Writing the Perfect Staff Meeting Agenda Template

A fun staff meeting agenda template allows team members to share their thoughts on fun, creative, or informative topics. This can be fulfilling for all attendees and positively impact company culture.

The purpose of having a fun staff meeting agenda is to ensure that everyone attending has an enjoyable time. By including events and activities that are fun and engaging, we can create a positive atmosphere for all. 

What Is a Staff Meeting Agenda?

A staff meeting is a formal gathering of employees, usually to discuss work-related issues. The purpose of the meeting is to give everyone an update on what’s happening. Another objective is to ask for input from employees about how they can help improve things. 

Most companies have a standard format for their staff meetings, which includes items like 

  • Introduction
  • Updates from different departments or teams 
  • Discussion topics raised by employees
  • Announcements.

Your company may also use agendas during staff meetings to keep everyone focused and address all important points. 

An agenda typically contains the topic being discussed along with any relevant documentation or materials that should be read beforehand. This allows workers time to prepare remarks if necessary and come up with suggestions or solutions related to the discussion topic.

Why Do You Need a Fun Meeting Agenda?

A fun agenda is a great way to keep staff meetings lively. It can be easy for them to become bogged down with routine updates and discussion items. A fun agenda will get everyone in the right frame of mind and foster a more positive working atmosphere. 

If you want to make your staff meetings more enjoyable, consider using a fun agenda. This can help keep everyone engaged and on track. Some examples could include the following: 

  • A discussion topic to get the ball rolling (optional) 
  • Icebreaker questions/activity 
  • Group brainstorming activity 
  • Fun facts about each person in attendance 

Other possible agenda items could be a game like “two truths and one lie” or having snacks for people to enjoy. Including a range of fun activities will ensure everyone has an enjoyable time at your next staff meeting!

Fun Staff Meeting Agenda Template Using INK

INK allows you to create meeting agenda templates in less than one minute. This means no need to crack your brain or worry about coming up with fun ideas that no one else will use. Check out our templates below!

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Sample 1:

Hello everyone, 

We will have our next fun staff meeting on Wednesday at 3:00 PM. The agenda for the meeting is as follows: 

  • Welcome and introductions 
  • Updates from management 
  • Group games/activities (optional) 

Thank you all in advance for attending!

Sample 2:

 Hello everyone! 

Please find our fun staff meeting agenda attached. We’ll be discussing upcoming events, new ideas, and ways to improve communication within the team. As always, we welcome any suggestions or comments you may have. 

Thank you, and looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow night!


The purpose of having a fun staff meeting agenda is to ensure that everyone attending has an enjoyable time.

By including events and activities that are fun and engaging, we can create a positive atmosphere for all. Start preparing a fun staff meeting agenda template today!

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