A Synonym for Very Guide – Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

There are two main uses for “very.” As an adverb,…

There are two main uses for “very.” As an adverb, it describes the extent or degree of something. As an adjective, “very” emphasizes a specific thing or person. Finding a synonym for very can be challenging because of the variations in its meanings.

This guide will teach you to find synonyms for the adverb form of the word “very.”

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Definition of the Word “Very”

According to the English dictionary, the adverb form of “very” implies that something is of a greater degree than usual. 

Sentence Examples:

  • Instead of saying “good,” try saying “very good.”
  • The Tough Mudder was very challenging.
  • He was very sleepy. He had been awake for nearly 72 hours.
  • I’m very thrilled you could make it to my party. 

Synonyms for Very – Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

The main idea behind the word “very” is that it should imply that something is of a great extent. The following similar terms do not only meet this criterion, but they also have their specific use cases. Let’s delve deeper by using the adverbs below.


The word “extremely” connotes an intensity of the highest degree. It is a general word that is applicable in most contexts. The other examples are better alternatives depending on the context they relate.

For example:

  • You were extremely brave to face your fears.
  • The North and South Poles are extremely cold.


The word “deeply” is also used to describe that something is of a greater degree, but it mainly relates to emotions and thoughts. (i.e., the depth of thoughts and feelings.)

For example:

  • The passage in the book deeply troubled him.
  • He was deeply immersed in his imagination.


This adverb is different from “very” and “deeply” in that it refers to a specific detail in something.

It also refers to a particular degree. The word “Particularly” draws emphasis toward an exact thing or detail. (In a sentence, it is often followed by the thing or person it specifies.)

For example:

  • particularly like the way the walls were painted.
  • Jason was particularly skilled in basketball.


The word “remarkably” implies something worthy of notice and praise. It usually connotes something positive.

For example:

  • His maneuvers were remarkably precise. 
  • The stones were remarkably hot.

Antonyms – Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

Remember that the main idea behind the adverb “very” is that it implies that something is of a greater extent or degree. Therefore, words that indicate something typical or usual can serve as antonyms. Here are some examples.


This adverb implies that something is of common or usual quality or occurrence. Something familiar doesn’t stand out. 

For example:

  • Sneezing without covering your mouth is commonly disliked.
  • A memo is commonly released to convey a company-wide message.


This adverb describes that something is unworthy of praise and attention. It usually relates something in contrast to a standard. To say that something is unremarkable connotes that it is ordinary and boring.

For example:

  • His food is unremarkably bland.
  • It was his unremarkably handsome face that ultimately convinced her.


The English language can be complex sometimes. This is one of those instances. Describing the word “very” can be challenging. But the general rule is that we need to focus on a word’s meaning to determine its best application.

Frequently asked questions

What word means to build knowledge?

0. Share. Learning is a common word that stands for learning knowledge.

Are lead and guide the same?

It’s true leaders may organize and direct, but a guide shows us the way. As leaders get us excited about the goal and about working together, guides keep us on the right path. Let God guide you, whether you are a leader or a follower.

What is another word for help guide?


Is there such a word as Guider?

A guide or director carries the title.

What is a content style guide?

Content style guides are rules that control the tone of voice and other brand voice elements across pieces of content, regardless of who creates it.

Which is the best antonym for the word guide?

  • ignore
  • mismanage
  • mislead
  • disorganize
  • neglect
  • obey
  • misguide
  • leave alone

Does a thesaurus have guide words?

Thesaurus usually cannot contain all the words needed for a language. Synonyms and the anonyms, as well as similar alternative words, are available. Thesauruses are also useful when you know the meaning of the word, but not the word itself.

What is the synonym for guide?

Guide is often referred to as engineer, lead, pilot, and steer. Despite all these words’ meaning “to direct or show the course to follow,” guide implies intimate knowledge of the path and its difficulties and dangers. Advising the scouts through the cave.

What you mean by guide?

1a : a guide for the safari needed to lead or direct others. It was helpful to have a museum guide. c : A guide that allows a person to find their way back to the source. d : signpost sense 1.

How do you say guide me?

  • help me
  • guiding me
  • assist me
  • be my eyes
  • brief me
  • brings me
  • control me
  • direct me

What do you call someone who guides?

leader. A person or thing who leads — directing, commanding, or leading a group or activity –. 11. 2.

What is the synonym of mentor?

Advisor, coach, guide, instructor, teacher, trainer, tutor, counsellor, instruct, counselllor, edify, educate, explain, teach, aid, champion, help, sponsor, etc.

What’s in a style guide?

Style guides are documents that describe a company’s standards for creating, editing, formatting, and designing documents. Standard requirements for grammar, punctuation, tense, tone, wording, and writing are outlined in this manual, also known as a writing style guide.

What’s another word for style guide?

Style guides or manuals of style are standards for the writing, formatting, and design of documents. Style sheets are sometimes used, although that term also has a multitude of meanings.

What means style guide?

Style guides provide guidelines for how your brand should be presented using both elements of visual design as well as language.

A Synonym for Very Guide – Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

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