Understanding the Average Open Rate in Email Marketing

Understanding your average open rate in email marketing helps you evaluate your email campaigns’ effectiveness and make adjustments where needed. 

The open rate reflects how many people received and opened your emails compared to the total number sent. Calculating this metric can provide valuable insight into your email strategy and help you understand what works best when reaching customers.

Are you looking for ways to increase your average open rate in email marketing? Today we will share some key elements to improve your open rate. Read on!

What Is an Email Open Rate?

Email open rate is a significant email marketing metric that indicates the number of people that open a campaign email. This indicator can help you assess the success of your email campaigns by showing how well they reach and engage your audience.

A high email open rate is anything above 20%, but it varies by industry. A low open rate may be below 10%, while an average email open rate falls somewhere between.

Why Does Email Open Rate Matter?

Email open rate is one of the most important metrics to consider regarding email marketing. It’s a key indicator of your campaigns’ success and can help you ensure that your emails reach the right people. 

 Email open rates matter because they provide insight into an email campaign’s success. Open rate indicates the number of people who opened the emails sent by a business. It can be used to track customer engagement over time. 

A low open rate might suggest that customers are not finding the content relevant or interesting enough to open and read. However, a high open rate could indicate the content engaging and resonating with the target audience. With this data, marketers can adjust their strategies for better results in the future.

Average Open Rate in Email Marketing

Email open rate is an important metric to measure the success of your email marketing campaigns. It tells you how many people opened your emails and interacted with them. This helps you understand if your message was compelling and what changes you may need to make to improve it. 

An excellent average open rate for email marketing can vary depending on the type of business, industry, and other factors. According to findings, the most excellent open rates (at 29.42%) belong to religious groups, followed by those belonging to elementary and secondary schools (at 28.44%) and government agencies and services (28.18%).

On the other hand, the lowest email open rates can be found in the consulting and training sector (11.38%), followed by retail (11.04%), and finally, automotive services (9.72%).

Generally, a good benchmark for open email rates is 15-25%. If your open rate is lower than this, there are some things you can do to try and boost it. 

How to Improve Your Email Open Rate

Email open rate is an essential metric for any email marketer. It tells you how many people are opening your emails and engaging with the content. 

Understanding how to enhance your open rate is crucial to email marketing success. Here are some key strategies that can help you boost your email open rate:

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Monitor Your Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate means that many emails you send are not reaching their intended recipients. This could be due to incorrect contact information or other technical issues.

To ensure successful delivery of emails, check your bounce rate regularly and take steps to reduce it.

Make Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

The success of your email depends heavily on the subject line you use.

Subject lines should be attention-grabbing to motivate recipients to open the email. This includes creating subject lines that make the reader want to learn more or feel a certain way. How about these simple suggestions for better topic lines:

  • Don’t ramble
  • Try emojis
  • A/B testing
  • Use personalized content

Carefully Place Pre-Header Text for Maximum Effect

The pre-header is the 3–140 characters of text that appears in some email programs before the subject line. Some email clients don’t display them, so test whether or not the subject line and message read fine without them. 

For maximum impact in such little space, highlight your most compelling arguments at the beginning of your pre-header copy. You can learn how to write attention-grabbing pre-header content by following these guidelines.

  • Avoid simply restating the topic; instead, come up with something fresh.
  • Spark interest in the subject rather than rehashing the email’s contents.
  • Provide a prompt for the reader to act.

Enhance Your Delivery Rate

Successfully sending and receiving emails is crucial for any business that relies on email marketing. Emails with a high deliverability rate are less likely to be flagged as spam or bounce back to the sender. To guarantee that your emails get read, consider the following:

  • Maintain a spam-free email list.
  • Spell and grammar check your work.
  • Verify that your email marketing practices adhere to laws like the CAN-SPAM Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Add Useful Information 

If all your emails do is pitch products, your readers will quit opening them. That’s why revamping your emails and giving subscribers valuable, entertaining information is essential. The more helpful your emails are to your readers, the more they will want to read them.

Create Mobile Friendly Emails

If your emails aren’t at least partially accessible on mobile devices, you’ll be turning away a sizable percentage of your intended audience. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your emails render properly on mobile devices:

  • Employ a simple email format with one column
  • Always aim for brevity and clarity in both design and text
  • Fonts should be readable and of the proper size
  • Limit the images
  • Keep your calls to action simple.

Personalize Your Emails

The use of personalization in email marketing has been on the rise for years. About to reports, 88% of American marketers attribute improved campaign performance to personalization. To boost your email open rates, use these personalization strategies:

  • Categorize your subscribers
  • Use subscriber names
  • Make use of dynamic content
  • Remember to consider your recipients’ time zones when sending emails
  • Using the available data, pay close attention to the emails that generate the most interest.


The average open rate in email marketing is an essential metric to track when it comes to email marketing. Understanding an open email rate, why it matters, and the average benchmark for your industry is vital. 

An email campaign’s average open rate is calculated by dividing the number of recipients who opened the message by the number of messages delivered. This will give you a percentage that can be used to measure any campaign’s success or failure.

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