Writing A Personal Statement for GDL: Effective Guide

Writing a great personal statement for GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) can be arduous and overwhelming. The immense pressure to craft something unique that will stand out from other applicants makes it easy to get lost in the process. 

However, you can make your statement genuinely unforgettable with some helpful tips and examples. This guide will give you professional advice on how to present yourself memorably to the admission committee.

What Is a GDL Personal Statement?

Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) is a postgraduate legal qualification that provides an intensive introduction to the study of law for non-law graduates. 

A GDL personal statement is a written document that conveys an individual’s experience, qualifications, and intentions in pursuing the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL). It should be crafted with clear, concise language that reflects the writer’s expertise while also expressing emotion. 

When appropriate, include factual examples to provide further context to the narrative. You may also use colloquial language and varied sentence structure to give your piece a unique tone. Furthermore, each sentence must contain at least one uncommon word for emphasis and creativity.

Luckily, writing a personal statement is easier than it seems. You can use the GDL Personal Statement to present yourself to admissions officers in a very competitive environment.

Purpose of writing a Graduate Diploma in Law Personal Statement

The purpose of writing a graduate diploma in personal law statement is to demonstrate your knowledge, experience, and passion for the legal field. Through clear and concise language, you can show that you have the necessary skills, qualifications, and dedication to succeed at this level of study. 

The statement should provide evidence of your understanding of the topic and any relevant practical experiences or knowledge you possess. 

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Tips for Writing the Perfect GDL Personal Statement

Here are some helpful tips for crafting the perfect GDL personal statement.

1. Start by brainstorming

When it comes to crafting a great GDL personal statement, brainstorming is a sure win. Think about your passions, achievements, and experiences that have shaped you into who you are.

2. Begin with a strong introduction.

Your introduction is the first opportunity you have to make an impression on the admissions’ committee, so make sure it’s strong. Start by introducing yourself and stating your reasons for wanting to attend law school.

3. Describe what you’ve discovered about the practice of law.

Mentioning how you volunteered at Citizens Advice or watched a lawyer in action will reveal your interest in the law. Additionally, it will demonstrate that you know what law entails and whether it is the best career choice for you.

Even if you lack any legal professional experience, you may have read extensively on the subject. Highlight what you discovered from your research to intrigue the admission officers further.

4. Illustrate your interest in the field

Discuss your passion for legal studies and how you developed this passion. This could be anything from volunteering at a local law firm to helping on a case study group project. It could also be by reading a book, attending a conference, or participating in a law-related activity. 

5. Showcase your critical thinking ability

Give examples of how you used analytical reasoning, research methods, and problem-solving skills to overcome challenges. Demonstrate the actual thought process behind each situation and explain how it made you a better candidate for the GDL program. 

5. Be creative with language.

Instead of boring clichés and generic phrases, use vivid language and imaginative phrasing to bring life to your essay. Avoid buzzwords and technical jargon. 

6. Incorporate uncommon words

Choose uncommon words when appropriate to add complexity to your writing. These can give depth to your paper without sacrificing clarity of meaning. 

7. Proofread for errors

Before submitting your statement, proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes. Get someone else to look over your work as well. The second pair of eyes may often see minor errors that were missed during editing.

What Topics Should You Avoid in a GDL Personal Statement?

Avoid the following topics altogether, if possible:

  • The one-time community service project you did. 
  • Too much detail about your school awards and prizes.
  • Anything too cynical or negative.
  • What a party animal you are. 
  • Traumatic personal experiences.

Personal Statement for GDL Examples

Example 1

I have had a passionate interest in law for many years, having studied the subject extensively, both academically and independently. My astute understanding of criminal, corporate, and contract laws and jurisdictional regulations makes me fit for this program.

I can offer different perspectives on any given legal issue with my in-depth knowledge. My flair for critical thinking has been honed through numerous court observations and shadowing attorneys over the past few years. I am also capable of communicating complex ideas to non-experts in an easily understandable manner.

Furthermore, I am deeply motivated by the challenge of navigating difficult laws while respecting the profession’s ethical boundaries. Therefore, I have fully utilized my efforts to develop robust skills in this field.

Example 2

I have always been drawn to the intricacies of law, which is why I seek admission into a Graduate Diploma in the field. Throughout my career, I have diligently worked to understand the nuances of legal principles and apply them to practical situations. By advocating in courtrooms and negotiating agreements outside of litigation, my knowledge of laws has been applied with precision. 

My experience has provided me with invaluable insight into how different stakeholders interact within the realm of justice. Through careful evaluation of case studies, I learned to craft persuasive yet fair arguments. Through moot court competitions and student publications, I learned how to identify creative solutions beyond university studies. 

After discovering the complexities of the law, I began working at reputable firms, which allowed me to understand the legal field better. As a result, I realized that giving legal counsel needs to take a comprehensive approach. I tried to balance principled considerations with pragmatic ones. 

This graduate diploma will enable me to combine my education and experience thus far to become an effective lawyer. With firm resolve and determination, I look forward to being a part of your esteemed institution and contributing to its legacy.


The personal statement for gdl is a valuable tool for any student looking to make their application stand out. Your statement should be reflective of your unique experience and knowledge. It should be written with clarity and emotion using familiar language. 

A varied sentence structure will keep readers engaged while ensuring the statement conveys all relevant information interestingly. By carefully crafting a personal statement, you can clearly illustrate why you’re the perfect candidate for the desired program.

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