Benefits of Using Advanced Artificial Intelligence Apps

The fast-paced advancements of artificial intelligence have fueled its positioning…

The fast-paced advancements of artificial intelligence have fueled its positioning in leading markets. The use of artificial intelligence in apps is becoming more common.

AI embraces the latest developments in computer science and human-computer interaction, which are undoubtedly its greatest strengths. This article sheds more light on AI and its use in some apps.

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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

It is good to have a sound understanding of the benefits of artificial intelligence. This understanding gives one a better idea of the possibilities rooted in AI.

1. Accuracy

A major benefit of artificial intelligence is the accuracy it offers. AI was touted to be a tool to reduce human errors, and it has excelled in doing that. Thus, apps that incorporate AI can harness this benefit to offer better services to their customers.

2. Complete Tasks Faster

Another major upside of AI is its ability to complete tasks faster. This benefit comes in handy, particularly for repetitive tasks. Monotonous tasks can be boring and time-consuming. AI can take them off your hands and do it to perfection.

3. Recognize Emotions

AI is not just another dogmatically programmed machine. These tools can read human emotions. This can be beneficial, as it eliminates the need for physical contact with others. Even if the tools are automated, they can replicate human intelligence to a reasonable extent.

4. Learn Behavioral Patterns

This benefit is related to the previous benefit. This benefit goes beyond identifying emotions. AI identifies users’ behavioral patterns. Thanks to natural language processing and machine learning, AI can gather data on users’ patterns of behavior.

Ultimately, apps can benefit from this. They can use the identified pattern to make better suggestions for users. A prominent example of this is the search suggestions you get when typing search queries.

Top Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Apps

Having identified the benefits of AI, it’s time to really see it in action and see what it adds. Let’s take a closer look at artificial intelligence in apps.


Siri needs no introduction. It is Apple’s virtual assistant and is available on major Apple platforms. Siri can answer questions, make calls, and send text messages. It depends on a natural language user interface and voice queries to function. Thanks to its AI capability, Siri can adapt to users’ language, preferences and searches.


Another virtual assistant on the list! Amazon’s Alexa was initially launched on Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers. It has since then launched on other non-Amazon platforms. Alexa is a smart assistant that uses NLP to help users accomplish different tasks. You can set an alarm or get real-time weather updates via voice interaction.


Socratic is an AI-powered app that helps young learners learn faster and more conveniently. With Socratic, solving a mathematics equation is as simple as taking a picture of the question.

Socratic’s AI provides visual explanations for the concepts identified in the questions. The app also uses speech recognition in addition to its text recognition capacity. Learners can use the app on iOS and Android.


This AI app is good for those who want to keep track of their mental health.

The AI chatbot app helps users identify, track, and process their thoughts and feelings. Youper blends cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness to help users improve their mental well-being.


Replika is an AI-powered personal companion. True to its name, the app creates an AI replica of each user.

Therefore, each user has a Replika bot unique to them. It is available on Android, iOS, and Oculus. Replika is programmed in a way that it becomes smarter the more you chat with it. 


Managing your finances can be fun when you use Cleo.

The app is an AI chatbot. Cleo has several features that keep you updated about the state of your finances. It helps to save money automatically, track spending, and set budgets. There’s a chat option where users can get hyped or roasted for their spending habits.

To Wrap Up

Artificial intelligence is an important feature of new apps and services. It can be used to optimize the app’s recommendations and help guide users on the path to getting the best.

It is clear that businesses and individuals can benefit immensely from the adoption of artificial intelligence in apps.

Frequently asked questions

What is advancement of artificial intelligence?

In the past five years, artificial intelligence has made significant advances in almost all its sub-areas, including vision, speech recognition and generation, natural language processing (understanding and generation), image and video generation, multi-agent systems,.

What are the four goals of artificial intelligence?

These traditional AI research objectives include reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, learning, natural language processing, perception, and the ability to move and manipulate objects.

What is the smartest app?

  • ELSA Speak. ELSA or English Smart Speech Assistant is a popular app that is used both on Android and iOS devices.
  • FaceApp
  • Google Assistant
  • Cortana
  • Robin is the Voice Assistant.
  • Hound
  • Fyle

What are the benefits of using artificial intelligence?

  • AI operates 24×7 without interruptions or breaks and no downtime.
  • AI augments the abilities of differently abled individuals.
  • With AI, tasks that are previously difficult can be accomplished without significant costs.
  • AI speeds up the process of accomplishing a task.

How does AI improve our lives?

It is possible to dramatically improve workplace efficiency and increase the amount of work humans are capable of doing. AI allows human workers to do work they are better equipped for — tasks that involve creativity and empathy among others.

What is intelligent apps technology?

Apps that analyze historical and real-time data from user interactions and other sources to provide personalized, adaptive user experiences.

What are intelligent apps and analytics?

Applications (apps) that have embedded AI and analytic algorithms are capable of acting intelligently on the feedback they receive from their surroundings.

How can artificial intelligence benefit our future?

AI and human intelligence will result in sophisticated cybersecurity innovations in the future. AI will allow an efficient battle against cyberattacks and crimes rising rapidly. Transportation and manufacturing sectors benefit greatly from AI.

What are the advantages of intelligent apps?

  • Driven by Data
  • Context-sensitive
  • Money and time will be saved.
  • Smart keyboard inputs
  • Cross-Platform Functionality
  • Adaptive
  • Action-oriented. Using these I-apps to interact with multiple users, they work smartly and give prompt suggestions.
  • Responsive

What are the two main goals of AI?

  • Solve Knowledge-intensive tasks
  • An intelligent connection between perception and action.
  • Replicate human intelligence

Where are intelligent apps used?

Intelligent apps can help assess students and determine their behavior and learning patterns, which can lead to a better and personalized learning model in education. Learning is provided by intelligent apps based on one’s learning ability.

What are intelligent apps examples?

  • Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. The market is dominated by Apple and Android phones (made by Google).
  • Seeing AI
  • IRIS
  • ADA Health. Ada Health offers doctors in the pockets.
  • ELSA. Language Speech Assistant is an acronym for English Language Learning Assistant.
  • Cortana
  • Flo
  • Socratic

Why AI related apps collect so much of the data?

Almost all of us use smartphones more than we interact with others around us. For the features that smartphones provide, Apps need to gather many data from the user, including details about your face, browsing history, or your geographic location, contact list, etc.

What are the advantages & disadvantages of artificial intelligence?

Advantages of artificial intelligenceDisadvantages of artificial intelligence
1. It defines a more powerful and more useful computers1. The implementation cost of AI is very high.

What is the main goal of advancement in artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence aims at improving human learning, reasoning, and perception. For instance, AI is being used across a variety of industries today, from finance to healthcare.

Benefits of Using Advanced Artificial Intelligence Apps

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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