Guide To Email Mobile Marketing Strategy

The revolution of mobile phones has been remarkable. These days, mobile phones carry the power of a mini PC. Of course, people do almost everything with their phones. That includes viewing emails. Hence, the need for email mobile marketing.

Email marketing offers an affordable way to jack up conversions. One crucial tip to ensuring your emails succeed and reach more people is making them mobile-friendly. 

In this post, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide to ensure your email mobile marketing strategy is successful. And you can keep up with the latest trends for business emails. 

Get strapped in, and let’s get started. 

What Is Email Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing on phones means using emails to reach potential and current customers through their phone. This marketing medium requires you to design an email for a mobile device instead of just a desktop or laptop computer. 

Investing in mobile-friendly email campaigns makes it easier for your audience to read, interact, and engage with your message on any device. 

How To Make Mobile-Friendly Emails

Regardless of how beautiful your email looks, it could be a turn-off if it appears deformed on mobile phones. Chances are that such emails are deleted immediately a user opens it. 

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These tips will help you prevent this from happening by improving your email interactions on mobile devices.

1. Use Preheater Text

The first few lines that appear before a subscriber opens an email is your shot at creating a first impression. And it’s called the pre-header text; make it count.

Your preheader text can either arouse eagerness or inspire an urgent inbox cleanup. Make it intriguing to your recipient, and you’ll likely get the first reaction. 

A preheader text should be like a teaser– describe what your email entails in a few words. The longer it is, the more you risk having it shortened by a mobile device. 

Preheader texts are like an elevator pitch– sell yourself, but make it snappy. Make bold statements that dare people to click your email immediately. 

2. Utilize Short Subject Lines

Crafting concise subject lines is another core tip in email mobile marketing. Research shows that emails with shorter subject lines have higher open rates than those with longer ones. 

A good rule of thumb for crafting compelling subject lines is to keep them under 40 characters. 

This allows your message to be seen in its entirety on both desktop and mobile devices. 

What does this mean? 

Ensure every word or letter in your subject line is indispensable. Avoid fluffs. While you can’t reduce the inflow of emails at your recipient’s end, you can make your subject line irresistible.

3. Don’t Stray From The Point

Although the body of your email itself is unlimited, your receiver’s attention isn’t. You don’t have all the time in the world.

So, stick to the point. Make your email short and digestible. And try using bullet points to break the content into bite sizes. 

Long blocks of text are a turn-off– especially on smaller screens. Hence, use shorter paragraphs and sentences as well. Ultimately, make your point obvious in the first few lines. 

4. Use Buttons For CTA

Links are great for CTA until it becomes impossible for a subscriber to click the conversion link. This could lead to frustration; in our experience, frustration isn’t always a great first impression. 

Instead of links, try using big buttons that are hard to miss. Besides making the conversion process fluid, buttons are attention magnets that are hard to miss. 

Replace those links with some eye-catching buttons. 

5. Multiple Columns Are Risky

Quite risky in a bad way, we must add. Single columns are safer paths to tread for email mobile marketing. While multiple columns may look stunning on a desktop, they are quite the opposite on small screens. 

Don’t get us wrong. With more effort, you can pull off multiple-column emails for mobile phones. 

If you aren’t willing to go the extra mile, steer clear of it. 

Or whenever necessary, ensure you check the email out on a mobile device before sending it to any subscriber.

6. Introduce White Space

Emails can quickly get clunky on mobile phones. For people who love to browse (which includes almost all your subscribers), emails with white spaces are more attractive.

Use white spaces to make your emails more appealing. It makes it easy for recipients to scan through and pick out essential details. 

Wrapping Up

Email marketing for mobile phones isn’t rocket science. With the tips above, you can create a mobile-friendly email with ease. 

Ready to get started? 

Incorporate this guide into your current strategy. We are certain you’ll experience higher conversion. 

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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