Creating a Social Media Marketing Meeting Agenda

Every business wants to grow, drive conversions and make sales. Social media gives organizations a chance to do all these. It presents your product and services to prospective customers and helps you build relationships with them.

An organization’s social media marketing team would need to meet regularly to discuss marketing strategies to help achieve business objectives. Such objectives include attracting clients, promoting the brand, and building customer relationships. Without a social media marketing meeting agenda, your meeting could be unproductive.

An agenda helps ensure that your meeting is highly-productive, well-coordinated, and effective in achieving your goals and objectives. This guide will teach you how to draft the most effective social media marketing meeting agenda!

What to Include In Your Social Media Marketing Meeting Agenda

Your main purpose in writing a meeting agenda is to list all the crucial points that need to be covered.

Your agenda should contain the following:

1. The Meeting’s Objective. 

Every meeting has an objective, and your social media marketing meeting should not be an exception. You can start your agenda with one straightforward question: What topic will be discussed? 

Your meeting objectives may include the following:

  • Examining key opportunities on social media.
  • Approving the materials for a new campaign. 
  • Generating concepts for your organization’s social media. 

2. Goals 

After writing your objectives, the next thing on your agenda should be how to achieve those objectives. 

  • What goals have you set for your social media marketing? How are you going to achieve them? 
  • What are you going to do concerning your objectives? 

Ensure you properly investigate where you stand with your goals. This will guide your meeting.

3. Obstacles and roadblocks 

The next thing on your agenda should be to identify your obstacles. What is going to stop you from accomplishing your goals? What poses a risk? 

This will help you allocate duties and resources to the social media marketing team based on the obstacles they can tackle.

4. Significant wins

Wrap things up on a good note. It should be more than just goals, strategy, and marketing. Let the marketing team discuss their successes, especially those unrelated to work. Let your teammates congratulate one another; this will make everyone leave the meeting feeling energized and motivated.

5. Question and Answer 

You shouldn’t be the only one talking; give others a chance to speak. Your agenda should contain a questions and answers section. It should also address the next steps in light of the meeting’s discussions and agreement. Ask if anyone has any suggestions based on what you discussed.

Social Media Marketing Meeting Agenda Samples

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Sample 1

  • Introduction.
  • Discuss recent social media campaigns and their effectiveness.
  • Brainstorm ideas for future social media campaigns.
  • Assign tasks to team members based on the brainstormed ideas.

Sample 2

  • Introduction.
  • Updates and discussion on recent social media campaigns.
  • Planning of upcoming social media campaigns. 
  • Discussion on identifying key performance indicators for social media campaigns and measuring success.
  • Contributions.

Sample 3

  • Review and analyze past performance metrics.
  • Discuss planned content for the coming month. 
  • Brainstorm new ideas for social media campaigns or strategies. 
  • Analyze any feedback from customers or users about current marketing efforts.
  • Assign specific tasks to team members to complete upcoming projects

Sample 4

  • Introduction. 
  • Review and Approval of Previous Minutes.
  • Old Business: 
  • Social media policy revision – Discuss any changes or additions to the social media policy that was created during a previous meeting. 
  • Upcoming events/campaigns – Discuss upcoming events, including proposed dates, strategies, and target audiences. 
  • Staffing updates – Discuss who is currently working on social media marketing initiatives and their roles.
  • Report from recent consultations with other departments – Share information gathered from meetings with other teams within the company (marketing, legal, customer service, etc.) 
  • Acknowledgment of new members.
  • Other old business items raised by attendees.

4. New Business: 

  • Website revamps consultation- Outline the proposal from the web design team for an overhaul of the organization’s website.
  • Social media goals – Discuss objectives for the year’s final quarter. 
  • Changes to reporting structure –Discuss the next steps in moving towards more automated reports. 

5. General discussion topics.

4. Adjourn meeting.

Example 5

  • Introduction and team overview. 
  • Brainstorming session on content ideas to publish on social media. 
  • Discussion of selected content pieces and how they will be promoted. 
  • Recap upcoming events that the social media marketing team can help promote. 
  • Any other business.

Example 6

  • Goals overview and discussion.
  • Introduction to a new team member.
  • Reviews of monthly reports: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram analytics.
  • Discussion on upcoming campaigns/projects:
  • Preparing for the holiday season content strategy. 
  • Upcoming blog campaign.
  • Potential Black Friday Twitter takeover.
  • Contest ideas.
  • How to better mobilize our fan base? 
  • Other potential projects 

5. A look at future trends in social media marketing.

6. Open floor for questions.

Final Words

Marketing is key to making sales, and social media marketing is an excellent means of promoting your business. Considering this aspect of marketing is essential, taking your social media marketing meeting seriously is a great way to begin.

Don’t just approach your meetings anyhow; properly draft an agenda to help you follow through on every objective you plan to tackle.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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