Things to Consider When Writing an Advertisement Script

Television commercials are one of the most common forms of brand promotion. Most marketing specialists use this to take advantage of the number of TV viewers worldwide. However, not everyone knows how to make an ideal advertisement script.

Some TV commercials leave an indelible mark in your mind. However, a few of them seems to be annoying or unpleasant. One of the reasons may include poor planning of the said advertisement.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about an advertisement script. You will learn about its format through an example provided below. Create the next trending TV commercial by listing down all the knowledge you will acquire through this guide.

What Is an Advertisement Script?

If you want your brand to leave an indelible mark on your viewer’s minds, you should have an excellent advertisement script. Can you remember the famous American commercial by Wendy’s? The one that says, “Where’s the beef?” 

Have you ever wondered how enormous companies can create such unforgettable commercial lines? Well, all you need to have is a magical script for your advertisement.

This is one of the things some TV ads are missing. Commercials that try hard to fit into current trends tend to flop due to their unpleasant or dull script.

Can you remember Pop Chip’s advertisement where Ashton Kutcher wore a brown face and pulled off a poor Indian accent? If you do, you can recall how controversial it became, costing the company nearly USD 1.5 Million.

You do not want to experience that. So, check out the guide below, so you won’t “pop the chip” out of your ad efforts.

3 Cool Things to Remember When Making an Advertisement Script

There are two roads you can choose towards your advertisement’s fame.

The first one leads you to irreplaceable fame, establishing your brand’s name for millennia.

On the other hand, the second direction, where your brand’s name is thrown into mud and forever humiliated in the public’s eye.

Of course, you wish to choose the first path.

This section will guide you in creating an excellent TV commercial with a simple, memorable, and witty script.

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

1. Keep It Simple

Whether selling expensive smartphones or roadside hamburgers, your target audience should easily comprehend your message.

Do Not Use Technical Terms

Remember, most people watching television day and night are from the masses. There are no clear assurances that the person that will view your commercial is highly educated about the technical things.

If you ignore this tip, your TV commercial will be one of those “change channel factors.” These TV ads make you click the next channel button because it’s too dull and annoying.

Be Time-Conscious

Your TV commercial should run no longer than 30 seconds. That way, you can take advantage of your audience’s attention span and better make them aware of your brand.

You might ask, “why are some TV commercials long enough to make me sleep?” Well, these advertisements are not time-conscious. 

Your reaction to it says a lot.

Appeal to the Masses

Since most American TV viewers are from the middle and lower classes, you should appeal to their needs or preferences.

For example, you’re trying to advertise a light bulb brand. Tell your audience about the low price compared to other leading producers.

Also, inform them how it can last longer, making them save money thrice, unlike the other brands.

2. Make It Memorable

Going back to the Wendy’s commercial earlier, ever asked yourself why some advertisements are unforgettable?

Now, you will discover their secrets.

Use “Last-Song-Syndrome” (LSS) Inducing Music

“You wanna see what happens in a bag of nips?

What goes on before they touch my lips?

They make a rainbow…(chocolate Nips)

A choco rainbow…(chocolate Nips)

And then they color all the flowers, and they paint the trees

They’re sweet and delicious, look at all those bees

When I want fun, I get a bag of nips

And make a rainbow

(Nips, Nips)…”

Sounds familiar? If you’re from the Philippines, this came from the TV commercial script of the famous 1980s Nips commercial.

Using LSS-inducing songs will help your customers remember your brand well. You might wonder, “what is LSS?”

LSS or Last Song Syndrome is when you cannot get over a song you have heard recently. Sometimes, the tune may stay in your mind for days, weeks, months, years, or decades!

Refer to Famous Events or Plays

Another good example of making your advertisement memorable is by referencing famous events or plays.

Try using a scene from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet for your company’s romantic perfume product. Use a concept related to your brand, making it easy for your audience to remember your commercial.

You may also opt to reenact significant historical events or happenings that people cannot forget.

Follow Current Trends

One of the best ways to make your TV commercial memorable is by following current trends.

For example, if you are trying to grab the attention of teenagers and young adults, you can use a concept befitting their age.

You may opt to show TikTok videos or other social media platforms’ features through your commercial.

3. Be Witty!

As William Shakespeare said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Your play of words, song lyrics, and other oral declarations in your advertisement can help you win potential customers.

Use Figures of Speech

Whether it is hyperbole or onomatopoeia, you should consider using figures of speech in your TV commercial script. Can you recall how annoying, but at the same time, unforgettable, food advertisements with many “hmmmmms?”

That’s a successful brand using onomatopoeia to make you remember their promotion.

Figures of speech play a big role in establishing your brand advertisement’s reputation. It leaves a witty mark in your audience’s minds!

To Wrap Up

Your brand advertisement’s script is vital for your marketing strategy’s success. It will either boost your company’s popularity or quicken its downfall. Remember to make your script simple by not using technical terms, being time-conscious, and appealing to the masses.

Ensure that your TV commercial is memorable by using LSS-inducing music, referring to famous events or plays, and following current trends. Lastly, make your ads witty by using figures of speech.

Ready to make that “advertisement of the century?” Remember the tips provided above and let everyone in the world know about your brand!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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