the synonym of used?

Synonyms used in Compare Synonym Dictionary. recycled. worn. hand-me-down. nearly new.

What is guide example?

Guide is the person you lead people on a hike and show them where to go. verb. Guides are persons who instruct others or show others how to use their knowledge. A guide can lead you on a hike.

Was used in a sentence?

He collected eggs on his own. His death occurred yesterday. [M] [T] She asked him if he was happy. I told him that she was sad.

Used Synonym Guide: Definition and Examples

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