An agenda is a roadmap for a meeting, ensuring that all pertinent information is discussed in an organized manner. A well-developed agenda can help to ensure that meetings are productive and efficient. A well-crafted agenda template for a committee meeting can help ensure your committee meetings run smoothly.

By creating an agenda in advance, you’ll be able to stay on track and make the most of everyone’s time. This article provides tips for creating a practical agenda and a sample template you can use yourself.

What Is a Committee Meeting Agenda?

A committee meeting agenda is a document that lays out the specific items that will be discussed during a committee meeting. It typically includes proposed actions, discussion topics, and any supporting documentation or materials.

The agenda serves as a roadmap for the meeting, helping to ensure that all relevant matters are addressed orderly. Committee members can use it to prepare for the discussion, and stakeholders can use it to understand the proceedings.

Why Is an Agenda Important for Every Meeting?

An agenda is essential for every meeting because it helps keep everyone on track and ensures that the discussion covers all the necessary topics. Without an agenda, discussions can easily drift off-topic or become disorganized.

An agenda also enables participants to prepare ahead of time, so they can come to the meeting with specific questions or comments. Besides, an agenda allows people who cannot attend the meeting to get a summary of what happened afterward.

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How to Write a Good Committee Meeting Agenda

A good committee meeting agenda will assist attendees by providing everything they need to know before the meeting starts. It is important to take time and understand what your committee needs to focus on to write a good agenda.

Adding a premise or intro explaining the purpose of the meeting is a beneficial strategy that can spark anticipation for what is to come.

Tips for writing a good committee meeting agenda:

  1. List the items to be discussed in the order that they will be addressed.
  2. Be clear and concise in what you write. This will help ensure that all attendees are on the same page about what is being discussed.
  3. Provide a brief description of each item, including who is responsible for leading the discussion.
  4. Assign a specific time limit for each agenda item and include any associated deadlines.
  5. If necessary, create sub-items within the main agenda topics to further clarify discussion points or tasks that need to be completed.

Example Agenda Template for a Committee Meeting

Below is a general template for a committee meeting agenda and an example for better understanding.

Template 1: Generic Committee Meeting Agenda Template

Meeting Agenda

1. Opening remarks by the Chair.

2. Review and approve the previous meeting’s minutes.

3. Reports from committee members.

4. Old business.

5 New Business.

6. Adjournment.

Sample 1: Committee Meeting Agenda for a Fundraising Event

Meeting Agenda for a Committee Meeting to Plan a Fundraising Event

Location: [Name] Board Room

Date: [Month Date, Year]

Time: 7 pm EST sharp

1. Welcome and Introductions by the Chairperson – 10 Minutes

2. Roll call of members present (and quorum) – 5 minutes

3. Review and approve prior meeting minutes as amended – 5 minutes

4. Old business arising from previous meeting(s) – 15 minutes

  • Financial report update including planned expenses vs. actual to date
  • Progress on event planning; any updates or changes
  • Update on sponsorship opportunities
  • Plans for silent auction/fundraising raffle
  • Any other old business?
  • Next steps for each item of old business

5. New Business – 25 Minutes

  • Report from donation drive organization liaison about donations collected so far (if applicable)
  • Planning ideas related to the upcoming ribbon-cutting ceremony
  • Suggested items that could be put up for auction/raffle at the event
  • Suggestions from committee members are welcome!

6. Adjournment


A committee meeting agenda serves many purposes, including providing the committee members with knowledge of the plan of action for the meeting. It gives an outline of what the committee members will be doing and their tasks for the meeting.

This article explains how to write a good committee meeting agenda and provides a general template and sample to help you write one effectively.

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