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We make brief and long stops when we speak, and…

We make brief and long stops when we speak, and our voice undulates. These stops and undulations help listeners to make sense of our speech. You won’t read your writing out to your readers. Instead, each reader reads it on their own. Therefore, we replicate these stops with punctuation marks in writing. They are markers that signal these silent intonation features to readers. Can I fix my sentence punctuation?

Yes, you can. This article answers every question you have about correcting errors related to punctuation marks.

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How Can I Fix My Sentence Punctuation?

Anyone that wants to write should have a working knowledge of how punctuation works. This allows you to use the appropriate punctuation marks while writing and proofreading.

Therefore, you should learn the different types of punctuation marks and how to use them between words and sentences.

However, some errors might slip through. The most meticulous writers also make minor mistakes. There are spelling and grammar checkers already; why not punctuation checkers too? This is why researchers have developed tools to automatically detect punctuation errors in your writing.

A major benefit of punctuation checkers is how they make your work faster. They check your text and spot your punctuation errors in seconds. Checking the text on your own will take you more time.

How to Choose a Punctuation Checker

There are many online tools for correcting sentence punctuations. Of course, they all describe themselves with superlatives. This makes it hard to single out the best.

The best punctuation checker offers quality and versatility. By quality, we mean the tool must be able to identify all types of punctuation mistakes, including misuse and omission.

The tool’s versatility is another important point to consider. A tool that offers only punctuation checking service is limited. It is better to choose a tool that offers more than one kind of checking and a wider scope of writing and editing capabilities. The same goes for the price. 

In terms of price, good punctuation checkers are not too expensive. Some offer limited free trials. But the cheap ones tend to have only the bare necessities. So, pay the extra few bucks to get a tool that has something extra.

What Are the Most Common Punctuation Mistakes?

Although perfection is a mirage, some punctuation errors just don’t seem to go away. Here are some of the most prevalent punctuation errors you should avoid.

1. Misplaced Apostrophes

We use apostrophes to show contractions and possession. However, some writers tend to go overboard and use it where it isn’t needed. For instance, you should avoid writing “yours” as “your’s.” The apostrophe isn’t needed.

2. Its and It’s

The two words are perfectly fine. The problem is that the apostrophe changes the meaning, and many find it hard to distinguish between them.

“Its” shows show possession, while “it’s” represents a contracted form of “it is” or “it has.”

3. Missing Commas

Writing without using commas appropriately creates run-on sentences that are hard to read. The best way to get rid of this problem is to re-read your text out loud and place a comma anywhere you stop briefly.

4. the Oxford Comma

The Oxford comma is a divisive topic in English. It is a comma placed before the final item in a list. Some omit it, while others use it. There is really no right or wrong choice about Oxford commas. You should stick to the style indicated in your style guide.

5. Overusing Exclamation Marks

A good writer should reserve the exclamation marks for sentences that are truly exclamatory. Excessive use of exclamation marks makes your writing awkward. The simple rule for this is to avoid exclamation marks if you’re in doubt.

6. Double Spaces After a Period

Double spaces after a period is another error you want to avoid. There was a time when double spaces after a period were the norm. However, that era is long gone. People don’t place double spaces after a period anymore, and it is the standard practice.

Best Punctuation Checkers

Here are a few of the best AI tools for detecting and eliminating punctuation mistakes in your work.

INK Editor

With INK Editor, you have a complete writing tool that can improve your articles. It is an AI-powered co-writing tool that spots grammar and punctuation errors in real-time. Users can download the tool on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Using INK gives you the assurance that you can spot every misplaced comma, missing apostrophes, and other errors. You can also rely on INK’s grammar check to identify structural errors in your article.

INK’s punctuation and grammar checkers are only one part of the amazing possibilities this ground-breaking tool offers. There are more than 120 other writing tools to explore. Writing has never been easier.


Grammarly is an AI-powered proofreading and editing tool. Grammarly checks your writing for both grammar and punctuation errors.

It identifies punctuation and grammar errors in your writing and offers suggestions to correct them. You can use Grammarly on the web or use the Word and Google Docs extensions.


Writer allows users to check their writing for grammar and punctuation issues online. This punctuation checker tool is powered by AI and offers users a way to create perfect articles.

Apart from the online editor, you can use Writer’s add-ons to run checks directly from Chrome, Word, and Google Docs.


With Ginger, you have a simple way to correct punctuation and spelling errors. Ginger has an easy-to-use interface and offers Windows and macOS apps. The tool is also mobile-friendly and has extensions for easy integration with various browsers.


Every word and every punctuation counts in professional writing. Punctuation and grammatical errors cast a shadow of doubt on your writing abilities. This is why you shouldn’t allow these mistakes to mar your content.

Thus, every writer needs to use a quality tool to proofread their written content before sending it out. These tools make punctuation and grammar correction simpler and faster. They can pick out common and not-so-common punctuation and spelling errors.

Frequently asked questions

How do you fix punctuation in a compound complex sentence?

Connect two independent but closely related clauses with a semicolon. Clause independent; clause independent. To connect two independent clauses, use a semicolon before and a comma after a transition. In light of short transitions, using commas may not be necessary.

Does Grammarly check punctuation?

In Grammarly’s product, you are guaranteed accurate spelling, punctuation, and grammar, as well as clarity, persuasiveness, and easy-to-read.

How does AI work in Grammarly?

It combines machine learning and natural language processing with Grammarly’s AI system. Language has many levels through which it can be analyzed and processed: from individual characters and words to grammatical structures and sentences, even paragraphs or full texts.

Does Google have a punctuation checker?

Using Google Docs, you can check spelling and grammar, and then accept or ignore corrections.

What is a good free grammar checker?

Grammarly. Grammarly is one of the best grammar checker tools that can be used to check grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Is Grammarly premium worth?

This, yes, is worth it! Time is saved and you can have higher-quality pieces for work or school. It has paid for itself many times over. In general, the basic version can be helpful if you need a more intuitive writing assistant.

What is the difference between Grammarly free and premium?

The Grammarly Free feature includes tone detection, error correction, enhanced readability, and punctuation. Grammarly Premium boasts advanced features like genre-specific suggestions and plagiarism checkers.

How can I check my English sentence correction online?

Grammar checker by Writer is an AI-powered assistant that makes your text clear, error-free, and easy to understand. You can scan your text for every type of mistake, from silly punctuation errors to nuanced grammatical errors, irregular verb conjugations, misspelled words, and more.

Does Pro writing Aid check punctuation?

ProWriting Aid’s Grammar Check is like the automatic grammar checkers in a word processor. but with superpowers. In addition to highlighting misspelled words and missing punctuation, it also looks at the construction of the sentence to verify that it is correct in its structure, style, and tense.

How do I fix punctuation errors in word?

Take a look at Spelling & Grammar on the Review tab. If Word finds a potential error, the spelling & grammar dialog box will open automatically, spelling errors will appear as red text, and grammatical errors will be displayed as green text. If you want to fix an error, type your correction in the box and then click Change.

What is the best punctuation checker?

  • WhiteSmoke
  • Grammarly. Grammarly is one of the best online grammar and punctuation checkers and correctors.
  • PaperRater
  • Ginger Punctuation Checker
  • ProWritingAid

What algorithm does Grammarly use?

Grammarly uses AI to detect tone and tone of your writing.

How do you check for punctuation errors? uses artificial intelligence to check grammar and punctuation mistakes in your writing, eliminate spelling errors, and highlight a wide range of style problems to make your writing unique among other writers. The ease of use and faster checking make it the best proofreader for everyone.

Is there an app that checks punctuation?

Grammarly is a punctuation checker app that is known by many as the best punctuating app for Android and iOS devices. Grammarly can help you avoid misspellings, grammar and punctuation errors, and other writing issues.

What is better than Grammarly?

In addition to Grammarly, ProWritingAid, WhiteSmoke, and Ginger are the best alternatives for users with advanced features. LanguageTool & Reverso, which are best options for translating and error checking across multiple languages, could be a good solution.

Fix Punctuation Errors With Advanced AI Checker

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