Advanced AI Tools to Automatically Reword Sentences

Well-written sentences are the foundation of any good essay. Whenever I want to reword my sentence professionally, there are two options. These options apply to everyone as well. The first option is to do it manually.

Your second option is to use an AI-powered paragraph rewriting tool. These tools go by many names. Some refer to them as text paraphrasing tools or sentence rephrasers. Irrespective of the name you choose to call them, they serve the same purpose.

This article offers tips for rephrasing your sentences the manual way. The article also introduces readers to the top AI-powered writing tools for rewording text.

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Best AI Tools to Reword My Sentence Professionally

Using artificial intelligence tools to rewrite and paraphrase your essays and articles is an easy method. In most cases, you only need to paste the text or upload your content and click a button to get it done. These artificial intelligence-powered paraphrasing software take less time and deliver high-quality results.

These tools are useful for professional writers, students, teachers, and bloggers. Below are some of the best AI-powered text rephrasing tools. 


Inkforall homepage

Signing up to use INK means signing up for all-around writing ease. At its core, INK is a co-writer. However, it has features that make it an ideal paraphrasing tool as well. Users can download the distraction-free INK software on their computer or use the Chrome extension. 

If you’re concerned about the length of the sentences, you can use the “simplify” and “expand” options to shorten and lengthen the sentences. There’s a rewrite option as well. This option provides users with the three rewrite options – normal, formal, and casual. 

INK performs these tasks in a manner that improves the flow of your text. It does this while maintaining the main idea in your paragraphs.


Quillbot homepage screenshot

QuillBot is a popular artificial intelligence-powered tool for rephrasing written content online. With seven paraphrasing modes, there’s hardly any paraphrasing need that QuillBot does not have an answer for. Users can access two of these modes (standard and fluency) without paying. The remaining five modes can be unlocked on the premium plan.

Apart from the website, you can also use QuillBot by downloading either the Word extension or the Chrome extension. QuillBot offers other tools like:

  • Plagiarism checker
  • Grammar checker
  • Summarizer
  • Citation generator homepage screenshot

This tool is designed to help you generate compelling copies and blog posts. The tool can also help you to rewrite the words of your existing copy. This rewriting tool offers you the flexibility of inputting your own tone or selecting from a list of predetermined tones. will generate ten suggestions based on the tone a user selects. You can check through to select the one that bests express your intended meaning. The process is fast, and you’ll have your output in no time.


Outwrite homepage screenshot

Outwrite offers a text rephrasing tool that can enhance your sentence effortlessly. Users can expand, shorten or improve their sentences with Outwrite. You also get additional vocabulary suggestions to improve the ideas in your essay. Outwrite rephrases in three easy steps:

  • Highlight a part of the text 
  • Select a goal 
  • Rewrite


Jasper homepage screenshot

With Jasper, you get different options to rewrite your article. It includes a text summarizer that distills the main message. It also has a template that simplifies the text as if it’s meant for a child. The expander lengthens the text to add more context.


Grammarly homepage screenshot

Grammarly may not strike many as a paraphrasing tool. It is better known for detecting grammar and punctuation mistakes in content. However, it includes features that can make your work clearer and more engaging. It reviews your work and provides suggestions on phrases and words to replace or remove. 

Grammarly doesn’t make these suggestions arbitrarily. Instead, it makes the suggestions based on the goals you selected. These goals include your audience, the domain, the intent, and the formality.

Other Tips to Reword My Sentence Professionally

  • Split long sentences
  • Swap words for their synonyms
  • Change the sentence structure
  • Switch sentence voice
  • Read your text to remove redundant information

To Wrap Up

With advancements in writing technology, writing has become easier. Whether you’re writing a paper from scratch or you’re stuck midway through your article, there’s an artificial intelligence-powered tool to help.

If you need help rewording your sentence, you can use any of the tools reviewed above. You can use them to rephrase your text to make it unique or clearer. If you prioritize ease of use and flexibility, you should select INK.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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