Creative Email Marketing Strategy for Decorators

Businesses that don’t pay attention to email marketing are missing out on a lot. And there are many businesses like that in the interior design world. If you want to change the fortune of your interior design business, focus on your email marketing efforts.

This article contains tips for interior design email marketing. With these tips, you can identify the mistakes in your strategy and adjust accordingly. If you haven’t started, the tips can help you start the right way.

Why Do Interior Designers Need Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an integral part of a successful interior design business. It helps decorators to reach their audience and build relationships with them.

With email marketing, they can promote their services and keep their customers informed about the latest trends in interior design. It also allows them to gain new leads and grow their customer base. 

A well-designed email campaign will help decorators provide value to their clients. They can use emails to share exclusive content such as tips for home decor, how-tos for DIY projects, and more. Decorators can show off their expertise and attract potential customers by providing helpful advice and valuable information.

Furthermore, they can also give out promotional offers or gifts to reward loyal customers and encourage them to come back again.

Moreover, email campaigns are relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of marketing and do not require too much effort from business owners. They can easily create automated emails using templates and tools that are available today. This way, they don’t have to spend hours writing copy or designing emails every time.

Additionally, businesses can set up direct emails, so customers receive automatic notifications when something new comes up. This ensures that customers never forget about your brand, even when busy. 

Tips for Interior Design Email Marketing Strategy

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Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash

From collecting emails to setting clear goals, we have all the most important tips for interior design email marketing.

Collect Emails

Without emails, you have no business doing email marketing. Gaining email addresses is essential to any interior design company’s email marketing strategy. The best way to collect emails is by offering something of value in exchange for them. This could be a gift, membership, or discount code.

You can also use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your offer and encourage people to sign up. You should also make sure that signing up is quick and easy. Provide clear instructions and automatic tools so that users don’t spend too much time filling out forms.

Use Refreshing Templates

You’re in the business of transforming interiors. Thus, you can’t afford to use dull templates — you must walk the talk. A great way to keep your email marketing strategy fresh is to use templates designed with the user in mind. Templates should be easy to read, direct, and clear. They should also provide a professional look and feel while ensuring authenticity. 

Have a Clear Goal in Mind

When it comes to email marketing, having a clear goal in mind is essential for success. Each email that you send to your subscriber’s inbox must have a defined goal. Knowing what you want to achieve with each email will also make it easier to measure the results of your efforts.

It’s important to keep your goals realistic and achievable. Only promise something that you can deliver on. Offer them helpful tips, free tools, how-tos, and other resources they can use right away. This will ensure that your emails are authentic and trustworthy. 

Craft Compelling Headlines

People receive several emails per day. You’re in an informal competition to gain each person’s attention. This means you should try to catch their attention at any given opportunity. Your headline is the first of such opportunities. A compelling headline guarantees a higher open rate. Certain trigger words such as “instant” and “free” are known to call people’s attention to your email.

Call Them to Action

The goal you had in mind won’t magically materialize. You have to call your subscribers to action. Tell them to book that call or schedule that appointment. Whatever your goal is, tell them to do it in your call to action. The call to action is like the final push they need to take action.


Decorators and Interior designers need email marketing to work smarter, not harder. Email marketing lets you keep in touch with your customers and promote your services regularly. It also helps you gain new leads, build relationships, and increase sales.

Interior design email marketing requires a blend of creativity and regular email marketing strategy. Your message must be clear, and your templates and images should reflect your expertise.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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