Average CTR for B2B Email Marketing: Complete Guide

Data is undoubtedly the lifeblood of marketing strategies in this rapidly evolving digital era. Information is largely generated by customer interactions and used to provide valuable insights into effectively reaching and engaging target audiences. One of the foremost metrics for measuring B2B email campaigns is click-through rate (CTR). Knowing the average CTR for B2B email marketing will help you assess whether or not you’re recording success with your emails.

CTR helps a marketer to understand how their email affects marketing efforts and how to improve upon it. This article explores the power of data-driven marketing and enables you to understand critical factors that influence B2B email CTR. This way, you can make decisions that drive marketing success.

What is Click-through rate (CTR)?

Click-through rate is a metric that measures how many people clicked on a hyperlink, call-to-action. Or image within your email’s content in relation to how many emails were delivered. Email click-through rates are tracked to measure the engagement. And gauge the performance of the email content, media type, link placement, and the percentage of your audience interested in your content.

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How to Measure Email CTR

The click-through rate is calculated by dividing the total number of clicks an email receives. By the number of delivered messages and multiplying the value by 100 to get a percentage.

i.e. Email Click-through rate = __ Number of Email clicks __ x 100

Number of delivered email

Average CTR for B2B Email Marketing

A good email click-through rate is above 3%. An average email click-through rate is 1-5%.

According to Campaign Monitor, in 2021, the average click-through rate was 2.3% across all industries. Industries like Education, Real Estate, and Agriculture recorded the highest click-through rates, averaging 3-5%.

Boost your Email Success: Proven Strategies to Skyrocket your Click-through Rate

Email marketing is a strategic tool for reaching out to a target audience and driving conversions. But, an email, no matter how beautifully crafted, falls short if subscribers fail to engage with your content. Click-through rate (CTR) is a vital metric for email marketing efforts’ success. It measures the number of clicks your email receives by the number of emails that were delivered.

Low CTR indicates that your email content might not resonate with your subscribers. Or your subject line or call-to-action is not compelling enough to get them to engage. However, there are methods and strategies you can use to improve your CTR and boost your email marketing drive.

1. Personalize your emails

Personalized emails have proven over time to have higher open rates and CTRs than mass, generic emails. The best ways to personalize your emails are by using the recipient’s name in the subject line. Or email body and tailoring the content to suit their specific interests or needs.

2. Write compelling subject lines

Subscribers first see your subject line. Hence, it can determine whether or not they open your email. Ensure to use clear, concise, and attention-grabbing subject lines. Don’t use spammy lines; use current news, events, or promotions to make it more compelling.

3. Use clear and actionable CTAs

Use clear and actionable call-to-actions, telling your subscribers to do exactly what you want them to. Your language should be actionable, and the CTA should stand out visually, using a different color or larger font size.

4. Segment your email list

A segmented email list would help you send more relevant emails to targeted subscribers, which results in higher CTRs. The email list can be segmented based on demographics, email engagements, and even purchase history.

5. Test and optimize your emails

You can determine what works best for your audience and improve your CTR over time by regularly testing and optimizing your emails. You can employ test elements such as subject lines, body of the email, and CTAs to determine what your subscribers engage better with.

Uncover the power of your B2B email campaigns: Maximizing your Click-through rate (CTR)

It is quite challenging to measure the success of your B2B email campaigns. However, one important metric to track is Click-Through Rate (CTR). It gives insight into how many people engage with your content and how effectively your email campaigns drive traffic to your website. Some tips for measuring CTR in B2B emails are:

1. Use Unique Tracking URLs

To measure CTR accurately, it is vital to use unique tracking URLs for each email campaign. This allows you to track clicks on specific links easily and understand which campaigns drive the most traffic to your website.

2. Segment your Audience

As stated earlier, segmenting your audience helps you tailor your email content to suit specific audiences and boost CTR. For instance, your campaigns can target different departments or industries to see which performs best.

3. Test Subject Lines and Email Content

Regularly testing different subject lines and email content helps find what resonates with your audience and improve CTR.

4. Monitor CTR over time

It’s essential to monitor your CTR over time to see if your campaigns are improving or declining. This helps you understand what works or needs to be changed to boost CTR massively.

What Now?

Understanding your B2B email click-through rates is very important to data-driven marketing. It helps you understand what works and what doesn’t in your email campaigns and make critical decisions to drive better results. Whether using unique tracking URLs, or testing different subject lines, what matters is to continually monitor your email campaigns.

By taking a data-driven approach to your B2B email marketing campaign, you can stay far ahead of the competition. And drive engagement with your audience.

So, what now? Why not leverage the power of data, particularly your CTR, to improve your B2B email marketing efforts and achieve better results for your business?

And like we mentioned above, personalized emails with compelling subject lines and actionable CTAs can make your marketing campaign successful. The great news is that you can save time and effort while ensuring these three aspects of your email copy are at par. How?

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