How to Create Graphic Designs for Effective Email Marketing

Graphic designs for email marketing doesn’t have to be difficult as there are a few simple and effective strategies you can use immediately.

This tutorial will help you create the perfect visuals for your email marketing campaigns. We’ll show you how to make your own and expose you to some fantastic tools for email marketing graphics.

Let’s get started.

Email Marketing: How to Make Graphics That Get Noticed

The right graphic design in email marketing can help boost brand recognition and engagement.

The key to getting a graphic design to work is knowing the game’s rules and observing how professional email providers work. If you need help getting email subscribers, learn the process below.

Employ Eye-Catching Images

Choosing the right images is crucial if you’re making a graphic for email marketing. A picture is worth a thousand words because it can take your mind elsewhere. Photos can be so persuasive. With email graphics, companies can appeal to their clients’ senses.

Some pictures are more memorable than others. Choose an image that stands out, attracts the eye, and adds visual appeal to the piece.

Be Unique and Remarkable

Think beyond the box when making email campaign visuals; you want them to be noticed. Considering the average person receives 120 emails daily, it’s crucial to create something eye-catching and original to get their attention.

While it may seem daunting, you can use several approaches to create something truly unique for your company. Try utilizing a cartoonish picture, a catchy slogan, or a unique design.

Creative photos are crucial to make an email graphic that stands out from the crowd and reflects well on your company. Using stock photography increases the likelihood that your audience has seen the same image(s) elsewhere.

Be Concise

The rule of thumb when adding text to an image is to keep it brief. With so little room, it’s best to be concise.

The rising prevalence of mobile devices makes this an issue of paramount importance. About half of all emails are accessed using mobile devices. Thus every email marketer must take this in mind when designing images. Overstuffing an image with text is never a good idea, and reading on a mobile device is more challenging.

This perfectly illustrates a high-quality email image for e-commerce newsletters, as it can naturally direct readers to a CTA. Your graphics should enhance the copy and the primary call to action.

Carefully Consider Colors

If you’re using graphics in your email marketing campaign, the colors you pick could significantly impact how readers respond. Most of the time, people associate positive emotions with vibrant hues. When people see your image, they should feel good about it. 

That is why most welcome or product emails frequently use bold color schemes in their images. If a company wishes to communicate anything severe or sad, it typically uses more neutral hues in its graphic design.

It’s essential to consider your audience’s mood while creating an aesthetic for your email graphics.

  • Red: Fire, excitement, and time pressure
  • Blue: Trustworthiness, Safety, and Relaxation
  • Green: Health, riches, serenity, and Mother Nature
  • Purple: Royalty, originality, sagacity, and reverence
  • Yellow/orange: tension, excitement, and joy (when overused)
  • Black: Authority, power, strength, stability, and intensity
  • Grey: Practical, ageless, camaraderie, and grief all come together in a gray tone (when overused)
  • White: Innocence, tidiness, neutrality, and security

Using colors on opposite sides of the color wheel can add visual interest to any image with vivid hues. As a result, consider the role that color plays in branding while developing both traditional and online marketing materials and strategies. Studies have indicated that as much as 80% of consumers attribute brand identification to a product’s color.

Use a Collage to Stand Out

The visuals used in email marketing campaigns are a fantastic way to feature various items all at once. To avoid a cluttered collage, pick photos of similar sizes and styles.

For displaying numerous products or multiple views of one, a collage-style image can be effective (such as during a sale). Email newsletters that use collages to showcase various photos can do so without compromising on the overall design. 

You’ll also avoid the fate of many emails with huge attachments, often caught in spam filters.

Provide Useful Content

Email marketing graphics, if created properly, offer a one-of-a-kind chance to both showcase products and educate subscribers.

People usually don’t read the full text of an email. So, it’s crucial to balance exciting copy and visuals in any digital marketing campaign. It’s more likely that they’ll just glance at the pictures and headlines and move on.

If you want people to pay attention to what you’re saying, put it on a picture they’ll look at for a while. This must be done carefully to create an image that can be read on mobile devices and doesn’t look cluttered.

Ensure Designs Are Mobile-Friendly

As we’ve discussed thus far, mobile devices are becoming increasingly significant in email marketing. Emails are no longer exclusively opened on desktop computers; more and more people are reading them on mobile devices. Responsive, cross-device email design is essential to stay up with subscribers’ shifting habits.

Graphic Design Tools for Email Marketing

smartphone screen showing facebook application
Photo by Justin Morgan on Unsplash

You may wonder where to begin after reviewing these suggestions for improving your visual email design.


With Canva, even those without design experience can quickly generate eye-catching email graphics. Canva’s drag-and-drop interface makes email graphics simple, and the site has thousands of customizable email design templates to select from.

You can choose a premade email template or provide your dimensions. 

  • Set the background to whatever you choose.
  • Move around components like text, photos, and animations with the drag-and-drop interface.
  • Get branded images you need for your email marketing campaigns.

Canva’s user interface is a designer’s and non-dream, designer’s making it an ideal solution for making engaging email graphics.


Piktochart, like Canva, makes it simple to incorporate design elements into your email visuals. Piktochart is an excellent tool for creating visually appealing emails.

If you start from scratch, utilize the “Create New” button or a design template.

  • You must choose a color 
  • You can complement your design with text, images, and symbols.
  • The templates are available for download.

Piktochart allows you to pick the appropriate plan for your business, so you can begin making email graphics in a matter of seconds.

Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator

You can use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Save your photographs in the correct format, with the color mode set to RGB and small file size.


Incorporating graphic design in your email marketing is an essential marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. You can use graphic design to say a lot about your company at a glance. 

This leads to more robust brand recognition, a greater chance of conversion, and higher revenue. The key to design for email marketing is to have a clear vision for your graphic. Follow the advice in this guide to create a professional and successful email.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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