Tips for Creating Agenda for an Annual General Meeting

An annual general meeting is an annual gathering of an organization’s shareholders. At the AGM, company directors and managers present their annual reports and accounts.

Other formal proceedings include the election of board members and committee members, the approval of the annual report, and the transaction of business. I

f you are new to it, crafting your annual general meeting agenda may be difficult. This article offers tips to help you get started.

The Most Important Topics to Have on Your Annual General Meeting Agenda

While the specifics of each organization’s annual general meeting agenda may differ, certain topics are common. We explain these topics below.

Minutes of the Previous AGM

The minutes of the last AGM should be read and approved by the shareholders present at the current meeting. This must be done to ensure that all actions taken by the board of directors are done so with shareholder consent.

This helps to protect shareholders from any potential legal issues that could arise later on if it’s found that proper procedures weren’t followed.

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Annual Financial Report

The Annual Report summarizes a company’s financial performance over the course of a fiscal year. It also includes other important information, such as organizational data, governance principles, and risk factors.

The Annual Report is typically presented to shareholders at the company’s AGM, and it serves as an important tool for measuring success or failure.

Leadership Changes (if Any)

If there are any leadership changes to be effected, the AGM is the ideal place to make the changes. For example, you may need to vote for a new board of directors or board members. It is important to note that the voting procedure used must comply with the organization’s extant by-laws.

Constitutional Amendment (If Any)

The annual general meeting (AGM) is an important event for any organization. Important decisions, including changes to the organization’s constitution, are made at the AGM. If there are any amendments to be made to the constitution, this must be done in accordance with the by-laws of the organization. Any voting on constitutional amendments must also comply with these by-laws.

Annual General Meeting Templates You Can Follow

If you need a bit more clarification on AGM agenda, take a look at some sample templates below.

Template 1

The agenda for the Annual General Meeting of ABC Corporation is as follows: 

  •  Call to order 
  • Roll call 
  • Reading and approval of minutes from the last meeting 
  • Reports from officers and directors 
  • Treasurer’s report 
  • Auditor’s report on financial statement
  • If applicable, approving auditors
  • Election of new board members (if applicable)
  • Discussion and vote on proposed actions by the board 
  • Old business 
  • New business 
  • Adjournment

Template 2

The detailed annual general meeting agenda for ABC Corporation is as follows: 

  • Opening remarks by the chairman of the board 
  • Comments from senior management on company performance over the past year 
  • Presentation of financial statements by the chief financial officer 
  • Vote on approval of financial statements 
  • Ratifying appointments to and remunerations paid to directors, including the chairperson 
  • Election of auditor
  • Special resolutions
  •  Any other business


The tips and templates above are enough to give you a better idea of what to include in the agenda of an annual meeting. An AGM is an integral part of the smooth running of an organization. Hence, you must pay special attention when drafting the agenda.

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