Expert Guide: Creative Digital Marketing Content Writer

Content is the nub of digital marketing. Don’t believe us? The proof is everywhere! Every successful business has invested in a digital marketing content writer at one point or the other. 

Content serves several purposes, from brands trying to establish brand loyalty to influencers trying to build a huge fan base online. It also comes in various forms. But regardless of the purpose or nature of the content, the only factor that makes it a successful marketing tool is the quality. 

If you are wondering how to give your content a facelift, go through this post attentively. 

Here’s our first stop: what is content writing

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing means creating blog posts, articles, and other written content for a website or digital medium

It’s the art of crafting digital texts to inform or compelling an audience to take action. 

As an important part of any digital marketing strategy, content writing can make or mar your marketing efforts. This means a digital marketing content writer’s role is indispensable to business growth. However, the role is quite dynamic as the industry’s needs shape it. 

Some companies benefit more from driving traffic on social media. While others need to establish a brand voice through articles, long-form content, or ebooks. 

Regardless of the approach, digital marketing content writing has the same effect: it fosters brand voices and tugs the heartstrings of your target audience. 

The best content attract readers and keep them coming back for more. It leads to increased traffic on your website, better customer engagement, and improved brand recognition.

The crux is, what’s the right way to do content marketing? Through the tips we are about to unveil below- these are tested and proven!

Best Digital Marketing Content Writer– Proven Tips To Drive Traffic

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If you want to attract leads and drive traffic to your website, you need to wield the content writing tool expertly. Luckily, we have some tips below. 

1. Do Your Homework: Research

Research is the nucleus of any content. That’s how you’ll discover your audience’s intent– what they need– and how to keep them engaged.

Before writing this article, we conducted detailed research to know what we needed to get you to this point (guess it worked). Furthermore, we discovered gaps to fill. 

If your content will only be a replica of already available resources– is there really a need to create it? 

In essence, your research should answer any of these questions:

  • What does my audience need to know?
  • What keywords are my competitors ranking for?
  • How can I improve on existing posts? Can I spice it up?
  • Can I exhaust this topic with one article? 

Feel free to add more questions until you have an overview of what you need to write about. Trust us; this insight is the foundation of every successful content.

Then, create an outline with the information you have gathered. 

Pro tip: don’t limit your research to Google. Use SEO tools, youtube content, and surveys where necessary. 

2. Use Attention Gripping Hook

There’s one essential thing you need in your content: a wow factor. You can write absolutely amazing and informative content– and still end up on Google’s fifth page. 

The ability to string your audience along with a gripping hook makes all the difference. Some topics generally have interesting elements that will entice anyone. 

But what about the boring topics that have absolutely nothing interesting? Get creative! 

Use analogies, metaphors, or similes to create magic. Stun your audience with an inspiring hook, and you’ll craft “first-page-worthy” content. 

3. Focus On A Bigger Picture

Your audience probably relies on your content for clarity on a topic. Hence, your opinions or content won’t hold water if you sound just as confused as they are. In fact, you’d risk having a horrible dwell time. 

So tie all your content to a particular idea, the bigger picture. A content brief or outline helps you organize your thoughts. Ensure each section in your article is linked or connected– don’t veer off point. 

If your article confuses you, there’s a huge possibility you’d drown your readers in a sea of confusion. That’s exactly what you DON’T want. 

4. Optimize Your Content For Search Engines

In a vast library, some books sit conveniently on the most visited shelves. While others are long forgotten, housing dust. Think of the internet as a massive library of content; SEO is the only way to stay on the most relevant shelf. 

As a digital marketing copywriter, you need to be SEO-savvy. That’s how to create content that would drive organic traffic and conversions. 

Besides, it’s the only way to ensure you write trendy topics or optimize for keywords with high search volumes. 

In the long run, your content should relieve your audience’s troubles, attend to their needs, and ease their worries. SEO gives you a shot at achieving this. 

Nothing beats a well-optimized article!

5. Develop A Unique Brand Voice

We’d like to go down the legal lane here. A company is a person, and it only makes sense to have a unique voice, right? 


Your website content represents your brand’s voice. Hence, it should convey a voice that’s particular to your brand. 

This helps to differentiate your business from the competition and create a memorable experience for readers. 

When developing a unique brand voice, it’s essential to keep in mind the goal of your content. Are you trying to persuade people to buy something? Or do you want them to learn about a new service or product? 

6. Use Expert Tools To Improve Your Chances

A successful digital marketing content writing is a blend of skills and scalable tools. In fact, great writers should be conversant with tools that help them upgrade the quality of their content. 

You need more than great writing skills to rank on google’s SERPs. Thousand of great articles litter the web. So, what tools can help you stand out?

SEO Tools Or Keyword Research Tools

Search engine optimization tools are handy for keyword research. They can also help you draft your sub-topics to make sure you cover your audience’s needs. 

Investing in SEO tools allows you to stay on the radar as far as SERPs are concerned. 

AI Writing Assistant

Yes, artificial intelligence writing assistant is a slightly controversial topic. However, Google confirms it’s not against AI writing so long as it’s solely created for people and not just search engines. 

How do you create a balance to avoid breaching Google’s guidelines? 

Simple. Use the right AI writing tool. 

For instance, INKForall offers foolproof solutions to create optimized content. But at the same time, it integrates the content shield feature to ensure your content isn’t flagged as AI-written. 

This feature enables you to explore AI writing possibilities without experiencing any downside! Speak of the best of two worlds. 

So, with a tool like INK, you can write expertly with AI and still sound 100% human. 

7. Value-Packed Content Rules The internet

The internet is a marketplace for value. When you offer value, you get paid with organic traffic and conversion. 

See? It follows the simplicity of trading. 

Hence, a digital marketing content writer should ensure their post is value-packed. Value-packed content provides readers with something they can use or learn from. And the article remains interesting enough to keep them engaged.

8. Edit Thoroughly

Editing can turn a “not-so-good-content” into an excellent copy!

As the final step of any writing, it can make or break your work. Editing ensures that your content is free from errors and reads well. It also helps you send a clear and concise message.

When editing, it’s important to consider a few key points. 

First, read your content several times to check for typos or grammar mistakes. Second, look for any words or phrases that may be confusing or unclear. Finally, never publish anything without proofreading it first.

Wrapping Up

Content writing is an essential part of digital marketing that drives traffic, increases sales, and reaches a wider audience.

Mastering the basics of being a digital marketing content writer is the first step to succeeding. With these tips, you shouldn’t struggle to figure out what you need to dominate on search engines.

It’s important to remember that digital marketing content writing includes skills like creating compelling stories, using creative techniques, and persuading readers.

By understanding content writing’s key elements, you can craft articles that stand out from your competition and achieves desired results. 

Co-Founder of INK, Alexander crafts magical tools for web marketing. SEO and AI expert. He is a smart creative, a builder of amazing things. He loves to study “how” and “why” humans and AI make decisions.

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