Effective Copywriting Power Words and Phrases That Sell

Words matter, and using the right ones in your copywriting—like power words and phrases—can do wonders for your bottom line. 

If you’re in the content marketing niche, one of your biggest challenges is structuring your content for impact. This requires choosing the right words and phrases for your content. 

Every word merits careful consideration and A/B testing because a single phrase can change everything. A word alters meaning, disposition, and motivation.

If a single word can significantly affect a person, you’re undoubtedly wondering what words do so. Which terms are interchangeable?

This article reveals the most effective copywriting words and phrases and the right places where the texts will make the most impact. Let’s get started!

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What are Power Words and Phrases in Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of writing sales copy designed to create a positive emotional connection with the reader. 

Well-chosen power words and phrases in a sales copy get results. They are especially effective when used in suitable media in the proper context at the right time. They can communicate your message with power, confidence, and persuasiveness. 

At their core, power words and phrases are powerful and hard to resist. They provide comfort and tend to persuade people to take action. They make the brand sound more intelligent, progressive, and confident.

The Power of Words and Phrases From Research

You probably already know deep down that words do matter. When you see one word, you click the headline. You’re moved to click the sign-up button because of how a word makes you feel. That’s the power of words and phrases. The study of language’s potency is quite comprehensive. 

For example:

When asked to describe an automobile crash, people’s perceptions were found to be colored by the words used to describe it (“contacted” vs. “smashed”). 

Another study indicated that stocks with shorter, more easily said names performed better after their initial public offering.

Words and language elicit a primal response in our brains. Even when given words we don’t comprehend, our brains build visual associations between sounds and words.

Most Powerful Copywriting Words and Phrases to Increase Conversions

Searching Google for “powerful words” will return many pages of results. You won’t have trouble locating them, but putting them to use may be another story. 

These words and phrases are crucial for crafting compelling arguments in writing and oral presentation. The science behind these words has repeatedly demonstrated their efficacy. Let’s see what these words and phrases are.

5 Most Powerful Words That Convert

Words like “instantly” stimulate the middle brain and increase our desire for instant fulfillment. Below are the topmost five copywriting words that convert.

  • You
  • Free
  • Because
  • Instantly
  • New

You can place these words where you have calls-to-action, headlines, email subject lines, headings, opening sentences, and paragraphs.

10 knock-on effect phrases

Knock-on effect words and phrases make your arguments sound objective and rational rather than prejudiced and subjective. They are best used for paragraph endings and transitions.

  • Accordingly
  • As a result
  • Because
  • Caused by
  • Consequently
  • Due to
  • For this reason
  • Since
  • Therefore
  • Thus

8 Words and phrases with “feel safe” effect

These words and phrases are your best bet to help people feel secure. They tend to have a profound influence on the reader. You can use them for subscriptions, sign-up forms, and testimonials.

  • Anonymous
  • Authentic
  • Backed
  • Best-selling
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Certified
  • Endorsed
  • Guaranteed

Fear of Missing Out Phrases

The marketing and advertising industries frequently use FOMO (also known as the “fear of missing out”) as a motivator of consumer behavior. Scarcity underlies FOMO.

You may increase demand for something by advertising its scarcity. You can give them a shot when writing article titles and advertising texts.

  • Limited offer
  • Supplies running out
  • Get them while they last
  • Sale ends soon
  • Today only
  • Only 10 available
  • Only available here
  • Ends in 60 minutes

Wrapping Up

Copywriting, headline psychology, and call-to-actions indicate best practices for marketers seeking a linguistic advantage in their words and pitches.

Use these effective copywriting power words and phrases today to deliver copies that sell and generate great conversions!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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