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Is your brand unique? Great, good for you. But your website content must follow suit to avoid being in Google’s bad books. Plagiarized content affects your brand reputation negatively.

Hence, As a content writer, you must create original content always. This helps you rank on SERPs and become a thought leader in your niche. That’s why you need to know how to check uniqueness of content to ensure you always write a plagiarism-free post. 

Keep reading this article to learn the importance of checking your content and the best website content checkers.

Why Is It Important To Check Uniqueness Of Content?

Plagiarism is like a virus; it affects your website negatively. That’s why brands should check the uniqueness of the content on their websites to ensure their message is original. You need to ascertain your articles aren’t plagiarized from other sources. 

Not only does this protect you against potential copyright issues, but it also builds customer credibility. And it creates a more authentic online presence. 

Furthermore, having unique content allows you to differentiate your brand in an increasingly competitive market. Thus, making you stand out from competitors. 

Fresh and compelling content also improves customer engagement and search engine rankings. 

Checking for uniqueness allows you to provide high-quality information that accurately reflects your brand values and goals. 

How can you determine if your website has any plagiarised posts? By using website copy content checkers. 

How To Check Uniqueness Of Content Online

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There’s no shortage of website copy content checkers online. The problem is finding the best plagiarism checker for you. 

We have a few top-notch tools in mind.

1. Copyscape:

Undoubtedly, Copyscape is one of the best plagiarism checkers. It features a unique algorithm to ensure a post meets the industry-required uniqueness level for content. 

Copyscape offers a free version that allows basic plagiarism checks. When you input your site’s URL, it will screen your website to determine duplicate content. 

What’s more, each website gets a limited number of searches. But the premium version allows you to scan pasted text, Pdfs, and multiple contents simultaneously. This tool is worth investing in– especially if you check several pages daily. 

2. Siteliner

Siteliner is an affordable and effective way to check uniqueness of content online. It uses advanced algorithms to compare web pages for similarities. It helps you avoid accidentally publishing similar or duplicate content. 

With Siteliner, you can get started by entering a URL into the search box. You’ll receive the report of your scan in seconds; the report will highlight key areas where your content isn’t unique. 

Moreover, you can download the result of your plagiarism check for reference. 

Siteliner also provides free and premium versions. The free version allows you to scan one site monthly, while the premium grants you access to unlimited scans.

Besides checking for plagiarism, Siteliner runs a full site audit. It shows inbound links per page, broken links, average page load time, etc. 

Put simply, it’s a full-blown tool for managing your technical SEO optimization. 

3. Grammarly

Another website plagiarism checker that helps you write quality web content without worrying about plagiarism is Grammarly. 

While you can access the plagiarism checker without paying a cost, you need to subscribe to run more detailed plagiarism checks. 

The premium version accurately suggests the source of any quotes in your text. This robust app also runs a thorough grammar check on your text to eliminate grammatical errors. 

4. Plagiarism Detector

If you need free plagiarism checker with unlimited searches, this is one of the best options. Plagiarism Detector allows you to analyze up to 1000 words. It means you may need to group your content into sections if it exceeds 1000 words.

Alternatively, the premium option allows up to 25 thousand words at once, which may be more reasonable for ebooks and long-form content. 

Other offerings from Plagiarism Detector include PDF to word converter, paraphrasing tools, grammar checker, etc. 

5. Duplichecker

Using Duplichecker, you can run a check on Text or DocX files, text block searches, and URL searches. Once you sign up, you’ll get unlimited searches to check the uniqueness of content. But before the signup, you can only run one free search. 

You will get the result of your plagiarism check within a few seconds depending on the size of the text. Despite being free, Duplichecker is effective and eliminates every duplicate content. 

Final Words

When it comes to website copy content, you want to ensure that your work is unique and fresh. 

Checking your content’s uniqueness helps you avoid accidental plagiarism and makes your writing stands out. Various online tools are available to compare your content with other sources and highlight fundamental differences. 

CopyScape, Siteliner, Grammarly, Plagiarism Detector, and DupliChecker are some of the most popular options. Each one offers different features and benefits, so selecting a tool that best fits your needs is crucial. 

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