AIDA Copywriting: Its Use, Model, Definition, and Examples

Are you trying to strategize for your company’s next marketing campaign? Have you already formulated a meaningful one? Maybe, this is when you should apply AIDA copywriting as one of your methods.

Copywriting is an integral part of any promotion initiative. By maximizing its potential, you can expect many lead conversions. That is why you should consider trying different formulas to achieve the best sales record for your business.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about AIDA copywriting. You will learn about the model, its definition, and some examples. Keep the fire burning as you discover many things by reading this content!

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What is AIDA Copywriting?

AIDA marketing formula is an “old school” formula consistently producing significant results. You can use it to promote digital marketing and offline advertising. This includes the following: 

  • Web pages
  • Emails
  • Paid advertisements
  • Direct mail pieces
  • Radio and television ads

AIDA stands for Attention-Interest-Desire-Action.

A Brief Background

Elias St. Elmo Lewis came up with AIDA in 1898. The Advertising Hall-of-Famer wrote about three advertising principles he found useful throughout his career.

One of the principles he mentioned included AIDA.

This column appeared in The Inland Printer, one of the most influential American magazines of the 19th century. It stated that all successful advertisements should follow a particular formula.

The AIDA Formula

Here’s how this model works. This article will show some interesting examples of AIDA in action.

1. Attention

The first part of this formula is “A” for attention. Since your copywriting intends to persuade a target audience to buy your product, it is necessary to grab their attention.

Thorough audience research is vital to produce adequate attention.

In this stage of the formula, you will discover your audience’s passions and problems. This can only happen if you carefully study your audience and create well-crafted buyer personas.

2. Interest

After planning to grab their attention, you should now create things that can spark their interest in your brand.

With your knowledge through step one, you can develop content that makes your message resonate. You can do this through organic Google SEO, your social media, and your website.

Also, you will need to stimulate curiosity that leads your audience to discover what your brand does. Remember, you should produce content that grabs attention and engages them.


This part tells you to explain to prospects that their problem has negatively affected their lives. You can do this through storytelling or other methodologies that make the individual “feel” their pressing issues. 

This will lead them to search for a definite solution.

3. Desire

The next part of the formula is “desire.” After successfully explaining how your brand can help them solve their issues, you can proceed to activate a desire in them.

Ensure that your copy pushes them to decide to buy or purchase your product or service. These are some of the commonly used techniques for this part:

  • Before and after photos
  • Testimonies
  • Posters


Whether it’s wealth, health, romance, or other urgent need, your audiences should be able to see how your offers can improve their lives. 

It will be possible for your prospects at the Desire stage to purchase if they are correctly guided.

4. Action

The last part of this formula is “action.”

After you have gotten results in desire, you need to persuade prospects they should act immediately.

If you were selling in person, this is the stage where you would ask for the sale. Advertisers may create a sense of urgency by offering special bonuses to those who act fast.

Make it easy for them to take action at this stage of AIDA.

Reach Out

The most crucial thing you should do here is reach out to your potential clients after introducing your product or service. Remind them that they need to take action in buying what your brand can offer.

You can do this by giving them your contact number or following up through email.

To Wrap Up

As a marketing strategist, you should learn to apply various models to your existing methods. Remember, discovering new things isn’t a sign that you are left out. AIDA copywriting can be useful for you, especially in expanding and improving your promotional initiatives.

AIDA stands for Attention-Interest-Desire-Action. This formula can help you achieve your aspirations for your business’s future. Ensure to follow the tips provided above in applying them to your system.

Go achieve that significant increase in sales now!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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